How Much Does A Small Fridge Cost? 8 Awesome Brands!

Are you planning to buy a new fridge for your apartment, so you’re curious how much does a small fridge cost? Well, according to our research, the price usually falls between $100-$300.

And comparing it to big modern refrigerators, it’s ten times cheaper! So, you should invest in this appliance now.

how much does a small fridge cost

Let’s say you’re about to go to college or your parents want you to move out since you’re old enough. You’ll start by living in a smaller home in this situation, so you’ll need some small but reliable equipment such as mini-refrigerators.

You don’t want your food to deteriorate, so, fortunately, tiny refrigerators got invented to make life simpler and less expensive. So, if you’re looking for the best mini-refrigerators, this article is what you need. And after reading this article, you can decide on which product you’re going to buy. Continue reading!


Best Mini-Refrigerators For Your Perfect Little Home

How much does a small fridge cost? Before you go out shopping for small fridges, you might want to research some facts and decide on your top three brands. This guide will assist you, mainly if you have limited time and budget. So, we gathered some of the best-reviewed brands, including their unique features and how much a small fridge costs. And here they are:


Brand #1. Insignia

For small refrigerators that can effectively preserve goods, this brand offers you a budget-friendly product. Their mini-fridge only costs about 99 dollars, which is a steal. Unfortunately, its height is only inches, so it’s impossible to fit a whole freezer in here. But you can store enough drinks and some snacks, and you can also adjust its temperature.

They also have a wine bottle cooler for your beverages. It has enough space to hold more than ten wine bottles and cool them simultaneously.

And instead of shelves, this small fridge offers you racks and bottle holders. This mini-fridge costs about 140 dollars.


Brand #2. Haier

This brand’s compact mini-fridge is considered the best one for overall features. It means that it’s not only the best because of its budget-friendly value, but it can offer you the best performance. It costs $240, but it’s pretty understandable and worth investing in since it has a freezer.

You can not only store snacks, but you can preserve your vegetables and some food here. It’s very spacious for a mini-fridge, and the shelves and compartments are removable. So despite the amount of space, you can still make enough room for other stuff.


Brand #3. Midea

Midea’s compact small fridge looks like Insignia’s mini-fridge, but it has a tiny freezer. In retail websites, such as Amazon, this product has the best reviews from users. According to them, the legs are adjustable, and that you can store up to 25 water bottles. Considering this fridge’s price ($124) and its quiet feature, it’s a steal, but you should have enough patience to defrost it frequently.


Brand #4. Daewoo

If you want to make your fridge fit your unit’s layout, then you should go for this one. Daewoo’s retro compact fridge can offer you aesthetic vibes, and you can even have a mini-photoshoot with your mini-fridge. However, it costs more than 300 dollars, which is more than any other top picks. Also, it comes in two sizes since the pricey one is about 36 inches high.


Brand #5. Costway

We suggest this product for you if you’re a college student living in a dorm. With its space, you can share it with your housemates, and you can store more groceries for all of you. It costs $223, but all of you can contribute to the full payment.

This fridge has various compartments such as your door side baskets, crispers, and removable shelves. There are also two doors, and the other one is for the freezer. It’s basically like a standard fridge but smaller. However, it doesn’t have a display board, but you can adjust the temperature internally.


Brand #6. Arctic king

This product looks like the previous one, so you can decipher which one of them is the best. Both have separate doors for the fridge and freezer, and this has several removable compartments also. However, Arctic king’s fridge costs 100 dollars lower than Costway’s. And this small fridge has good reviews from customers in Walmart.


Brand #7. Danby

The following two products, including this one, are for those who want to use the fridge for other purposes. Danby’s small fridge costs about $310, slightly pricey because it’s usually smaller than the previous fridges mentioned. However, it’s reliable for storing beers and other beverages.


Brand #8. Cooluli

Fun fact, I just discovered that you could buy mini-fridges to store your skincare products, and this fridge is one of them. We mentioned that the Insignia mini fridge has the best value, but this one is technically lower, which is only 50 dollars. However, you can’t use this for food, so if you’re looking for a fridge to store your skincare items, then this is acceptable. Plus, it can be powered using a USB port so that you can take it anywhere.



And that concludes the concern about how much does a small fridge cost. As you can see, it usually falls between $100-$300. But the goal is to have a fridge that is both convenient and budget-friendly.

We hope this article gave you the information you need before you shop for some fridges. For more guides about home appliances, an article about how much electricity an air conditioner use might interest you. Regardless, happy shopping!

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