How To Replace Air Conditioner Compressor? 8 Easy Steps You Need To Learn!

How to replace air conditioner compressor? There are eight steps you need to follow to replace your air conditioner compressor. This article listed those things you need to do below. Before anything else, what is the purpose of a compressor? A compressor tends to pressurize and pump the refrigerant or coolant present in your air conditioner.

Thus, it concentrates on the warmth it holds. Furthermore, it converts the low pressured gas to high pressure. The compressor in your air conditioner would soon ultimately have to be changed, regardless of the type.

how to replace air conditioner compressor

So, naturally, your compressor gets old.  A compressor pumps refrigerant before delivering it to a condenser coil where the coolant cools and turns into a fluid.

Suppose you experience unexpected problems with your air conditioner compressor, contact experts of air conditioning services. Ask them what you need to do as they know the best for your unit. However, if they suggest that you need to replace it then, buy a new one. If you want to know more, keep on reading!


Steps You Need To Do To Replace Your Air Conditioner Compressor

One of the essential aspects of your air conditioner is the compressor. Its job is to ensure the flow rate of the refrigerant present in your AC. However, if your air conditioner compressor is starting to experience malfunctions, you’ll recognize the telltale indications.

The most frequent of which is that it does not longer blow cold air. Moreover, you could also constantly hear of disturbance or unpleasant sounds, such as screaming belts.

The clutch of a compressor also could fail to engage, causing the compressor to run over continuously. To answer your question: how to replace air conditioner compressor?

Here are the following steps you need to follow:


Step #1. Disable the conveyor belt

The first thing you need to do is to disconnect the conveyor belt from the shaft of your air conditioner compressor. Then, you need to find the location of the compressor. After that, operate the sprocket and release strain on the serpentine belt to remove it and get a specific tool or equipment.


Step #2. Eliminate the refrigerant

Next, you must use a retrieval apparatus to remove the coolant or refrigerant from the unit. Retrieval devices are specialist apparatus that is only available at air conditioning businesses. Thus, you have to bring your air conditioning unit to the place.


Step #3. Remove the battery terminals

Then, disable the battery terminals wire from the socket. Remember that this step is crucial. It would help if you worked with safety precautions.


Step #4. Unplug the screws and bolts

Disconnect the screw or bolt that clamps the refrigerant wires at the air conditioner compressor. Then, examine the wires for debris or traces of damage.


Step #5. Disconnect all the wirings

Unplug the wiring, cords, and the electrical system on your air conditioner compressor. Ensure that you disconnect all of them, as this may result in more damage to your unit.


Step #6. Get the compressor from the unit

Take out the air conditioner compressor. To remove it from the unit, you only need to unbolt it. Then, dispose of it properly or store it in your garage if you want to do so.


Step #7. Place a brand new air conditioner compressor

Insert your new air conditioner compressor. You need to link the power cable to the brand new compressor and screw it in place. The refrigerant wires must be tack welded to the air conditioner compressor as well.


Step #8. Link everything again

Reconnect the condenser unit. Then, fill the unit with the new or recovered coolant o refrigerant. And now, you are done!


Other Options Rather Than Replacing Your Old Compressor

Aside from replacing your old compressor, there are also some options you could do. Here are the following:


Option #1. Change the condenser unit

You can replace your condenser unit. It includes all the outdoor parts of your air conditioner. Although this is cheaper than a complete air conditioner replacement, I do not advocate it unless your present money prevents you from undertaking a larger project.


Option #2. Buy a new air conditioner

The other option is to purchase a new air conditioner rather than replacing only your compressor. One of the benefits, when you do this, is that you will get a new warranty. Thus, you do not have to worry if you encounter problems with your air conditioner in the future.


Option #3. Change the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system

You need to replace the HVAC system of your air conditioner, which comprises the unit, condenser coil, and convector.  It is an entire restructuring of your central air conditioning system.

If your old heater is not performing as it should, this action is a viable alternative. In addition, it is cheaper to replace the air conditioner and heater all at once. Thus, I suggest this option.



Again, how to replace air conditioner compressor? You only need to do eight steps to replace your AC compressor. By replacing it, you tend to make your unit a lot better.

Aside from changing your compressor, there are a lot of alternatives for you to follow. However, consult with your air conditioner expert first before doing anything. Visit this link if you want to know more about this topic.

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