Casual Wedding Dresses That Will Still Wow Everyone

There are five kinds of casual wedding dresses that will still wow everyone at the ceremony. These wedding styles are perfect for lowkey weddings and laidback brides.

You’ll know casual wedding dresses for elopements, courthouse weddings, beach weddings, plus-size brides, and older brides. We’ll also discuss the popular details, silhouettes, colors, and lengths of dresses considered casual for weddings. 

casual wedding dresses

And speaking of casual, how familiar are you with what is wedding casual attire? You can read about this dress code to get more ideas on the expected wedding outfits. 


5 Kinds Of Casual Wedding Dresses For Laidback Brides And Low-Key Wedding Ceremonies 


Casual wedding dresses for elopements

One of the most common types of “informal” weddings is elopement because the ceremony is usually done by the couple suddenly and secretly. Some couples might invite very few family members and friends for a casual backyard wedding after the elopement. 

For this casual wedding, the bride can wear a simple white wrap maxi dress. It’s casual and comfortable but will still look suitable for photos, especially outdoor or backyard elopement. 

You can read what is elopement wedding if you’re curious about the details of this ceremony. 


Casual wedding dresses for courthouse weddings

Courthouse weddings are another instance where brides can wear casual wedding dresses. You are not even required to wear the traditional white wedding dress for a courthouse wedding. 

But for styles, a slip dress with a casual blazer in pastel colors is something comfortable and flattering without you feeling overdressed or underdressed. Mini crew neck dresses would also suit this wedding. 

And for women invited to a civil wedding, you can refer to what to wear to a court wedding to know what’s appropriate. 


Casual wedding dresses for beach weddings

Outdoor and destination weddings like those held at the beach can have a casual dress code for practicality, especially with the environment and season. The beach wedding bride can still wear a gown made from a lightweight material, but a more laidback look that would also suit a casual boho theme is a maxi dress. 

The long and flowy maxi dress will look magical with the sea breeze without committing to an uncomfortable and heavy ball gown. Some beach wedding brides also opt for casual satin beach dresses in tropical colors. 


Casual wedding dresses for plus size brides 

Choosing a casual midi dress or anything shorter is flattering for plus size brides because the length covers a thigh, and some even feature details that will slim the figure or hide the belly. You can opt for a floral midi dress with an empire waist, for example, if you want to hide the tummy. 

Another plus size casual wedding dress idea is a wrap A-line wedding dress that cinches the waist. Again, be inspired by the wedding theme or venue when picking the dress color or print. 


Casual wedding dresses for older brides

Older brides who are getting married for the second time or want a laidback ceremony might prefer wearing a casual style for their dress to a bridal ball gown with intricate lace details and layers of chiffon. However, you can still look classy on your big day with casual wedding styles. 

For example, mature women should easily look good in a button-down shirt dress that they can reuse for other occasions. A cocktail-length dress with three-fourth sleeves in light fabrics is another casual option for older brides. 


What Is The Best Silhouette For A Casual Wedding Dress?

Casual wedding dresses are laidback and comfortable, so gown styles like the ball gown, mermaid, and trumpet are rarely seen for this type of bridal attire. 

Instead, there are two most common silhouettes for a stylish but casual wedding dress:


A-line wedding dresses

A-line wedding dresses are considered universally flattering for brides because they look good on everyone, regardless of body type and height. But best of all, you can dress A-line wedding dresses up or down for casual weddings and semi-casual weddings. 

Short A-line wedding dresses are perfect for casual weddings, and you can even pick designs with fun details like ruffle trims or belts. However, if you find the style too casual, you can make the A-line wedding dress more bridal by picking a neutral or light color, then include accessories like pearls or diamonds on your overall attire. 


Sheath wedding dresses

The sheath dress is a casual silhouette that brides often choose for quick ceremonies like civil or backyard wedding. This straight-cut close-fitting dress comes in different lengths and styles for the neckline and sleeves, so you can pick what details will highlight your best assets. 

For example, show off your toned arms with a halter sheath wedding dress or pick an off-shoulder sheath wedding dress if you have a small or medium bust. You can still look bridal in a casual sheath dress with your makeup, hairstyle, and shoes. 


What Are The Most Popular Styles Of Casual Wedding Dresses?

Casual wedding dresses come in different styles, so they should suit different brides, venues, and seasons. But to narrow down your options, these are the most common types of casual wedding dresses that would still make the bride stand out at her wedding: 


Tea-length casual wedding dresses

The tea-length dress is not only for formal weddings. Some styles stop around three inches above the ankle and suit casual weddings. 

You can opt for something with spaghetti straps or V-neckline for a summer wedding. This length is also flattering for plus-size brides. 


Mini casual wedding dresses

Short wedding dresses are often considered more casual; the shortest style is the mini wedding dress. The skirt ends mid-thigh, and you can often find sexy details in this dress.

A fun way to style a casual mini dress is to partner it with a long train. Don’t forget to showcase your personality with your shoes as well. 


Halter casual wedding dresses

A gorgeous casual wedding dress that would look fantastic for a beach wedding is the halter wedding dress. You can also partner it with arm accessories or tie your hair up in a bun for an ethereal look. 

This style looks great with maxi lengths made from lightweight and flowy fabrics. You can also pick a fitted silhouette to showcase your curves.


Off-the-shoulder casual wedding dresses

You can check off-shoulder wedding dresses if you want a casual wedding dress with the right amount of skin. There are different styles, including those with ruffles or even straps. 

