How Long Should A Wedding Toast Be: Etiquette Guide

The answer to how long should a wedding toast be is about ten minutes. This article will also talk about the etiquette of wedding toasts, how to propose one, and which people expected to give one. 

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how long should a wedding toast be


Guide On How Long Should A Wedding Toast Be

A wedding toast can last up to ten minutes, but it can be shorter or longer, depending on many variables. Remember that the duration should keep the newlyweds and guests entertained and never too long that you’ll see the audience looking bored or their eyes glazing over. 

Furthermore, different weddings vary with the number of people they want to toast. If you have many people in mind, the toasts should be concise, so everyone has time for theirs.

You also don’t want to take too much time for the wedding toasts, so the guests can mingle and have a great time on the dance floor. Usually, a three to five-minute toast should suffice if you have four guests to toast. 


Who normally gives toasts at a wedding?

Traditionally, the best man, maid of honor, and parents of the bride and groom are expected to give the wedding toasts. However, it’s not mandatory to follow this list, and anyone chosen by the bride and groom can also provide a toast. 

Furthermore, remember telling the person expected to give a toast that you want them to propose one. The last thing you want to do is put someone on the spot, especially when they’re unprepared. 

You can also read about how to MC a wedding because the MC or host ensures the smooth flow of the program. The MC can then communicate with the people expected to give a toast to be prepared once called. 


Who gives the toast first at a wedding?

The most common order of the wedding toasts starts with the best man followed by the maid of honor. The newlyweds may also raise a glass to their wedding party and guests before the toasts of their parents.  

Depending on who hosts the wedding between the bride and groom’s parents, they will speak first to welcome the guests. Nonetheless, there is no rule regarding who starts the toast, and the couple can even work with the people they want to toast at their wedding regarding the sequence of speakers. 

Additionally, anyone can step in to give the toasts if the parents, best man, or maid of honor are uncomfortable giving one. But if other people also want to propose a toast and the reception program has no space to accommodate them, you can always have the toasts during the rehearsal dinner


Are wedding toasts before or after dinner?

Most wedding toasts are made after cutting the cake or after dinner. This way, you can ensure that all your guests are present in one place and they are also already comfortable after eating. 

You want the guests to be seated to make it easier to get their attention. And depending on the number of toasts, you can talk with the coordinator and space the toasts between the courses during the meal at their reception. 

You can even have the toasts on other instances like after greeting the guests on your receiving line or before the cocktail hour. During these times, the guests already have their drinks for the toast. 


How Do You Toast At A Wedding?


Be prepared

You will lessen your nerves for the wedding toast if you come prepared. Create a short note regarding the things you want to say to the couple and reread it so you can see how it will turn out. 

Feel free to express your personality and add your humor to make the toast more lively. However, remember to maintain tact, so everybody will still have a good time.


Be concise but heartfelt

The wedding toast should be short enough to allow other speakers to talk as well. However, feel free to express your best wishes to the bride and groom and make the toast more heartfelt.

You can share stories about their relationships and how you’re excited about this new chapter in their lives. Don’t forget to speak at a good pace and look at the couple when talking to them. 


What drink to toast at a wedding?

The traditional drink used when toasting at a wedding is sparkling wine. But as for the guests, they can toast with whatever drink they’re holding. 

If your glass happens to be empty, you can still raise it for toasting. 


How do I propose a toast?

You can propose a toast by tapping the rim of your glass gently. You can even stand and directly go to the microphone to get everyone’s attention.



And that’s it! We just learned how long should a wedding toast be, which is three to ten minutes.

This way, the program can accommodate everyone who wants to propose a toast. Just note that you don’t need to be strict with the order of the toasts and who should give the toasts themselves. 

We hope you learned a lot; leave us a question if you have any. 

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