How Do You Get Gum Out Of The Dryer? 7 Amazing Ways!

When a friend asks you, how do you get gum out of the dryer? Maybe you cannot answer him because you are not sure about the actual method to make your dryer gum-free, and that’s what this article will tell you.

It happens when we are in a hurry or feeling lazy to check our pockets. And we toss the clothes inside the dryer without knowing that someone left chewing gum in their jeans or jacket, which will make a big mess inside. Then we realize that a little bit of effort could save you from spending almost half an hour and energy to clean the dryer. My friends, there are more things that you should know, so without further ado, let’s start!

how do you get gum out of the dryer


Ways To Remove Gum From The Dryer Drum

Keep reading to find out methods that will give you enough information, and you don’t need to Google how do you get gum out of the dryer again.


#1. Use natural oils 

Usage of natural oils like canola, peanut, or coconut in the diet not only helps you stay fit and healthy. But, you can also fix the mess caused by gum inside your dryer. You cant see a connection between diet and dryer? Well, this is the case with us too. But at least our problem is going to be resolved. Apply a generous amount of any oil based on your liking and disliking and let it sit for about 5 minutes. Gum will become soft after contact with oil, and then the following things are easy. Just scrape the gum from the body of the dryer, and voila! You got your dashing dryer again.


#2. Use ice-cubes 

We all have ice cubes inside our refrigerator which are a great ingredient to chill up our mood with chill and refreshing drinks. Besides this, ice cubes do an excellent job when it comes to removing bubble gum from every type of surface, including the interior metal surface of the dryer drum. You have to open the refrigerator and pull out some cubes from the tray.

Place them in a plastic bag or use your hands to rub them over the gum. The gum will start prying off slowly and gradually. When it becomes soft and pliable, remove it with the help of a spatula and throw it inside a dustbin after wrapping it in a plastic or paper bag. If you aren’t careful while throwing away gum, you will likely get it glued to another place. This directly means that you have to do extra work. 


#3. Use laundry powder

If you don’t want to use household or kitchen items, we have alternatives for you. You can use laundry powder to clean the dryer drum and get stain-free laundry from it. Make a paste of warm water and laundry powder in a bowl. Apply the paste on a rag or directly on the affected area. Rub the area. Then, run a load of old damp towels to remove the residual paste from the dryer. Find out how to use laundry pods in front load washer.


#4. Use dryer sheets

Dryer sheets will do wonders to remove the chewing gum from the dryer. These sheets are not only made to reduce static and wrinkle from your clothes but also get the gum out. Take a dryer sheet and open the dryer lid or door. Place the sheet presoaked in warm water on them and let it sit for almost 10-15 minutes, and the gum will leave the dryer body. Here are the 8 best dryer sheet alternatives.


#5. Use hairdryer

You might never think that a hairdryer could be an excellent option to make your dryer gum-free. But it is a possible and rudimentary technique that everyone can try. hair dryers are suitable for removing gum and helping remove stains. Just open the dryer door and hold the hairdryer towards the gummed area. The hot air coming outside will melt the glue. Then, scratch that glue with a plastic scraper to pull it out.


#6. Use baking soda and vinegar paste

This one is my favorite technique, and I recommend you try it. You have to make a paste of two items. The recipe for this mixture includes two tablespoons of baking soda and four tablespoons of vinegar. You can use any vinegar of your choice. 

Mix both of the ingredients to make a thick paste. Apply the paste on the about-to-clean area and scrub with an old toothbrush. Everyone should have a discarded toothbrush in their home as it is better than most brushes when it comes to cleaning and rubbing. Well, when two powerful cleaning agents’ vinegar and baking soda, unite, they do magic and clear away the gum as well as your worries. 

You can use vinegar or baking soda instead of their mixture if you are out of these ingredients and in a hurry to dry your damp clothes.  


#7. Heat the dryer

Suppose you don’t want to rub and scrub the chemicals. Then, plug the dryer and run it on hot settings paired with the most extended time settings. The glue will melt, and prying it off will become effortless. And that is what we all want in our life. Make it easy.


It’s A Wrap

Here is all that you wanted to know. How do you get gum out of the dryer is the question that everyone who does laundry asks once in a lifetime. You got the answers, and we hope that the results will satisfy you. You may want to find out how often to clean a dryer vent.

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