How Often Should You Rotate A Pillow Top Mattress

If you want to know how often should you rotate a pillow top mattress, it should be monthly. But what is the benefit of this maintenance practice? Is it mandatory, or can it be more often or not?

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how often should you rotate a pillow top mattress


How Often Should You Rotate A Pillow Top Mattress For Maintenance

You can prolong the life of your pillow top mattress by rotating it every month or every other month. The frequency of the rotation schedule will depend on how you use the pillow top and how worn out it gets. For example, if you don’t use it often, you can rotate it every season, but if you sleep on the pillow top mattress every night, it’s best to rotate it once every month.


How to rotate a pillow top mattress?

You can rotate a pillow top bed yourself if it is relatively small, like a twin size mattress. However, bigger pillow top mattresses such as queen and king size beds will be easier to rotate if you have someone assist you. Have another person hold the other end of the mattress and then rotate it onto a full 180 degrees.


Why should you rotate a pillow top mattress?

Rotating and knowing how often we should rotate our mattresses is a crucial part of maintenance. By reversing the sides, you are distributing the wear and tear all over the mattress. In addition, you don’t risk having the mattress sag on one side because it’s the only one receiving pressure and body weight each night. 


What happens if you don’t rotate a pillow top mattress?

If you don’t rotate a pillow top mattress, it will be prone to losing its supportive and comfortable structure quicker. The wear and damages will be uneven because you’re only using one end of the bed, and it’s the only area that receives the heavy parts of the body. Do not think that the extra padding on the pillow top bed is enough to prevent dents and premature sagging.  


Can you flip a pillow top mattress?

Most pillow top mattresses can’t be flipped because one side is dedicated for use and the other as a supportive base. The top part is meant to be comfortable, so flipping the pillow top and having it at the bottom won’t be enough to support your weight and pressure. On the other hand, it won’t be comfortable to sleep on the bottom part of the mattress because it’s very firm for support. 

However, some manufacturers offer double-sided pillow top beds. The brand will usually mention that you can rotate these mattresses because both of their faces are the same. To know more about this maintenance practice, read our guide on when to flip your mattress and why


How Do I Keep My Pillow Top Mattress From Sagging?


Rotate the pillow top regularly

You can easily keep your pillow top mattress from sagging by ensuring that you rotate it every month. This will redistribute the wear and tear throughout the bed, so you’re not only targeting one part of the mattress that leads to sagging. You can also check if your pillow top is double-sided, and then you can also flip it. 


Fluff the pillow top regularly

Because the pillow top mattress has extra cushioning, you need to ensure that the material on the top layer is evenly distributed. Some pillow top beds have removable top layers, so you can take them out and then fluff them up with tennis balls in a front-loading dryer without heat. If you can’t remove the pillow top or have a front-loading dryer, you can use your broom handle to hit the surface evenly. 


Always check the box springs

Check the foundation of your pillow top bed because if it can’t support it properly, it will develop body impressions quickly. Box springs can have their coils sag, so be mindful of replacing them when needed. You want your pillow top mattress over a base that will resist pressure when you lie down. 


Can I Fix A Sagging Pillow Top Mattress?


Check if you can flip the pillow top mattress

If your pillow top bed already sags, check if it allows flipping. Using the other side should remove the sinking surface and also wear the entire mattress evenly. However, please skip this solution if your pillow top is only one-sided. 


Add support under the sagging pillow top mattress

One of the most effective ways to fix a sagging mattress is by improving support. This is also applicable with a pillow top bed and a piece of plywood or any thick and firm board. Place the board between the box spring and mattress, right under the sagging portion to help it get pushed back. 



We hope you learned a lot from this article. To recap how often should you rotate a pillow top mattress, the best time is every month. This will distribute the wear and tear throughout the pillow top and prevent sagging. 

We also recommend that you check the care practices recommended by the brand to ensure that your bed won’t get accidentally damaged. 

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