How Much Do You Pay A Pastor For A Wedding

It’s important to know how much do you pay a pastor for a wedding, which can start at $200. We will discuss the expected fee when a pastor marries you in more detail below. 

We also recommend that you browse our blog for the etiquette and expectations regarding how much to pay officiants. For example, would you also like to know how much do you pay a priest for a wedding?

how much do you pay a pastor for a wedding


How Much To Pay Pastor For Wedding Ceremony: Wedding Officiant Cost And Expectation

If you choose a pastor for a wedding, the fees for his services can start anywhere from $200 up to $800. The range for this officiant is wide because there are many factors to consider.

For example, remember that as the wedding officiant, the pastor has many responsibilities for the wedding. They might even offer pre-marriage counseling with the couple and set meetings to discuss the wedding day itself. 

The pastor might also guide you with your vows, and some will attend the rehearsal. Furthermore, you might be requiring the pastor to travel or even book accommodation because you’re marrying outside your hometown. 

These considerations will cost time and money, making the pastor fee reasonable. And, of course, if you’re having a unique and personalized ceremony, it can drive the price to pay the pastor as he modifies the wedding for you. 


What Is It Called When A Pastor Marries You?

It is considered a religious wedding when a pastor marries you. This is different from a civil wedding where a government official or a judge marries you. 

If you’re having a non-traditional wedding, you can also have a different type of officiant called the celebrant as he is not under religion or a specific sector. You can read about celebrant weddings if you’re interested in learning more.


Can A Pastor Marry You Outside?

Not all types of wedding officiants can marry you anywhere. For example, Catholics can only marry outside in two cities, and elsewhere, the priest must marry you inside the church. 

As with a pastor, you can ask him yourself if he can marry you outside. Some pastors might be willing to marry you outside if you want an outdoor wedding ceremony.

But like with any religious wedding, do note that getting married by a religious officiant like a pastor means you must follow the religious portions of the ceremony compared to a spiritual wedding. 

If you and your partner are spiritual, but you happen to have different religions, consider knowing more about what is a spiritual wedding


Do You Give The Officiant A Gift?

It’s not required, but some newlyweds give their wedding officiant a gift besides paying the fee. For example, you might appreciate what he’s done for the ceremony, and he might be involved in some meetings to help you prepare for the marriage. 

However, some wedding officiants might refuse to accept a gift. So to show your gratitude, you can consider donating to their place of worship instead.

For non-religious officiants, you can consider inviting them for dinner, especially if you’re close with them. And if you’re curious about how much you should tip an officiant, it’s not customary. 


Should You Pay A Friend To Officiate Wedding?

If you have a friend officiate a wedding, it’s better to give them a gift instead of paying them. You don’t want them to feel like they’re doing a job. 

The friend might often refuse the payment, so it’s easier to show your appreciation by giving them a thoughtful gift. You can also treat them to a nice meal after the wedding. 

Do you want someone close to you to be your wedding officiant? Read how to ask a friend to officiate your wedding


How Much Should You Pay A Friend To Officiate A Wedding?

There is no set fee on how much you pay a friend to officiate a wedding. Some people might even suggest themselves as the wedding officiant, which means they’re not expecting cash as a return. 

However, it’s a different discussion if you know an officiant, like a pastor or celebrant, and you happen to be close to them. You will still give them their service fee accordingly. 

Here is an officiant fee cheatsheet to know the different expected payments: how much to pay wedding officiant?


Do You Invite Officiant To Dinner?

You can choose to invite your wedding officiant to dinner, especially if the ceremony went well or if you’ve also developed a great relationship with them while preparing for the wedding. You can also consider asking them to bring their spouse or family if they have one.


Does The Officiant Get Invited To Reception?

The officiant is usually invited to the reception as common courtesy. But, more so, it would be best to include them in your thank-you cards with other wedding vendors. 



Was this read helpful? We just learned how much do you pay a pastor for a wedding, which can be anywhere from $200 to $800 because of many factors. 

If the officiant is involved in other responsibilities or you had a wedding that requires him to travel or stay somewhere, it’s only reasonable to give him a high fee. 

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