How Much Do Wedding Planners Make A Year

The answer to how much do wedding planners make a year can start around $15,000, assuming that the wedding planner will only do 10 weddings at $1,500 per wedding. However, there are many factors to consider in your expected earnings in this profession. 

We will discuss them in more detail below if you consider this career. And as for couples who have no budget for this vendor, we also wrote a guide on how to plan a wedding without a wedding planner

how much do wedding planners make a year


How Much Do Wedding Planners Make A Year: What Influences  Wedding Planner Earnings


Based on the number of weddings they’ll do on a year

It would help you know how many weddings wedding planners do a year to get an idea of their expected total earnings. For example, the average cost of a wedding planner per wedding is $1,500. 

And if the wedding planner can do up to 10 weddings per year, that means their total earnings start at $15,000. This may seem small, but remember that this assumes a base pay of $1,500 per wedding and if the weddings they can do per year is only 10. 

Twenty weddings per year are possible, and the hourly rate or package fee may be higher. However, there are many factors to consider when determining the rates of wedding planners, especially the type of services and packages they offer, which ultimately will affect their annual salary. 


Based on experience

The amount that wedding planners charge is influenced by their experience and expertise. That being said, novice planners can earn under $30,000 per year, while experienced and top-rated wedding planners typically have annual earnings amounting to more than $81,000. 

What about mid-level and senior-level wedding planners? A mid-level wedding planner can begin at under $46,000 yearly, while senior-level wedding planners typically have an annual salary of around $62,000. 

Remember, wedding planners may be under someone else or do the business themselves as freelancers. These factors can also influence the total earnings they get in a year. 


How Much Money Do Wedding Event Planners Make?

The average earnings of a wedding planner per hour in the US are roughly around $22. Salaries can also start at under $13 per hour, but wedding planners can charge as much as $40 per hour over time. 

It’s worth noting some wedding planners may also offer packages instead of working at an hourly rate. For this setup, expect a starting price of under $8,000 for the full service or partial planning at only under $3,000. 


Factors that affect wedding planner salaries



Like other wedding vendors, a wedding planner charges according to location. For example, major cities have more expensive rates for wedding coordinators and planners than those in rural areas. 

Therefore, consider where you’ll have your wedding planning business if you want to make a good amount of money. But, of course, there’s also an advantage in picking a small town because of the fewer competition. 



The inclusions in your service and package will affect the amount you can charge your client. For example, some planners only do partial planning, while others are involved from the start to the end of the wedding day. 

You may also offer add-ons to your flat fee, so clients can pick what they need, and you’ll also earn extra. For example, some wedding planners get percentage fees by being one of the wedding vendors or providers. 

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Your experience in the industry can help raise your earnings as a wedding planner. Of course, you can charge a reasonable rate and the clients will be willing to pay if you have the experience to prove the quality of your services. 

It’s also easy to build trust when the professional they’re working with is skilled in their work because of years of doing it. Consider a degree in the hospitality field and work under seasoned wedding planners to gain more experience if you’re starting. 


Where Do Wedding Planners Get Paid The Most?

Wedding planners earn as much as $65,000 and higher in the District of Columbia. Some other states where wedding planners get paid the most include New York, New Jersey, Virginia, and Connecticut.  


Is Wedding Planner A Good Career?

Being a wedding planner is a rewarding career because you help couples achieve their dream weddings and alleviate stress during preparations and after the wedding. You can also make planning weddings a chance to experience different cultures and themes as your potential clients are very diverse. 

The more experienced you are, the higher you can also reasonably ask for your services when it comes to earning. And for starting wedding planners, a typical earning is $13 per hour, which is still somewhat feasible, given that you are new to the industry.

However, remember that being a wedding planner takes organization skills to a whole new level. You also have to constantly engage with people and wedding vendors to ensure that your client will get the best wedding. 



And that’s it! We just learned how much do wedding planners make a year which can be $15,000 if each wedding costs $1,500, and they’ll do ten weddings per year. 

Experienced wedding planners, on the other hand, can earn over $80,000 yearly. Nevertheless, many factors will affect your earnings as a planner. 

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