Where Can I Buy A Rollaway Bed? 5 Best Options!

Where can I buy a rollaway bed? Rollaway beds are available in Walmart, Wayfair, or Amazon.

While we are busy choosing which bed we should place inside your room, you may want a bed which you can bring anywhere.

Where can I buy a rollaway bed

If you often spend your time traveling or camping, having a bed to sleep comfortably in might be a problem for you.

Have you ever heard of a rollaway bed before?

If not, we’ll tackle it more in this article.

It includes the places where you can purchase one, as well as the benefits of having a rollaway bed.


Rollaway Bed

Rollaway beds are bed types designed to take up a small portion of your room.

Meaning, you will use less space, and it is more convenient if you ask me.

This type of bed is usually a great option if you have guests coming over to sleep in or you often move places from one to another.

The sizes available are a great option if you are camping, especially if you need an extra sleeping space.


Types Of Rollaway Bed

There are 3 types of rollaway beds, namely, Standard, Cabinet, and Ottoman.


#1. Standard

A standard rollaway bed has frames made of metal with either horizontal metal slats or the most common chained or mesh types.

This type is often topped with foam above and some caster wheels at the bottom. These wheels help support storing the item.


#2. Cabinet

The Cabinet style of rollaway bed hides the mattress when folded.

If you ask me, this one is more suitable as a guest bed.

This version uses less metal than the standard type.

The name ‘Cabinet’ is termed from its appearance when folded.

The wheels located at the base make it easier to store.

Some models include footboards and headboards with an appealing appearance.


#3. Ottoman

The ottoman style may look like a standard rollaway bed but instead of folding it into two, the ottoman can be folded into three parts.

This type doesn’t have wheels which makes it less convenient.

Although you can use it as a chair for sitting or place your feet after a tiring day.


Where To Buy A Rollaway Bed?

You’re probably asking yourself, “Where can I buy a rollaway bed?”

You have many options, but I have here 5 rollaway beds that I strongly suggest you consider.


#1. Milliard premium folding bed (Amazon)

The Milliard folding bed is a comfortable twin mattress that has a steel grid bed frame.

A twin rollaway bed is a trend on one of these days. They can accommodate a single sleeper.

It has measurements of 75 inches in length and 38 inches in width. This mattress has great foam support at the base of the bed.

The steel grid support structure is sturdy enough to support heavy-weight sleepers, especially if compared to the trampoline type of bed base.


#2. Alwyn home Amani folding bed (Wayfair)

The next one on our list is the Alwyn Home Amani folding bed which is great because it is budget-friendly.

The bed does not compromise quality and comfort on its part.

Compared to the other foam mattresses, this mattress has a better foam option.


#3. Room and loft rolling queen murphy bed (Wayfair)

If you’re looking for a big-sized folding bed, the Rolling Queen Murphy Bed is what you should purchase.

It has every option as a guest bed. It can also give a lot of space to sleep in whether you sleep alone or with someone.

This folding bed has memory foam installed with four wheels with grid frames that can be folded when not in use.


#4. Newark discount heavy-duty rollaway bed (Wayfair)

This bed, on the other hand, gives your guest a better sleeping space.

It has a heavy-duty frame that could carry up to a 35-pound weighted sleeper.

What’s unique about this folding bed is that it has a headboard that could keep your pillows sliding off the bed.

It has 48 inches in width and 77 inches in length, which is suitable for young adults.


#5. Rest haven suspension rollaway bed (Wallmart)

The last one on our suggested list is the Rest Haven Suspension Rollaway Bed.

When it comes to overall performance, this one is the winner, in my opinion.

It has different sizes, from twin to cot sizes. It has a great feature when it comes to suspension and capacity.


Advantages Of Rollaway Bed

As amazing as it sounds, the rollaway bed is more convenient than you can imagine.

Here are some of its advantages.



Folding beds are not expensive, yet they are convenient to use.

You can already buy one for a hundred dollars or so.

While there may be other good options for your guests, I think having rollaway beds is the right option.


Portable and convenient

I have been mentioning it over and over again about the rollaway bed being convenient and all.

It is easy to fold compactly and carry around in a pack during a short vacation or a trip.

Most people use it for camping or additional space to sleep in a hotel.

I am thinking of traveling the world bringing this. How about you?



Rollaway beds are a great way to save up some space in your house.

They can fit into small spaces and keep them there all day.

After your guest uses the bed, you can fold it up back and store them away.



No more thoughts of “Where can I buy a rollaway bed?” especially after giving some suggestions on which one you should buy.

If you are planning on purchasing one, don’t hesitate but be sure of what you want.

And expect if you choose one from my recommendations.

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