How Long Should You Wait To Plug In A Fridge After Moving It? 4 Helpful Things!

Are you planning to buy or relocate a refrigerator, so you’re curious about how long should you wait to plug in a fridge after moving it? There are two answers to this one, and it depends on the position of your fridge during transport. So, it shows that you have plenty of factors to consider when buying and moving a refrigerator.

When buying, you need to determine the accurate dimensions and pick the perfect features that suit your kitchen. Also, consider how you’ll bring it home since it might be too big for your car. Finally, note that how you’re going to position it can affect the number of hours you’re going to wait until you can use it.

how long should you wait to plug in a fridge after moving it

If things are still confusing for you, don’t worry because this article will elaborate further. We are confident that the following information will be helpful to you, particularly if you plan to purchase a refrigerator. Stay tuned!


Facts About How Long You Should Wait Before Plugging Your Fridge After Moving It

We gathered some of the things you should know before you use your fridge. We also included how long should you wait to plug in a fridge after moving it. And here they are:


Fact #1. Upright position can make you use the fridge in no time

When the refrigerator stands in a standing position, no components will possibly disassemble except if the road you’re driving into is mountainous and rocky. The oil the powers the compressor stays in its place when the fridge is standing correctly.

If you moved the refrigerator in this position, you could plug it in instantly after you reached home. The only concern in this is that some car back compartments are shorter than the fridge’s height.

So, if you own a covered car and not a pick-up truck, there’s a lower chance that you can use the refrigerator as soon as possible. However, you can still ask the appliance store if they can deliver. If not, you can pay for a delivery service that carries more extensive packages and can withstand the height of the fridge.


Fact #2. Transporting the fridge sideways needs a more extended time

If you don’t want to call a delivery service to transport your fridge, then your car isn’t a problem. But make sure that you won’t use a plugin in the refrigerator right away. Since it lies on its side, some components and fluids might flow away from its compartment. Using the unit could lead to severe damage and defective parts.

So, you can adjust the seats of your car for the whole unit to fit. And make sure it’s securely fastened, so it doesn’t harm the backside of your vehicle on a rough route. Then, you’re ready to depart after everything is in order.

Once you reach your house, let the fridge stand for a couple of hours. Some say that it would take four hours for the oil to flow back to the compressor. But it usually depends on how long the fridge rests on its side. So, if the whole drive is about 12 hours, you should wait for the same number of hours or more.


Fact #3. Purpose of compressor oil

The waiting game revolves around the compressor oil. We mentioned earlier that we need time for the oil to flow back to the compressor if the fridge reclines sideways. Why is it necessary?

The oil lubricates and helps the compressor run smoothly to provide your goods with sufficient cold air. Additionally, it decreases friction on metallic components, prevents corrosion, and extends the system’s life. So, value the importance of this fluid to prevent the compressor from getting damaged.


Fact #4. Result of plugging in the fridge early

You might be curious about how will the oil affect your unit? If not enough oil has traveled back to the compressor, this component may function weirdly. It might also produce unnecessary and disturbing sounds coming from metallic materials. And this sound might emit a rusty or burning smell.

Directly turning it on will stress your compressor, and it will force itself to function despite the friction. And this situation will eventually produce the sound and smell we mentioned earlier. This sound should alert you that your refrigerator needs to rest and that you should switch it off right away to avoid further issues. And also to prevent overheating.


Wrapping Up

And this part is where the article, “how long should you wait to plug in a fridge after moving it?” ends. If this fridge is your first one, then you can place the frozen goods on an ice cooler in the meantime to prevent them from spoiling. Other goods can handle about a day of room temperature.

However, if you have an old fridge, we suggest that you unplug it until your new fridge is ready. This article revolves around the significance of waiting, much like the waiting game revolves around the flow of oil downstream.

If you want to maintain the efficiency of your fridge on the first day of your purchase, then you might have learned something from us. Regardless, if this article interests you, then you might like this one how long should a leather sofa last. Please keep us up to date, and we wish you all the luck!

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