What Does It Mean If It Rains On Your Wedding Day

Those curious about what does it mean if it rains on your wedding day can consider the four interpretations and beliefs from various cultures. You’ll be surprised that a rainy day for a wedding can be viewed as bad luck and good luck.

It’s always fascinating to see various wedding beliefs and traditions, and you can also decide if you want to follow them or not. For example, do you know what does a red wedding dress means

what does it mean if it rains on your wedding day


What Does It Mean If It Rains On Your Wedding Day: 4 Reasons Why You Want (Or Don’t Want) Rain On Your Wedding Day


New beginnings

Marriage is indeed the start of a new chapter of you and your partner’s lives. Even if, let’s say, you’ve been living together for a long time, being married will still be a new type of experience. 

That being said, if it rains at your wedding, it is also seen as a cleansing. It symbolizes that you and your partner are renewed and will become another version of yourselves as you enter this new chapter of your lives. 

The rain acts as if it washes away all the difficulties in your past. It’s somewhat similar to what is a white wedding where brides often wear white to symbolize cleansing and new beginnings. 


Good luck 

Did you know that rain at your wedding is also seen as good luck despite the more negative connotation in some cultures? Besides new beginnings, rain is also viewed as a symbol of fertility. 

Like how rain helps crops prosper, some also interpret rain as a sign that you and your spouse will be blessed with children. And finally, raining with the sun still up is even more connotated with positive experiences and possibilities. 


Lasting marriage

If it rains on your wedding day, some would believe that it means your marriage will last. It can be attributed to the nourishing effect of rain, especially after the dry season. 

In Hindu tradition, a rainy wedding is even seen as a foretelling of a strong marriage. This is because a wet knot is more difficult to untie than in a dry state.


Sadness or bad luck

When it rains during the wedding day, the most common belief is that it brings bad luck. One can relate this interpretation from the Judeo-Christian culture, where rain symbolizes God’s wrath. 

Remember when God sent 40 days and 40 nights of rain because of the behavior of His people? Some would say that God doesn’t approve of the marriage or that something terrible will happen with rainy weddings. 

Another negative interpretation of rain during the wedding day is that it symbolizes the bride’s tears. Raining during the wedding is said to foresee a marriage where the bride will shed tears. 


What Is The Old Saying About Rain On Your Wedding Day?

The old belief with having a rainy wedding day is that it’s seen as bad luck. For religious people, God does not approve of the marriage, related to how rain used to symbolize His wrath. 

However, this symbolism is countered by rain as a sign of fertility as rain helps crops grow. In the end, it is the bride and groom’s choice on how they want to interpret rain during their wedding day.

What’s next is how you’ll tackle potential problems when it’s raining, especially if you have an outdoor wedding. 


Is It Good Look If It Rains On Your Wedding Day?

Let’s say that you’ve been planning a specific date for your wedding and you’re excited because of its sentimentality. But lo and behold, on the morning of the special day, the skies are dark, and it’s raining.

If you’re worried that this will make the wedding day look bad, it’s time to make the most out of this weather. Yes, rain means bad luck, but more cultures see it as a positive symbolism. 

Some couples even prefer to have a rainy wedding, and they’d even do photoshoots with the showers. So think that nothing will stop you and your spouse from being united despite the challenges. 


How Do You Prepare For A Rainy Wedding?

  • Check with the wedding venue on how they’ll tackle the rain; is the indoor location sealed and secured to handle the rain and winds? Is the outdoor venue prepared with tents and other weather protection?
  • Consider preparing the pathways so you and your guests can conveniently arrive and go out of the wedding venue 
  • If you’re wearing light colors, bring coverups to protect them from potential stains
  • Modify the dress code to dressy casual than black-tie or read what to wear to an outdoor casual wedding if you’ll have a rainy wedding outside 
  • Consider choosing another site if the rain causes the venue flooring like ground or grass to be hazardous
  • Always check the weather conditions
  • Even if it gets sunny, make sure to have everyone bring an umbrella



And that’s it! We just learned what does it mean if it rains on your wedding day, which is seen both as good and bad luck in various cultures.

A rainy wedding is interpreted as bad luck because it’s said to be the tears shed in the marriage or disapproval from God. But, on the other hand, rain on your wedding can also mean fertility, new beginnings, and longevity.

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