What To Write In A Wedding Guest Book: Best Tips

If you’re unsure about what to write in a wedding guest book, read these tips for expressing your sentiments. We will also delve into the etiquette of what and what not to write on a wedding guest book. 

Do you already have someone that can guide the guests towards the guest book? Please read what is a wedding usher to get an idea of who you must put in this position. 

what to write in a wedding guest book


Complete Etiquette On What To Write In A Wedding Guest Book


Express your sentiments concisely

The guests typically write their sentiments and congratulate the newlyweds on the guestbook. However, it’s essential to keep your message concise as anything longer should be delivered separately. 

Be straightforward with what you’ll write in the wedding guest book since this is expected from other guests. Consider these examples on what to write in a wedding guest book:

  • Congratulations to both of you! I’m/we’re very thankful that you shared this important day with me/us!
  • Happy wedding day, and congratulations on finding your other half!
  • Congratulations, and remember that I’m/we’re always here for you when you need me/us!
  • It’s my pleasure witnessing your love for each other. Happy wedding day!

You can also add humor and personality to what you’ll write in the guest book to make it more heartfelt. You can even add romantic quotes then congratulate the newlyweds. But, overall, remember that paragraphs and essays are not for the wedding guest book, or there will be no page left for the other guests. 


What to avoid when writing on a wedding guest book

Understandably, you may want to write something longer to congratulate the bride and groom. After all, a sentence or two might be insufficient to express your sentiments to them, especially as a close friend or family. 

However, remember the guest book is meant for all the guests, and the couple will probably want to see different messages from their attendees. You can always send your greetings on a separate occasion after the wedding to be more personal and intimate rather than the message being visible for everybody else to see. 

Remember these tips to maintain tact when writing in a wedding guest book:

  • Humor is always welcome, but keep the inside jokes between you and the couple privately
  • There’s no need to mention any events prior to the wedding that the bride or groom did, no matter how funny they are in your head
  • Do not write on the guest book when drunk 
  • Think about the message you’ll write in your head as it might be misunderstood when read in a different tone 

The main takeaway is to be mindful of the jokes when writing in the wedding guest book. It’s there for everyone to see, and you don’t want any potential misunderstanding between the guests or even the couple. 


What Do You Write In A Best Friend’s Wedding Book?

Being the best friend of someone who got married, it should be easy to decide what to write. You only need to briefly express your joy for him/her about this new chapter of their life. 

It will even be easier to write in the wedding book if you’re close friends to both the bride and groom. Just be honest and avoid super long sentiments. 

Here are some examples for your best friend’s wedding book:

  • Wishing you guys the happiest life together!
  • I always knew that you two were meant to be! Happy wedding day!
  • I am excited for both of you! Congratulations on this new chapter of your lives!
  • May you bring each other happiness as your friendship has brought me!
  • Have a wonderful life Mr and Mrs! To more happy memories! 


What Should Be On The First Page Of A Wedding Guest Book?

The names or initials of the bride and groom are on the first page of a wedding guest book. You can also put your photo together and write a short message for the guests. 

An example for the guest book’s first page is simply thanking the guest for coming and their overall involvement with the journey you took as a couple. Then, tell them that you’re excited to hear their thoughts about your upcoming life as a husband and wife while also welcoming wisdom and wishes from them. 


Where to put the wedding guest book?

Your guests can easily know what to do with the guest book since it’s usually set on a spot with the highest traffic. It’s typically at the venue entry with a pen beside the book. 

In some weddings, the guest book even travels per table so all guests can write on it. Bigger weddings might have a dedicated attendant for this role. 


How Do You Thank Guests Coming To A Wedding?

The bride and groom often do a receiving line where they “receive” or greet their guests. This is also an opportunity to thank everybody for coming, so the receiving line is typically held after the wedding ceremony or before starting the cocktail hour. 



And that’s it! We found out what to write in a wedding guest book where the main point is to keep the message concise. 

You can provide a short romantic quote then congratulate the bride and groom. Humor is not prohibited, but always keep tact in mind. 

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