This is also a good casual option for a courthouse wedding than a very simple crew neck dress or potentially too eye-catching sweetheart neckline. And best of all, you can reuse this dress for other occasions. 


Wrap casual wedding dresses

The wrap dress is a flattering casual dress you can try for your laid-back ceremony. It can feature fun details like puff sleeves, a V-neckline, or even a slit on the skirt. 

You can also pick a wrap wedding dress with an A-line silhouette if you want to hide the stomach. Consider light materials like chiffon and details like ruffles for a unique style despite being casual. 


V-neck casual wedding dresses

The v-neckline is flattering, but you won’t risk looking too overdressed for a casual occasion. It’s often seen in wrap wedding dresses, but you can also opt for other styles and lengths to find what’s flattering. 

For example, a smocked waist on a casual V-neck dress helps highlight the bride’s curves. You can also pick a dress with butterfly sleeves to slim down the arms. 


Puff sleeves casual wedding dresses

Puff sleeves make cute details on casual wedding dresses. Some can even be styled two ways: with a square neckline or as long sleeves that you can wear off the shoulder.

Consider a sweetheart neckline with puff sleeves on your casual mini wedding dress for your elopement ceremony to add personality to your bridal style. These sleeves are also extra flattering for brides with a triangle figure. 


Three-fourth sleeves casual wedding dresses

Brides are not limited to strapless styles for casual wedding dresses. You can still pick styles with sleeves for a casual wedding dress.

For a fall wedding with unpredictable weather, you can opt for a casual midi dress with three-fourth sleeves. Something made from basic fabrics like cotton and features a relaxed fit can create a more casual look. 

And if you want to step up the casual dress, here are tips on how to dress up a casual dress for a wedding. Remember that even if the dress code is casual, you still want to look polished for the ceremony. 


What Makes A Wedding Dress Casual?

The easiest way to understand what makes a wedding dress casual is it’s not as grand, intricate, or embellished. It’s not made from costly materials, and the design is straightforward and laid back. 

You can expect casual wedding dresses, including plain white sheath dresses, A-line wrap dresses, or even dress shirts and sun dresses. They don’t have a beading, train, or intricate style for the sleeves, back, or neckline. 

Casual wedding dresses are usually short, but you can also expect flowy maxi dresses with a halter neckline or empire waist. And because of the casual style, these wedding dresses can also be worn for other occasions compared to a wedding ball gown or beaded mermaid silhouette dress that will have you looking overdressed for other affairs. 


What Are The Most Popular Colors For Casual Wedding Dresses?



Because of the lowkey and simple style, casual wedding dresses are often seen in neutrals. The bride might wear a mini white dress or other safe, flattering neutrals like tan or off-shite shades. 

It’s easy to dress up or down these wedding dress colors with bridal accessories and shoes. They are also classy for a courthouse or beach wedding with a casual dress code. 



Another popular color palette for casual wedding dresses is pastels. Soft pink, purple, blue, or green is often chosen for a sweet wrap or A-line silhouette dress.

Pastels are also flattering on most skin tones and weddings, especially for a laidback wedding. And, of course, you can wear pastel casual dress on other occasions after.  



Wearing a casual wedding dress for the wedding allows you to be creative and opt for patterns like florals and lines. Patterns are also fantastic for camouflaging areas where you don’t want to stand out. 

For example, a printed flaring skirt can hide the stomach rolls, or picking a simple sheath dress with vertical lines creates a slimmer silhouette. Prints make the casual dresses look less like the typical bridal attire if the brides want an out-of-the-box look for her wedding. 


What Is The Average Length Of Casual Wedding Dresses?


Mini casual wedding dresses

The most common length for casual wedding dresses is mini. These dresses can be as short as the middle of the thigh or slightly longer above the knees. 

Traditional wedding dresses are known to be floor-length gowns or those with a dramatic train. So for a laidback and casual style, the bride opts for a short dress, which also allows her to showcase her legs and shoes. 


Midi casual wedding dresses

A flattering casual wedding dress length is midi or where the skirt stops above the ankles. The midi dress might also be two inches below the knees, so you can pick what style will flatter your height and legs. 

And if you want something sexier for the casual look, you can pick a midi dress with a slit. You might find a wrap dress where the overlapping hem creates a slit. 


What Is The Average Fabric Choice For Casual Wedding Dresses?

While it’s possible to find a casual-looking bridal dress in common wedding dress fabrics like satin, chiffon, or lace, what makes a dress casual is the comfortable and affordable material. The material also affects the overall style of the dress, so these two fabrics are often seen in casual dresses for brides.


Linen casual wedding dresses

Brides can consider a collection of wrap, dress shirts, or coat dress styles made from linen for their casual wedding dress. This fabric is also fantastic for a beach or summer wedding because it’s light and cool. 


Cotton casual wedding dresses

Couples having a casual wedding usually don’t want to overspend for the affair, so the bride can also pick a casual wedding dress made from inexpensive materials like cotton. This fabric is breathable and comfortable, and it’s easy to find different styles and colors on cotton dresses. 



Was this guide helpful? You just learned everything about casual wedding dresses, which can come in different styles.

The most popular ones include A-line, sheath, wrap, midi, or mini styles. You can find the flattering length and style for your body type, and remember to consider the wedding ceremony to pick the best casual wedding dress.

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