How Can You Move A Fridge? In 3 Easy Steps!

Are you having a hard time figuring out how can you move a fridge? It is a cumbersome task, honestly, but you can do it in just a few easy steps! You might not want to bother yourself finding a pro to move your refrigerator; instead, you found yourself scrolling in this article.

Dear friend, you are in the right place! Of course, you can do this task without even getting help from a friend – but why not if they’re certainly available. Nevertheless, two is better than one. Perhaps, you are about to move from one place to another, and you want to keep that fridge you have.

how can you move a fridge

Or maybe, you are just reorienting your house and decided to change the location of your fridge. Whatever the reason is, the main goal we have in common here is to move the fridge. Right?

So yes, you can apply the steps to be presented in this article to any circumstances. Dear friend, if you want to learn how to do this task, keep on scrolling! So, how can you move a fridge?

Steps On How You Can Move A Fridge

We have to be honest. This task is no easy and can’t be adequately done using shortcuts. But you don’t want to ruin your fridge, right? So, yes. We must follow an organized procedure designed for moving a large and massive appliance which we refer to here as a refrigerator.


Step #1. Remove everything inside the fridge

We can’t miss taking everything out of the fridge before getting it moved. Just make sure that you plan this. Why? Because you have to prepare temporary storage of the food and other goods kept fresh by the refrigerator.

It’s either you prepare a cooler, or maybe you have a friend next door that can make their fridge available to store your food for just a few hours. Also, maybe this is a perfect time that you get to discard the old stuff that has never been given much attention and soon just got forgotten.

By that, you lessen the burden of your fridge’s load. After that, plug it off the power source and wait for it to defrost. After that, surely the ice will melt, and that will create considerable moisture within the fridge.

This is also the perfect time that you get to clean your fridge. Do it with lukewarm and soapy water and a piece of soft cloth to scrub the impurities. Make sure to wipe it off and secure the dryness of the fridge. If the stinky odor of the fridge bothers you, put charcoal inside the fridge, for it will remove that unwanted odor.


Step #2. Plan according to fridge size and pathways

It is vital that before moving the fridge, you already measured its length and the paths, especially the dimensions of the doorways that you will pass through. Now, if the fridge can freely move out the pathways and doorways, then that’s great! But what if it won’t? Is moving the fridge becomes impossible?

Of course not! If you are really persevered to move it out, then there is a wise option. remove the doors of your fridge! What if it is still not enough? Then, remove the doors in your home where it will pass through.

Now, if you have already ensured the measurements fit enough, you can remove the obstacles present along the way. This will make your transfer less hassle and less prone to accidents. Remember, you are dealing with a huge appliance here.


Step #3. Utilize the use of a dolly

Before you can put the fridge on the dolly, oftentimes, you have to pull it off from its place to make a clearance. However, fridges in this present time are designed to have wheels. Thus, moving them is not that difficult.

After creating that clearance, it is nice to have a helping friend in this stage. Make that friend slightly lift the fridge while you position the dolly under the fridge. It would help if you took note to push the dolly sideways of the fridge. For security, use the dolly straps to lock the fridge in place.


Step #4. The right move to move a fridge

You must know that there is proper poise for a fridge to be moved safely. Gradually tilt your refrigerator, not exceeding 45 degrees. You also have to make sure that the fridge is squarely situated on the dolly.

If it’s that heavy, you can rest for a while, then do the pushing again. Don’t rush it if you want to take good care of your fridge. Remember, haste makes waste! I hope your friend stays until this step because you badly need them – especially if your fridge is located upstairs. As you take hold of the dolly, your friend must ensure the way, particularly when going through the stairs.


Step #5. Pause before turning it on

If you are to move the fridge that requires a truck, then ensure that you lock the fridge in a proper position before the truck leaves. Then, assuming that you have reached your destination, you must let it rest for several hours before putting the goods inside and turning it on.


Final Words

At the end of this article, I hope you have learned how to move a fridge. Thank you for your time. You are appreciated!

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