What Is A Spiritual Wedding Ceremony? Is It Legal?

The answer to what is a spiritual wedding is at the name itself; it’s not related to a specific religion. The couple still acknowledges their spirituality, but they can express it much more freely. 

That being said, are spiritual weddings even legal? We’ll talk about these things in more detail below. 

what is a spiritual wedding

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What Is A Spiritual Wedding Ceremony?

A spiritual wedding pertains to a wedding unrelated to a specific religion, but the couple still practices and values their faith. Therefore, the couple has complete control over the traditions and details they want on the ceremony. 

You can even include some customs related to your faith, and you can select the place for the spiritual wedding ceremony. For example, it can be held on the beach, backyard, mountain lodge, boat, over Zoom, or even at a chapel. 

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Religious wedding vs spiritual wedding vs civil wedding

A religious wedding differs from a spiritual wedding because it will follow all the principles of that specific religion. Therefore, all the religious practices and customs of that religion should be done at the wedding. 

On the contrary, even couples of different faiths can get married in a spiritual wedding. So, for example, if you are a same-sex couple where getting married at a place of worship is prohibited, you can consider a spiritual wedding. 

What about the difference between a spiritual wedding and a civil ceremony? A civil ceremony does not include spiritual belief like a spiritual wedding, but it’s a marriage performed by a government official. 

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What Does It Mean To Be Spiritually Married?

When you get married spiritually, it means you underwent a ceremony where you and your significant other are united while still acknowledging your faith even if the ceremony has no specific religion to follow. As a result, you and your partner have the choice to express your spirituality accordingly without needing to follow all the tenets of one religion or place. 

Some couples might also say that being spiritually married means being united with God, Soul, and Spirit. However, you acknowledge that no marriage can succeed without God, and man does not make marriage. 


Can you have a spiritual marriage?

If you value your spirituality, you can have a spiritual marriage, but you want to express it differently. This type of wedding ceremony is also a reasonable consideration for couples who have different faiths and can’t convert but want both beliefs integrated into the ceremony. 

Some other examples of why a couple opts for a spiritual wedding instead of a traditional one, such as religious or civil, is because they want a different setting or ceremony for their wedding. However, you can still acknowledge your connection to the divine even if you’re not part of the congregation or don’t attend the place of worship regularly. 


Is A Spiritual Wedding Legal?

A spiritual wedding is legal as long as the officiant is qualified and the ceremony itself is done according to the law. You want to get someone who is ordained and has a spiritual side to create a ceremony that fits the ceremony. 

Then, organize the wedding to have all the critical parts to make it legal. You can also follow the structure of a traditional wedding ceremony as a guide. 

The spiritual wedding can have the question of intent, vows, a symbol of unity, and then marriage pronouncement. Your officiant might also guide you on creating the wedding program and make it more spiritual. 

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What Is It Called To Get Married Without A Wedding?

If you don’t want a wedding ceremony for your marriage, you and your significant other can consider a civil union. It is also a legal relationship between two people, like a marriage, but some limitations exist. 

A couple might consider a civil union to protect themselves legally and financially. For example, if you want to commit to your partner but a wedding is still not something you want at the moment, check if your state allows a civil union. 


Is It Okay To Get Married Before The Wedding?

You can get married before the wedding, and some couples even practice this for various reasons. For example, they might want different ceremonies, or you simply want to experience a small and big wedding. 

Another instance to consider getting legally married before the wedding ceremony is a destination wedding. First, you will need to apply for a license in your hometown; then, you’ll need to transfer the license from location to location. 



Was this article helpful? We just learned what is a spiritual wedding, which is a ceremony that values the faith of the couple without following only one religion. 

This is perfect if you don’t consider yourself religious or you and your significant other have different faiths. However, ensure that the ceremony follows the law and your officiant is qualified for the spiritual wedding to be legal. 

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