What Is A Pullman Bed On A Cruise Ship? 5 Interesting Facts To Know!

What is a Pullman bed on a cruise ship?

If you ever had the experience of cruising, you have probably encountered a Pullman bed.

Pullman beds refer to one or two top bunk beds on a cabin of a cruise ship.

It can either come out from the wall or be pulled out from the ceiling of a cabin.

Other names include ‘pull-down bed’ or ‘upper bed”.

This type of bed is typically narrow with a limited weight capacity.

There is also a small space between the Pullman bed and the ceiling.

Children or light adults who meet the weight requirement mostly use Pullman beds because of these features.

In a cabin room, there may be a regular single-size or double-size bed underneath the Pullman bed.

It is ideal for traveling with families who have a limited budget.

Most mainstream ships have Pullman beds, but their structure might differ depending upon the framework of the vessel.

The name originated from inventor George M. Pullman.

In the late 1850s, Pullman beds were first introduced as sleeping cars in trains.

Here are more facts to know!


#1. How Does A Pullman Bed Looks Like?

So, What is a Pullman bed on a cruise ship?

Pullman beds are hidden in the ceiling or folded in the wall when not in use.

The sizes vary, but Pullman beds are usually narrower than regular single-sized beds.

Smaller adults and kids who are capable of climbing ladders to use the top bunk are most preferable to use this bed.

Taller adults might have trouble sitting up and hitting their heads.

Pullman beds can be raised in the morning to provide space for other activities.

You can ask for the assistance of a cabin steward to lower the Pullman beds in the evening and raise them during the day.


#2. What A Pullman Bed Is On A Cruise Ship

On cruise ships, adults can use Pullman beds.

If you have young children, they can use the regular bed underneath.

You can use the top bunk bed for safety purposes.

It is also possible for four adults to share a cabin.

Children must be at least six years old to use Pullman beds on Royal Caribbean cruises and Celebrity cruises.

Other cruise lines don’t have an age limit on who can use Pullman beds.

It would help if you also considered sleeping habits in deciding who will sleep on the top bunk beds.

Pullman bed is not the best choice for people who sleepwalk.

You can also request other beds on floor levels like sofa beds and trundle beds for your children.

It is important to account for important considerations with bed type before booking.

Usually, you can no longer change them once onboard.


#3. What Is The Height And Weight Limit For A Pullman Bed

Most cruise lines do not specify the height limit of Pullman beds.

Six feet and six inches is the maximum height for a user of a Pullman bed for Royal Caribbean cruises.

This bed type is the same length as the regular bed, but the width is only narrower.

On the other hand, weight requirements are usually maintained for Pullman beds as they are attached to the walls or ceiling.

Heavy people are not recommended to use Pullman beds.

The list below presents the Pullman maximum weight for different cruise lines:

  • Celebrity cruises – 90 kg
  • Carnival and Princess cruises – 113 kg
  • Cunard and P&O cruises – 130 kg (the restriction is on the bunk ladder, the bed itself has no maximum weight limit)
  • Royal Caribbean – 136 kg
  • MSC cruises – 150 kg
  • Norwegian Cruise Line – 163 kg


#4. Are There Guard Rails On Pullman Beds?

Pullman beds do have guard rails.

Though the size varies depending upon the cruise line.

Some have larger and longer rails, while others have smaller ones.

Check underneath the mattress if the guard rails are not yet attached.

If you can’t find it, ask for the help of your cabin attendant to request the guard rails for you.


#5. How Can You Stop Your Child From Falling Off Pullman Bed?

While on your cruise, you might be worried that your child might fall out of bed anytime.

Here are tips you can keep in mind to prevent this from happening:

Bring extra guard rails.

Ask for additional guard rails.

Put your child on the regular bed to use as padding on the side.

Bring an inflatable bed.

Let your child sleep on the sofa.

If the mattress can be removed from the Pullman Bed, place it on the floor.



What is a Pullman bed on a cruise ship?

Pullman beds found on cruise ships are foldable beds attached to the ceiling or wall of cabins.

Children, lighter adults, and persons who don’t have sleeping habits that can make them prone from off the bed can use Pullman beds.

Some cruise lines don’t have height limits on users of Pullman beds but mostly maintain weight limits.

There are also guard rails to keep the user safe, but you can also think of other precautionary measures, especially for your children.

That’s all about Pullman beds.

Have a great and safe cruise experience!

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