What Is The Softest Mattress Type: Ratings and More

The answer to what is the softest mattress type is determined by their score on the firmness scale. We will also discuss the exact kinds of mattresses that are the softest. Can you guess which types are?

For more helpful information, here is a guide on how to select mattress firmness. Please give that a quick read as well to help you understand the discussion below. 

what is the softest mattress type


What Is The Softest Type Of Mattress?


Mattresses with a score of 1 to 3 on the firmness scale

The softest type of mattress would be any model rated 1 to 3 on the firmness scale, and it’s typically called the ultra-plush mattress. Remember that the firmness scale starts with 1 being the softest and 10 being the firmest. However, it’s infrequent to find mattresses under a rating of 3 because they are too soft to provide support. 

A rating of 4 to 5 can also be considered a soft mattress, and they are the better option instead of the softest ones with a score of 1 to 3. They should provide cushioning while still not letting the user sink too deeply. However, avoid using a very soft bed because you won’t maintain the ideal neutral spine while sleeping. 


Which Mattress Is Very Soft?


Pillow top mattress

Select a pillow top mattress if you want a very soft bed. This mattress has a pillow-like layer on the top from the name itself, which provides additional plushness. Pillow top mattresses are ideal for sleepers who want the sinkage and pressure relief because of their softness. 


Foam mattress

One of the softest beds to get would be a 100% foam mattress. While latex and memory foam are more commonly seen as medium-firm, you should also find mattress brands that offer them soft. What’s fantastic with these mattresses is they are usually composed of layers where the top portion is very soft while still pushing back against you because of the firmer foam layer on the base. 

Besides familiarizing yourself with the firmness scale, it would be best that you also know the  ILD ratings of the mattress, typically for foam beds. They will tell you how soft or firm the foam mattress will be.  


Innerspring mattress

You might find sleeping on an innerspring mattress feels softer than on a foam bed. Users note that the bounciness of the springs contributes to the softness of an innerspring. If you want a very soft innerspring mattress, find a model with a layer of foam or any plush material on the top as well. 


Who Should Use A Soft Mattress?


Side sleepers

You will benefit from a soft mattress if you sleep on your side. The cradling effect when lying on the soft bed will alleviate the pressure on your shoulder and hips. Furthermore, you will maintain the ideal neutral spine when using a soft mattress because of the compression that firm beds won’t provide. 


Lightweight individuals

If you are under 130 pounds, it’s better to use a soft mattress than a firm one. Otherwise, the bed may feel stiffer than it is. On the contrary, you won’t achieve the proper support to avoid body pain if you weigh over 230 pounds and sleep on a soft bed. 


Is Ultra Plush Softer Than Plush?

An ultra plush mattress is softer than a plush bed, and it is also the softest mattress type in general. However, it’s uncommon to find ultra plush mattresses because they tend to sink the user too much. On the other hand, a plush bed has a bit more resistance, but you’ll still noticeably feel the cradling of the material when you lie on it. 


Is Pillow Top Mattress Softer Than Plush?

A pillow top mattress is softer than a plush mattress, but it’s also possible for a pillow top to be called a plush bed. However, a pillow top has an extra layer of cushioning that makes it softer than other plush beds labeled plush but has lesser padding. If you also find a brand calling their bed a plush pillow top, it would be a fantastic choice if you want the softest mattress. 


Is Plush Softer Than Medium?

A plush mattress will be softer than a medium mattress. This is because the material and overall construction will feel more cushioned than the medium bed. If you also check the firmness scale, medium mattresses have a score of 6, whereas plush mattresses can be around 2 to 4. 


Are Soft Mattresses Bad For Your Back?

It’s better to avoid a soft bed if you’re choosing the right mattress for your back. A soft mattress can offer pressure relief as it contours along your body, but it doesn’t have enough structure to keep your spine aligned. Instead, you should use a medium-firm mattress if you have back pain because it can still mold underneath you, but it’s firm enough to keep you from sinking. 



And that’s it! In this article, we answered what is the softest mattress type and found that it is the ultra-plush mattress with a rating of 1 to 3 on the firmness scale. The softest beds that you can get also include pillow top, foam, and innerspring. 

Overall, if you are under 130 pounds and sleep on your side, you’ll be compatible with soft mattresses. We hope this guide helped you understand the softest beds. Let us know if you have any questions below. 


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