How To Clean House Exterior With Pressure? 4 Easy Steps!

You should know how to clean house exterior with pressure if you’re planning to repaint it a couple of days from now. My friends, it would be best to clean it first, so we have four easy steps to help you do the washing quicker, cleaner, and more effectively. 

The pressure washer is a good cleaning tool. It releases higher pressure water to remove grimes, molds, dust, and other debris in your house exterior.

how to clean house exterior with pressure

In addition, most house owners and professional cleaners prefer doing pressure washing to hand washing to save time and struggles. It is also much better to avoid repeating the common mistakes in pressure washing. If you are not yet familiar with using a pressure washer on cleaning house parts, you need to follow the step-by-step guides below and avoid the most common mistakes by using a washer.


Preparation In Cleaning The House Exterior

Before setting your pressure washer, you must check your house exterior for any damaged surfaces and the areas you should do more power washing. Aside from that, it is essential to check the house materials to help you choose the right tip to use as some tips have lesser pressure while the other washer wand tip gives too much, which can damage your house exterior or paint. This article will allow you to learn how to clean house exterior with pressure washer.

After you’ve checked the house materials, you can proceed into wrapping any outlets or electric utilities attached to the wall to prevent water from getting in. You can attach water-proof tapes to your window edges. 


Tips In Using Pressure Washer In Cleaning 

A few tips will help you avoid common mistakes and prevent unwanted situations. It is better to use a gas-powered pressure washer to release more PSI than the electric or cordless brands. Ensure that your fuel in the tank is enough to avoid vapor lock. If you ever run out of gas while using the washer, remember to make it cool before refilling. It is also advisable to use the correct nozzle or tip, depending on exterior house surfaces. Wear goggles to avoid cleaner solutions to get into your eyes and water that might splash back to you. Get ready to clean the house and get wet. Know what psi pressure washer to clean concrete

Steps To Clean House Exterior With Pressure Washer

So, if you have already sealed the areas where water can break-in, you’re now good to go. Place your pressure washer on a flat surface, check the fuel and pump oil then refill them if needed. Attach the cap or lid tightly.


Step #1. Set up the pressure washer

Setting up your pressure washer is easy, and there’s not much to do. After checking the fuel tank and pump oil, attach the garden hose into your pressure washer and the pressure washer hose. Connect the wand into the pressure washer hose. Turn on the fuel, ignition, and choke. Pull the pull cord until the engine starts, then close the choke.


Step #2. Apply cleaner solutions

Fill the soap dispenser in your pressure washer with the cleaning solution. If your house has a vinyl surface or any soft surfaces, it is best to use the appropriate cleaner. But, if you have mixed walls such as bricks, cement, or wood, you can use an all-purpose cleaner. After filling the soap dispenser, use a pink tip or nozzle and attach it to your wand. Then, apply the cleaner from the bottom to the top. You can use an extended washer wand for higher areas than a ladder. Using a ladder to reach these areas is strictly prohibited as the pressure washer releases high-pressure water. 


Step #3. Watch out for electric utilities and openings

For the electric utilities on the wall, you must avoid splashing water on it even if it has been wrapped or sealed. Also, avoid openings such as doors or windows that water might break inside the house. You can set a few meters away from the wall or skip these areas and handwash these areas. 


Step #4. Rinse off with water

After entirely soaking the walls with the cleaner, you can now rinse it off. Do not let your solution dry into the surface, as this will leave white spots in the wall, and we wouldn’t want you to experience this. Change your washer tip into a 40-degree nozzle and turn the faucet on to allow water to flow in the garden hose. Turn on the pressure washer and rinse off the cleaner. Start from the bottom to the top to wash away the dirt and grimes downwards. Using the extended washer wand as you start on higher areas is excellent. 

If some areas appear to have more dirt and are hard to remove, you can repeat the process by applying the cleaner and rinsing them off with the water. Make sure to store your pressure washer after every use properly. 


It’s A Wrap!

See, cleaning house exterior is quicker with a pressure washer and learning how to clean house exterior with pressure washer is not hard. Spend a day and refresh your house by cleaning it like a professional cleaner. You may want to read related articles; know how to clean wood deck with pressure washer and how to clean wood fence with pressure washer.

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