How Long Does It Take To Break In A Memory Foam Mattress

The answer to how long does it take to break in a memory foam mattress is it can reach up to 60 days. But before you have your eyebrow raised, this isn’t a definite period. Some may take a quicker time to achieve their actual structure. 

There are practices you can do to break in a mattress and hasten the process. We will also talk about them to ensure that you’re doing the best for memory foam. Without further ado, here is your overall guide regarding the break-in period of memory foam mattresses. 

How Long Does It Take To Break In A Memory Foam Mattress


How Long Does It Take To Break In A Memory Foam Mattress And What To Expect

As we have mentioned earlier, it may take up to 60 days for a memory foam mattress to finish breaking in. However, you still want to consider that different model also vary in their break-in periods. Some beds may not need two months for you to take advantage of the memory foam’s full potential


Signs that your memory foam mattress has not finished the break-in period yet

You must allow your bed to finish its break-in period to experience the actual comfort and support that memory foam offers. You can also think of this period as the time to adjust to your new bed. Regardless of the material, you will indeed feel a difference with the new mattress. 

You can expect to notice the firmness of a new memory foam mattress, but it will soften and reach its proper structure after a month or two. This doesn’t mean that you have to wait that long before using it. However, it’s pretty common to feel some discomfort in your first weeks utilizing the bed. 


How Do You Break In A Memory Foam Mattress?


Step #1. Ventilate

You can hasten the break-in period of your new memory foam bed by allowing it to breathe upon arrival. Remember that it’s compressed in plastic for some time, so you will need to ventilate it to help the foam expand. This will also eliminate the odor from off-gassing, which is common with memory foam products.

You can leave your memory foam mattress to expand for up to 10 hours and then use it to help the cells open up. This will loosen the foam to make it feel softer and more conforming. However, you can use the bed as soon as the manufacturer recommends.


Step #2. Use

You can use the mattress after a day or two to help it soften. If you still find it uncomfortable, you can allocate some time to walk or roll on the surface to open up the cells. You can even place some books over the bed if you don’t want to lie on it. 

However, there is an advantage when you roll on the bed or even sleep on it during the first weeks. Your body warmth encourages the memory foam to become more malleable. Therefore, you can also put the mattress somewhere warmer to help it break-in faster. 


How Long Do You Have To Wait To Use A Memory Foam Mattress?


Consider the density

It’s best to check the brand’s instructions regarding when you can start sleeping on the memory foam mattress. Generally, high-density foam beds will take longer than their low-density counterparts. Nonetheless, some brands brag that their models are usable after a day or two. 


Consider your comfort

You can also gauge if you think the mattress firmness will feel comfortable for sleep. Or, consider if it has finished off-gassing as some people are more sensitive to the chemical smell. If you’re bothered by the chemical odor, our advice is only to get a foam bed that is CertiPUR-US-certified

This way, you’ll feel at ease that the mattress has no harmful components. We want to share a tip of sifting baking soda all over the bed and then vacuuming it off after several hours. Baking soda should freshen the mattress so that you can use the mattress and break it in quicker. 


What if the mattress takes too long to break in?

If you have waited and exceeded the time required by the brand for the mattress to finish breaking in, you can consider getting it exchanged or returned. However, we want to emphasize that most mattresses have trial periods that you must complete before they allow returns or exchanges. It’s also crucial that you must never get the bed damaged or soiled, or you’ll void the warranty. 


Do Memory Foam Mattresses Break Down?

Memory foam mattresses are one of the types with the most impressive life expectancy. Depending on the model’s quality and how you care for it, they can last up to 15 years. However, this doesn’t mean that you no longer need to replace your memory foam bed. 

Over time, you might notice lumps, creases, and even dents on the surface. These issues will affect your sleeping posture and sleep quality. More so, the memory foam layers will eventually lose their moldable characteristics.



Do you have a new memory foam bed? You’re probably wondering how long does it take to break in a memory foam mattress. You may need to wait up to 60 days for the bed to reach its proper form. 

However, you can use the mattress after a day or two after it has finished off-gassing. Usage will hasten the break-in period and also help you adjust to the new foam bed.