How Long Does It Take To Get Used To A New Memory Foam Mattress

If you want to know how long does it take to get used to a new memory foam mattress, you can count it as two months. Then, we will explain why adjustment to memory foam takes this long and if it’s an issue. But to give you a quick hint, remember that memory foam is a very dense material. 

We also recommend that you check your brand’s recommendation regarding the bed’s adjustment period. For example, are you aware of how long you can leave a memory foam mattress in a box? Perhaps the longer you keep it boxed, the longer it will expand and become satisfactorily usable. 

how long does it take to get used to a new memory foam mattress


How Long Does It Take To Get Used To A Memory Foam Bed?

If you have a brand new memory foam mattress, it will take up to two months or 60 days for you to get used to it. The adjustment period for this material is longer than other mattress types that will only require two weeks to a month. However, don’t let this turn you off in considering a memory foam bed.

It will take a month or two to adjust to a new memory foam mattress because of the different memory foam densities and depths. Most beds with this material use several layers on top of each other, so you will feel a comparative difference when using a new memory foam mattress. Also, since there is more material, the longer you’ll have to wait for the cells to open up and feel more comfortable to lie on. 


How Do You Break In A New Memory Foam Mattress?

Do you know how long it takes to break in a memory foam mattress? It can take as much as 60 days, and this fact contributes to why you will also take as long to get used to a new memory foam bed. But what is the proper way to break in a new memory foam mattress?


Step 1. Take out the memory foam bed from the box

Manufacturers recommend taking the new bed within one to two days to let it ventilate and expand. First, this will address the off-gassing of the memory foam and deodorize it. Second, consider placing the new memory foam outdoors and not covering it with sheets to help hasten to off-gas. 

And by removing the new bed out of the box, you’re also helping it expand and return to its actual structure. You can also refer to the instructions of your mattress regarding the practices upon its arrival. 


Step 2. Prepare the room

As you let the new memory foam bed expand, prepare the room and the foundation for it. First, you must know what kind of bed frame for a memory foam mattress to ensure good support. Next, opt for a solid platform foundation that allows ventilation to support the foam material.

Additionally, you want to provide heat in the room to help soften the memory foam. You can keep it between 60 to 67 degrees to break in the new bed but without the risk of damaging high temperatures. After all, it’s hard to sleep if the room is too hot. 


Step 3. Use the memory foam mattress

Perhaps the most effective way to break in a new memory foam bed is simply using it. The adjustment and break-in periods take 60 days, but you can always use them after a day or two. You will help loosen up the cells and soften the stiff mattress. 

Furthermore, your body heat contributes to the softening of the memory foam. You can even knead the surface with your knees to ensure that you’re providing pressure throughout the bed. If you have a child, ask him to walk all over the foam as well. 


Will My Memory Foam Mattress Get Softer?

Do not worry if your new memory foam bed feels too firm upon arrival. The mattress brand will usually mention how long it will take to expand or finish the break-in period. The maximum would be a month or two, and you can always contact the company’s customer service if you find the bed unsatisfactory. 

You can also learn some tricks on how to soften a memory foam mattress. In general, the process is similar to breaking it in. But if you find it uncomfortable while waiting, you can always place a softer mattress topper over the bed. 


Why Is My Memory Foam Mattress So Uncomfortable?

There are many reasons why your memory foam bed feels uncomfortable. For one, it’s probably new and still hasn’t softened and expanded completely. You may also find the odor too strong as it undergoes off-gassing. 

Memory foam mattresses also come in a different firmness, so you must get the appropriate one for your sleeping position. Otherwise, you won’t get the proper support on the back that leads to body pain. And if your bed has been around for a while, it probably developed a dent, and we all know a sagging mattress is an uncomfortable mattress. 



Do not worry if your new bed still feels awkward to use. In this article, we learned how long does it take to get used to a new memory foam mattress, which is two months. Also, remember our tips for breaking it in to help the material expand and soften. 

We hope this helps, and happy sleeping!


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