How Much Does A Tanning Bed Weigh? 4 Best Tips!

How much does a tanning bed weigh? Well, weight differs in the materials of the tanning bed that you will purchase.

We use beds not only for sleeping inside or bedrooms, but we also use them outside.

Take the rest day at the beach, for example.

Many people want to get their skin tanned for beauty reasons but you shouldn’t do it on the sand.

You may cover the sand with a towel, but this won’t do.

What if you don’t have time to go out to the beach.

On that note, consider purchasing a tanning bed instead.

If you are already planning on buying one, here are some buying tips and places to make your purchase from.



Sun tanning, most commonly referred to as simply “tanning,” is darkening the skin using sun ray exposure.

Traditional tanning involves getting outdoors and staying under the sunbeams directly.

Although, modern tanning makes tanning possible even indoors.

Thanks to technology, man has made a device that enables tanning indoors.


Tanning Bed

A tanning bed is most commonly known as a sunbed which produces artificial UV rays that makes the skin darker.

At traditional tanning, the skin experiences mostly deadly UV rays which can harm our body.

Whereas tanning beds can emit UV radiation of 95% UVA, which is already a good choice than having to go under the sun.


2 Types Of Tanning Beds

There are two types of tanning beds; commercial and residential tanning beds. What are the differences between them?


#1. Commercial tanning bed

A commercial tanning bed is what you usually see at salons.

This bed tops it all in terms of durability, power, weight, accessibility, and cost.

This tanning bed is what most people use publicly.

Meaning there is more than 1 person who is using the bed in a day.

Compared to the residential tanning bed, you can use the commercial tanning bed multiple times a day.


#2. Residential tanning bed

A residential tanning bed, on the other hand, is what we use in our homes.

What makes it different from the commercial tanning bed is it is convenient to use.

It costs less than the commercial bed, and you can move it to different locations in your house.

If you are going to buy a tanning bed for your personal use and you don’t want to go to a public salon, this may solve your problem.


How Much A Tanning Bed Weigh

So, how much does a tanning bed weigh?

Well, tanning beds can weigh as much as 500 pounds.

Although home tanning beds could weigh only half of it.

Their weight varies depending on the material used in construction.

Tanning beds that are used by the public or in salons usually are heavier compared to the ones used at home to increase their durability and frequency of use.


Buying Tips Of A Tanning Bed

If you are planning on purchasing a tanning bed, here are some things you should consider.


Tip #1. Choose the bed type

As mentioned above, there are 2 types of tanning beds; commercial and residential.

You may have to choose between these two types depending on the usage.

If you use the tanning bed for yourself, get the residential one; if it is for business or public use, go for the other one.


Tip #2. Choose the brand type

I have here 3 brands of tanning beds most popular for their product and arrays of tanning beds available.


#1. Solar storm

The Solar Storm brand is popular for its EBS Tanning Systems.

These tanning beds can be customized and can be upgraded.

In my opinion, if you want to customize the tanning bed for personal use, this brand can provide the tanning bed well suited for you.


#2. Sunlite

The SunLite tanning beds are better when it comes to budget-friendly tanning beds.

They have shorter tanning times with their deluxe models and are intended for commercial use.


#3. Wolff tanning products

Wolff has been a highly recognized brand of tanning products that are trusted when it comes to tanning.

They are well known for their Wolff tanning bubs which could emit UV rays better than the other tanning bed brands.


Tip #3. Price and feature

When it comes to purchasing, we couldn’t help but check our budget to afford it.

If you are planning to buy a personal tanning bed, these are usually cheaper than the commercial one.

Whereas commercial tanning beds tend to have more features compared to residential tanning beds.


Tip #4. Stand-up or traditional

Another thing to consider is the way you will set up your tanning bed.

Will they be standing tanning beds or the traditional lying down tanning beds.

Standing tanning beds are popular nowadays, especially in public salons.

If you have less space for your tanning beds, this is best recommended.



You now know what a tanning bed is and how much does a tanning bed weighs.

You could buy either of the two types.

But make sure that the tanning bed of your choice will meet your requirements so you can buy wisely.

Take note of the considerations before you buy to ensure that you won’t suffer or regret what you bought.

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