How To Display Wedding Favors: 3 Best Ways

If you’re looking at how to display wedding favors, here are three options you can try. These are displays you can do at any type or theme of the wedding, and we also include some unique twists to them. 

For additional information, you might also be interested to know how many wedding favors to order. Of course, you must have enough for your guests, but ordering too many will be wasteful. 

how to display wedding favors


Best Unique Ways On How To Display Wedding Favors


As wedding decors

  • Use a unique container and have the wedding favors inside it to make them noticeable but also aesthetically pleasing
  • Stain or paint a wooden box with an attractive font for the label card saying “favors take one” or a variation to notify the guests that these are for them
  • Instead of having the box in its usual orientation where the favors go inside, stack multiple boxes in a way so that the bottom goes behind the favors similar to a TV
  • Use a tall cabinet-like container and place the wedding favors on the shelves
  • Build a ladder-like piece and use its steps for the wedding favors
  • Use a wagon or trolley for carrying and displaying the wedding favors 
  • Depending on the type of wedding favors you’re giving, hang them on a board with rows of hooks 


Use the theme or venue as inspiration

  • Use the wedding theme to decide on how you’ll display the wedding favors
  • Vintage-themed weddings can have the favors inside a chest 
  • Use a decorated suitcase for holding the wedding favors in the venue for a travel-themed wedding
  • A wicker box is perfect for displaying wedding favors in an outdoor or natural-themed wedding
  • Use several wooden pails in different orientations to display wedding favors if the wedding has a cottage core aesthetic
  • Have a boat replica to show the wedding favors for a nautical theme wedding
  • Fall and spring weddings can contain wedding favors in decorated wheelbarrows
  • Decorate an old bookshelf or cabinet to hold the wedding favors


Make them the centerpiece, focal point, or as part of massive displays

  • Instead of treating wedding favors as decors, you can also treat them as a wedding centerpiece 
  • Smaller wedding favors can be part of the arrangement of each guest table
  • Incorporate the wedding favors in the floral arrangement of the tables 
  • Have the wedding favors in a table or A-frame in the middle of the reception to make them more noticeable, especially when they look like displays themselves
  • Have a booth in the reception for the wedding favors
  • Use a backdrop and place the wedding favors in front of it
  • Dedicate an arch behind the wedding favors so the area looks noticeable and also picture-perfect 
  • Place the wedding favors in a well-decorated part of the venue that guests may be interested in going to for photos


Where Do Favors Go At A Wedding?


Dining area

The favors can be part of the place setting or as the centerpiece of each table. Edible wedding favors such as sweets, spreads, or even drinkables can be placed on each table.

Indicate the guest’s name, so they’ll know it’s for them. However, be mindful of the size of the wedding favor as you don’t want it taking too much of the guests’ place for eating. 

Another option is to hang the favors on the chairs or place them on the chair of each table to notify the guests that the favor is for them. You can use a ribbon to hang the favor on the back of the chair if it’s lightweight. 


Separate table

Some wedding favors might not be edible or food-related, so they’ll look out of place at the guest table or seats. For these types of wedding favors, you’ll have a side table placed for each guest. 

You can also have a separate table in the reception area if your space limits you from providing a side table for each table setting. Just make sure that it has a sign, or you’ll tell the guests about the favors, and they’re not just displays. 


At the entrance

Another common way to display wedding favors is at the venue’s entrance. You can have them in any holder you want, whether it’s a table, stand, or booth, as long as it’s placed near the entrance. 

This way, the guests can take one as they leave, and they won’t accidentally forget about the favors when going home. Furthermore, an advantage to this way of displaying wedding favors is if there’ll be leftover favors as the crowd thins, the remaining guests can take more than one.  


Display stand

Some wedding favors look too good not to be treated as decor in the wedding venue. For these types, you’ll dedicate a stand, shelf, or any unique piece of the holder to make them pop out. 

You can also decorate the tables where you’ll put the favors so they won’t look out of place in the wedding theme. Jars make good displays, so why not read what to put in small jars for wedding favors?



And that’s it! We’ve just learned how to display wedding favors in three ways. 

You can treat them as decors, follow the wedding theme, or display them as separate focal points in the wedding. Tables are what’s commonly used for displaying favors, but you can also use stands, booths, wagons, and other unique things. 

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