How Many Rooms To Block For Wedding: Dos And Don’ts

Those wondering how many rooms to block for wedding can consider ten as it’s the typical room block most hotels allow. We will also help you estimate the number of rooms to book, when to reserve hotel room blocks, and how many hotels you must contact. 

This is a complete guide for everything related to guest accommodation. But before we proceed, you might also be interested in knowing who pays for hotel rooms for wedding guests

how many rooms to block for wedding


How Many Rooms To Block For Wedding: Everything To Know About Hotel Room Blocks For Wedding Guests


How many hotel room blocks can you book for weddings?

A hotel room block usually consists of 10 to 30 rooms. So use this assumption in computing how many room blocks to get for your wedding guests. 

Why should you consider getting a hotel room block for your wedding? Remember that destination weddings will have guests out of town, and you’ll save on rates by booking a room block since it can be as much as 40% lower than standard rates. 

If you know how many wedding guests will need accommodation, you can search for hotels and the room block they allow for reservation. You may need a more prominent hotel if you need to block more than 20 rooms, for example. 


How do you figure out how many hotel room blocks you need for a wedding?

To get a rough estimate of rooms to block, secure your guest list and who will need accommodation. A rule you can use is to get the total number of guests who’ll come and use half of that number as the total of hotel rooms to block. 

For example, if 100 guests are coming out of town and need a place to stay, you must reserve 50 rooms. You must also check the capacity of each hotel room to know how many guests can share one. 

To secure the number of guests who’ll come, read when should RSVP be due for a wedding


How many rooms to block for 150 guests?

You can reserve rooms blocks at only one hotel if you have 150 wedding guests or lower. Since a rule for estimating the number of rooms is to get half of the guests who’ll come, then a 150-guest wedding may need to book 70 to 80 rooms. 


Should You Block More Than One Hotel For Wedding?

The size of your wedding will determine how many hotels you must contact for reserving room blocks. For example, one hotel will suffice if you have under 150 guests coming from out of town. 

On the contrary, bigger weddings should reserve room blocks at two to three hotels to get different price points. You must also know how many rooms you’ll block because weddings needing more than 30 rooms will be more cost-efficient if they book more than one hotel. 

Regardless, there’s no need to book more than three hotels for wedding room blocks because you might even get better deals when you request more rooms per hotel than book a few rooms at multiple hotels. 


How To Block Hotel Rooms For Wedding

  1. Consult your wedding guest list and determine who will need rooms
  2. Search for hotels and narrow it down to one to three options 
  3. Contact each hotel and tell them the dates you need the accommodation
  4. Book rooms according to the sure number of guests who’ll come; it’s better to start with a small block as you can add more later if needed


How Many Nights Should You Block Rooms For A Wedding?

Weddings will need to block rooms for two nights, including destination weddings. The first night is before the wedding and the second night is the night of the wedding day. 

Some couples may also be doing a weeklong activity for their wedding. And in this case, you might need to block several days to a week until the wedding weekend


When To Book Hotel Block For Wedding

Consider contacting the hotels as early as eight months before the wedding to book hotel blocks. This will ensure that you’ll have the rooms you need at the best hotel according to its location relevant to where your wedding will be. 

It’s also reasonable to block hotel rooms after securing your wedding venue. And of course, if you’re getting married during peak wedding season, the earlier you reserve rooms, the better. 


Do Hotels Take Money Out Right Away?

Hotels offer a courtesy room block or open block. They will give you a date, usually 30 days before the wedding, where your guests have to reserve the rooms, or whoever is paying. 

After this date, the rooms will no longer come at the special block rate. Therefore, you must pay and confirm your booking to secure the room blocks. 

And if you want to know who pays for a destination wedding, read our discussion regarding the expectations for this type of wedding. 



And that’s it! We just learned how many rooms to block for wedding; where you can start with blocking ten rooms. 

Most hotels offer 10 to 30 rooms in their hotel blocks, so it’s best to estimate your total number of guests needing accommodation. Then, get half of that number and book the equivalent number of rooms. 

We hope this helps; leave us a comment if you have any questions. 

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