How To Use Oxiclean In Top Load Washer? Awesome Ways You Must Try!

Do you want to know how to use Oxiclean in top load washer? Know the right proportions between clothes and water to wash for every detergent tablespoon and add Oxiclean onto the wash water. However, do this also if you fill the machine in a top-loading setting.

The use of Oxiclean bleaching powder helps illuminate the fabric material while it removes stains. There is no danger faced in fabric blotching or color suppression often experienced in chlorine use.

how to use Oxiclean in top load washer

Understand as well that the removal of stain using Oxiclean demands some patience. Be cautious that the front part of the loading washer locks at the start of the washing period. It can be hard to open before the last period unless you stop the finished period. Read on more to learn the right approach in using Oxiclean in top load washers.


Using Oxiclean In Top Load Washer

So, how do you use Oxiclean in your top load washer? The steps are very easy and the first thing that you should do is to mix hot water and Oxiclean. My friends, you should mix 2 cups of hot water and one ounce of Oxiclean in a bottle. Shake it until it dissolves completely. It would be more accessible when adding liquids if they started in a machine featuring a dispenser. Then, throw the Oxiclean that you have diluted accurately. Pour the diluted formula into the bleach tank of the washer. Mix the powder detergent and the ounce of Oxiclean powder straight into the detergent dispenser of the front part of the loading washing machine.

Here are the things that you should take note of:

Prepare one ounce of Oxiclean powder and pour it onto the washing machine before you add your clothes. Also, know that Oxiclean works only with hot water. Do not also mix it with detergent or liquid bleach containing chlorine bleach. It may be helpful to know how to use bleach in the washer.


Using Oxiclean With Laundry Detergent?

So, how to use Oxiclean in top load washer with laundry detergent? You should take note that the bleach used may remove stains from your clothing fabrics and leave clothes with holes or discolored. What better alternative to consider is Oxiclean than harsh bleach that discards stains and coloring without damaging the material fibers.

Add up water into the washing machine. Add up hot water for white clothes and colored clothes. Add one-half tbsp of detergent to the water inside the machine. Add one tablespoon of Oxiclean into the water. These two agents will combine as the water begins to fill the machine. Then, put more laundry straight into the water. Fill the top load washer up to a half-full. Add more clothes in between. Dry your clothes in the clothes dryer while the OxiClean removes the stains in the dirty clothes.

Truly, OxiClean liquid is a good alternative. It brings almost a similar effect that makes it a better option for those people who have allergies to detergent powder.


How Useful Oxiclean Product Can Be?

Only a few products are trusted for taking good care of clothes and providing deep cleaning. For twenty years, Oxiclean has withstood other products in the market. It became known as part of innovation. It can help with saving work and time in life-related tasks. It is a stain remover and detergent that is undoubtedly the most popular with homemakers. It contains sodium carbonate and percarbonate, polymers, and surfactants. These ingredients work in combination, releasing oxygen in the water for removing different stains. People prefer Oxiclean more when washing clothes. It deeply attacks the superficial stains and helps avoid dirt from reaching through the clothes during the washing period. You may want to know how to use laundry detergent pods correctly


Top Load Washer & Its Characteristics You First Need To Know

Here are the characteristics that a top-loading washing machine should have and you should know:


#1. Comfort

A top load washer follows a simple process of loading and unloading. It is just that it is difficult to reach the underside of the basket with the size of the machine and your height being the problem.


#2. Washing force

The one that rubs the fabrics is the agitator that brings out a rigid wash. Gentler and challenging wash is achieved if the impeller towards each other.


#3. Efficiency

Most of the washers that feature agitators are certified by the ENERGY STAR.


#4. Style

The top-load washer is classic and excellent, even including the model you have. It loads up correctly from the top and also the console.


#5. Capacity

The central part of the shaft in the washer with an agitator requires more space in the wash basket. Nevertheless, the impeller offers more space to achieve a more effortless process of loading & unloading and also for bulkier loads.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you’ve learned how to use Oxiclean in top load washer disinfecting clothes than the usual detergent. Just keep in mind the ways mentioned in how to use it properly. Pour the right amount of Oxiclean to use straight onto the water and add the clothes to wash. Undoubtedly, Oxiclean is the best that can remove stains from clothes and make them look new! So, hurry and choose Oxiclean as always when you want to do your laundry. Also, read this article about why does my washer stink

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