How Long Should A Leather Sofa Last: Check 3 Factors

If you wonder how long should a leather sofa last, it can range from five or five times that expected lifespan. You read that right; leather furniture can last as long as 25 years!

You can expect a sofa to last for a long time, especially when it’s quality material like leather. However, you have to know what can affect this lifespan to get the most of your couch. So let us continue reading below to help you make your leather sofa last longer. 


What Is The Average Life Of A Leather Sofa?


5 to 25 years

One can expect the leather sofa to last anywhere from five to twenty-five years. Thus, the top end of the range is significantly longer than the average lifespan of other types of sofas. However, the material quality, usage, and maintenance will affect how long the leather sofa will last. 


3 Factors that affect the lifespan of your leather couch



You must know how to tell the quality of a leather sofa because the material dictates how durable it will be against wear and tear throughout the years. A quick tip is that you cannot expect a cheap leather sofa to last as long as something pricier that uses genuine, high-quality leather. More so, be aware that some manufacturers label their couch as leather furniture even if leather only comprises a low percentage of the materials. 

The best types of leather to use to guarantee a long-lasting leather sofa are full-grain and top-grain leather. On the contrary, reconstructed leather like bonded leather won’t be as durable because it’s made from leather scraps mixed with bonding materials. You will need to learn how to repair a bonded leather sofa at home, primarily if the furniture is used frequently. 



Getting genuine leather over a fake leather couch puts you at an advantage in terms of expected durability. However, your usage of the sofa will also dictate if it will last more than two decades. For example, do you have kids or pets that often play on the couch?

Constant pressure, spills, or even use if you have multiple guests weekly will eventually wear down your sofa. You may need to refill the leather sofa cushions to restore its loft or reupholster the leather couch if its leather material is full of tears and holes. Additionally, don’t forget that indirect abuse, such as exposure to sunlight coming from the windows in the living room, can also fade and degrade leather. 



Expect your leather sofa to last as long as 25 years if you consistently maintain and care for it. This means regular cleaning and always doing practices that are recommended for the specific leather type you have. Compared to other materials, the advantage of leather is that you only need to wipe and vacuum it to remove most dirt anyway. 

However, address stains immediately to prevent them from seeping deeper into the porous sofa. You may also need to deodorize the leather sofa because smells can indicate an underlying issue. For example, a damp odor means that the couch needs to be dried thoroughly or has a spill that you haven’t cleaned up. 


How Can You Tell If A Leather Sofa Is Good Quality?

Among the things to look for when buying leather furniture is the quality of materials it uses. If you want to get the expected lifespan of 25 years, you must check if the sofa uses genuine leather. It should not smell like chemicals, and it has imperfections on the surface while feeling like real skin. 

But besides the leather upholstery, don’t forget that the sofa will only last long if it is well-made. So check the cushions of the furniture and the frame’s construction as well. High-density foam will last well against wear and tear, while hardwood frame retains its shape for a long time. 


What Is The Most Durable Leather For Furniture?

The most durable leather for furniture is full-grain leather because it is the whole hide compared to other types that only utilize some hide layers. It is also untreated, so it doesn’t undergo processes that can affect the material’s integrity. But if you want your leather sofa not to look too imperfect, you can opt for top-grain leather. 

Top-grain leather has its top layer buffed, so it looks and feels a bit smoother. There is also semi-aniline, top-grain leather, which is coated for added protection and easier clean-up. If your sofa will be prone to high traffic, your best leather would be top-grain semi-aniline. 


Does Sleeping On A Leather Couch Ruin It?

Sleeping on a leather sofa won’t ruin it if you’re only doing it occasionally. However, consider assembling a futon sofa bed instead if you want a sofa to be used for sleeping regularly. A traditional sofa, regardless if it’s made of durable leather, can get damaged because the parts are not made to withstand the weight during sleeping. 



If you want a durable sofa that will maintain its look and integrity for years to come, you must get a leather couch. In this article, we have learned how long should a leather sofa last, which is between 5 to 25 years. While impressive, we hope you remembered the three factors that influenced this duration.

Get the best quality materials, use the sofa responsibly, and maintain the leather regularly. They should help you ensure that your leather furniture will be long-lasting. 

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