How To Fix Pillow Top Mattress? The 2 Best Ways

We have two techniques to share if you want to know how to fix pillow top mattress. Remember that not all pillow top mattresses allow the use of both sides. If your bed has clumps or dents, how will you restore its form?

We will talk about the safest way to remove clumps and even prevent indentations on your pillow top mattress. However, the emphasis is necessary on checking the mattress tag if it has specifications. More so, remember to maintain the cleanliness of your bed to extend its lifespan. 

How To Fix Pillow Top Mattress


How To Fix Pillow Top Mattress At Home


How to remove clumps

One of the most common issues with pillow top mattresses over time is the filling in the top layer clumps up. You can redistribute them and get an even surface back by using a vacuum cleaner. First, remove all the accessories and bedding on your bed so you’ll end up with a bare bed. 

Then, attach the upholstery attachment to your vacuum cleaner and vacuum the mattress thoroughly. You also want to reach the area where the pillow top connects to the base. You can target the clumps or the spot with an impression to suck up the fabric and then use your hands to even out the lumps or break the clumps. 

Massage the stuffing so the surface has no impressions, and then push them into place. Continue touching the surface of your pillow top mattress to check for lumps. But is there a way to prevent dents from occurring?


How to prevent dents

A typical maintenance practice for some mattresses is flipping it over. This way, both sides of the bed are equally used, and you prevent indentations from occurring. However, it’s better to rotate your pillow top mattress to fix dents because most pillow top beds are one-sided. 

You can’t sleep on the other side, so it’s best to rotate it instead and use the foot as the head of the bed. Rotating can be as often as twice a year also to maintain equal wear on your mattress. Nonetheless, always check the recommendations of the brand if they even allow rotating in the first place.


Can You Flip A One-Sided Pillow Top Mattress Over?

As previously mentioned, rotation is more suitable for most pillow top beds. If your mattress is one-sided, you can assume that you can’t flip it because the bottom side won’t be comfortable for sleeping. On the contrary, having the plush side as the base will also damage the mattress since it won’t support the weight and pressure. 


How Long Should A Pillow Top Mattress Last?

Over time, the two practices we discussed won’t be enough to restore your pillow top mattress. It’s better just to replace your bed after some time to ensure that you’ll be getting the ideal support and comfort for sleep. A pillow top mattress can last as long as five to eight years, depending on the material and product quality. 

You also want to ensure that you clean and maintain it regularly to keep its form intact. Once you notice that you wake up with back pain often, it’s a sign that the mattress is no longer providing an excellent surface to keep your spine neutral. You must always be mindful as your mattress ages and replace it after the life expectancy. 


Why Do Pillow Top Mattresses Sag?

There are many factors to keep in mind as to why a pillow top bed would sag. The overall construction of the product might be poor quality, the usage might be abusive, or it may be nearing its expected lifespan. Therefore, simple practices can ensure that your pillow top will sag slower. 

For example, you don’t want only to use a specific part of the mattress daily to wear down the materials. Some manufacturers also use more foam but not enough coil to create a more plush feel, but this makes sinking more likely. You want to use a good foundation to push back against pressure and prevent premature sagging.


Can You Fix A Sagging Pillow Top Mattress?

If you can’t replace your sagging mattress yet, you can rotate it to use the part without the dent. This will also redistribute the weight throughout. You can also improve the bed’s support by placing plywood underneath the sagging area to push it up. 

If these two solutions aren’t enough, perhaps you need to replace the pillow top itself. Some products have removable pillow tops, and fluffing it up in the dryer should redistribute the filling and remove the sag. Finally, check if your box spring is still satisfactory and coils even offer resistance.

Do note that you must always check the mattress tag if any of these practices are allowed. Some products might not require replacing the pillow top or even rotating it. Proper care of your bed is much better than fixing it.



Pillow top mattresses are well-loved because of their plush yet supportive feel. But do you know how to fix pillow top mattress if you notice lumps? You can redistribute the filling with a vacuum cleaner or simply rotate it to distribute the usage throughout. 

Remember that a pillow top eventually needs replacement after five years, so consider your bed’s age and replace it altogether if it is worn down.