How Much Is The Cuddle Mattress? Best Buying Guide

The answer to how much is the Cuddle mattress is $1,200 and higher. We will also discuss below what makes this bed unique and if the price is justifiable. And as a bonus, we’ll talk about cheap mattresses for those on a budget. 

But since Cuddle no longer sells mattresses, we recommend that you check this guide on how to cuddle with a pillow. Cuddling has many health benefits, so you should consider a pillow if you no longer find this particular mattress. 

how much is the cuddle mattress


How Much Does A Cuddle Mattress Cost?

The Cuddle mattress costs anywhere from $1299 to $2099. It also comes with a 90-day trial period similar to most foam beds in the market. And once it arrives, you’ll do the assembling yourself by inserting the metal rods in each layer for the slats. 

What about the warranty? The Cuddle bed offers a 25-year limited warranty for the original purchaser. However, this product is no longer available as of 2021. 


What Is A Cuddle Bed?

The Cuddle mattress gained popularity, especially among couples who share a bed. It’s a foam bed with slats for more comfortable cuddling with your partner since your arms and legs can easily wrap around them. When the Cuddle mattress was introduced in the market, it’s the first product with such features, drawing many interested buyers. 


Types of Cuddle mattresses

The Cuddle mattress can either come as a PU and memory foam-gel bed. The latter uses gel infused foam on the top and bottom layer that helps cool the user. So if you’re a hot sleeper, you want to get the Cuddle Mattress Memory-Gel instead of the Cuddle Mattress PU. 

In both types, you will find foam slats at the foot and head of the bed to allow your arms and legs to go underneath your partner when cuddling. Then, the first layer of the cuddle bed is two-inch thick memory foam, followed by a five and half-inch high-density foam. Finally, the bottom layer of the Cuddle mattress is an inch of memory foam, so you can flip it when needed. 


Is the Cuddle mattress comfortable?

Comfort is subjective, and users vary in their experiences when sleeping on the Cuddle mattress. Because it is designed with only cuddling in mind, it might not provide the best support and pressure relief for long-term use. Furthermore, you’ll use it with a bedsheet, and the slats won’t be as accessible. 

The Cuddle bed is medium-firm in terms of firmness, but you can also flip it if you prefer a firmer surface. If you know how often to flip a mattress, it would also be advantageous for its longevity. And finally, remember that your sleeping position dictates the proper support you’ll need in a bed. 

Unfortunately, the slats might not be the best pick if you are a back sleeper because of the moving parts. As a result, you won’t get consistent support on the back and hips, leading to body pain. 


What Is The Cheapest, Most Comfortable Mattress?

The cheapest mattress you can get in the market can be around $499, depending on the material and size. For example, Nectar offers a twin-size memory foam mattress for only $499 and sometimes even includes accessories and free shipping. If you’re tight on the budget, you can even check for qualifications and pay only $42 per month. 

However, please remember that among the questions you must ask when buying a mattress, is if it will be comfortable. The Nectar bed is among the cheapest and most comfortable mattresses because it uses memory foam that conforms to the sleeper. Nonetheless, always check mattress material and firmness if they compliment your body type and sleeping habits. 


What Is The Cheapest Type Of Mattress?

The cheapest type of mattress is a used mattress, but you can also get a new bed for under $200. There are foam and innerspring hybrid mattresses online that are under $200. Some memory foam beds can also cost under $500 if you prefer the contouring characteristic of that material. 

If you genuinely want to save more when shopping for a new bed, here is the best time to buy a mattress. These months are when stores and brands offer price decreases, sales, and other freebies with their beds. So if you know how to mark your calendar, you might score a pricey mattress at half its original price. 


How Much Does The Average Mattress Cost?

The average price range for a mattress is from $200 to $1,500. Remember that they come in different construction and sizes, so it’s not surprising to see a wide price range. But if you’re wondering how much you should spend on a mattress, there are some key points to consider. 

You can always set a budget when shopping and stick to it to ensure that you won’t overspend when needed. Compare several brands of the same mattress type, and you should find the cheapest model. However, note that it will always save you money if you invest in a durable product rather than something cheap but requires immediate replacement. 



Did the unique Cuddle bed catch your eye? In this article, we learned how much is the Cuddle mattress, which is $1299 to $2099. However, it’s currently unavailable in the market, so it’s better to invest in something reliable and supportive. 

We recommend knowing what mattress type, size, and firmness are suitable for your needs and requirements. This will help you get the best bed and value for money. 

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