7 Fancy Baby Shower Hairstyles You Can Do Yourself

Choose from these 7 best baby shower hairstyles to look your best on your special day. These hairdos are easy to do, and you won’t need a hairstylist to assist you with the looks. 

From the classic updo, ponytail, braids, to effortless curls and waves, we’ll help you find the most flattering hairstyle for your face and hair to look and feel your best at the party. And speaking of deciding on your style for the baby shower, you can also read what to wear to my baby shower

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7 Easy But Gorgeous Baby Shower Hairstyles For The Mom-To-Be


Heatless gentle curls anyone can do 

Some pregnant women find it uncomfortable to wear their hair in an updo or ponytail because they feel the hairstyle is pulling from their heads. If you’re one of them, you can still look your best at the party by having your hair in gentle curls. 

This hairstyle works on any volume and length of hair, and it’s also fast and easy to do. You only need to section your hair in the middle and braid them. 

Leave the braids overnight and undo them the morning of the baby shower. No need to comb the hair, but you can use hair oil to smoothen the frizz. 


Sleek and straight healthy hair

Straight hair is flattering especially if you want to lessen the volume around your face and achieve a slimmer look. And the good news is you don’t need many products and tools to achieve a straight, sleek hairstyle. 

After showering, blow dry your hair and split it in front of your nape. Apply heat protectant spray onto your hair and work on diagonal sections. 

Pull each hair section with a brush from the roots to the ends and straighten with your hair iron. Continue working on your entire head and apply an anti-frizz product after. 


Beach waves and flower crown for the boho momma-to-be

Boho and garden baby showers are quite popular nowadays, and what better hairstyle to have for the expecting mom than natural-looking beach waves and a flower crown?

Instead of focusing on getting perfect waves, you should embrace the random curls and directions you have for each hair section. Alternate in the direction of the curls and use different sizes of curling iron barrels if needed. 

Another secret is to use volumizing powder at the top of your head and put texturizing putty to achieve a piecy texture on your boho waves. And finally, finish the look with a flower crown that you can also make yourself at the baby shower with the guests. 


Clean bun for summer baby showers

Are you having a summer baby shower, or is the party venue outdoors and hot? The best hairstyle for this baby shower will be a clean bun to keep annoying hair from your face. 

Depending on your hair length, you can do a low or high bun. But to achieve a model-off-duty look, start with your hair in the middle and work out the frizz with hair pomade. 

Then, use a natural boar bristle brush to direct the hair upward and diagonally and flatten the bumps until you’re happy with the clean look. Finally, tie off your hair and wear bobby pins if you have some strands coming from a layered hairstyle. 


Chic ponytail for the modern mom-to-be

Showcase your naturally wavy and long hair in a ponytail. The secret is to use a mousse to add volume at the top of your head and achieve a more flattering look. 

You can do a knotted ponytail by starting with a one-inch section of hair on the sides of your face. Then, gather the remaining hair into a low ponytail and cross the two side sections over the elastic into a simple knot. 

While doing the hairdo, you can use hair oil to smoothen knots and create a healthy shine. Then, cross the ends of the main knot under the pony and pin them with bobby pins for a neat ponytail. 


Flattering and face-framing half-up half-down hairdo

The half-up half-down hairdo is one of the easiest baby shower hairstyles for the expecting mom that she can do herself on the day of the party. You can do this on any length, texture, and hair volume. 

But for a more flattering look, take off some strands at the front of your face to frame it. This will slim down the face and make the hairstyle look effortless. 

You can also curl your hair in loose waves and scrunch them up with a texturizing spray. And finally, add a cute hair accessory like a large flower or pin behind your head or at the top bun. 


Effortless volumes for the natural beauty 

You don’t need to go to the salon to achieve voluminous blow out hair. This hairstyle is also perfect for the modern mom-to-be; the result might even last for days after the event. 

You want a natural look, so you should start with freshly washed and conditioned hair. Then, use a round brush and blow dryer to work on the hair. 

Take sections near the crown of your head and rotate the brush while drying to create volume and waves. Then, secure your blowout with hairspray, which will last throughout the baby shower. 

Rotate the brush as you reach the tips when unrolling your hair. This will give your hair more volume. You can take another section and repeat the steps if you want more body and natural-looking waves. 


Baby Shower Hairstyles For Short Hair

Even if your hair length is short, you can still look your best at the event with these short baby shower hairstyles: 

  • Twisted hairdo
  • Short curls
  • Voluminized bob cut
  • Texturized pixie hairstyle
  • Bouffant
  • Party lob


Baby Shower Hairstyles For Long Hair

Having long hair allows you to experiment and get creative with different baby shower hairstyles: 

  • Straight and sleek
  • Curly low bun
  • French braid
  • Texturized layered hairstyle
  • Half up half down with loose heatless curls 
  • Messy bun 


Baby Shower Hairstyles For Curly Hair

Showcase your natural curls and keep comfortable in your baby shower with these hairstyles perfect for curly hair: 

  • Dutch braid to the side
  • Twisted half ponytail
  • Crown braid
  • Clean sock bun
  • Waterfall braids
  • Faux hawk


Baby Shower Hairstyles For Straight Hair

Having naturally straight hair doesn’t mean you should look flat and boring on your special day; try these hairstyles for a change: 

  • Smooth and shiny hair down
  • Razored shaggy cut
  • Prom updo
  • Sleek bob with bangs
  • Side part ponytail
  • Middle part ponytail


Baby Shower Hairstyles For Thin Hair

These are the most flattering baby shower hairstyles for the expecting mom with thin hair; you don’t need to wear uncomfortable extensions:

  • Voluminous high ponytail
  • Layered and textured medium-length bob
  • Side-swept bangs and light waves
  • Updo with scarf
  • Milkmaid braid
  • Halo braid


Baby Shower Hairstyles For Thick Hair

Remain comfortable at your baby shower with these flattering hairdos for thick hair: 

  • Top knot half updo
  • Wavy lob
  • Face-framing layered hair 
  • Fluffy end rounded haircut
  • Box braids
  • Fishtail twist

But more than finding the flattering hairdo for the event, the mom-to-be should also pick an outfit she’s confident in. If you haven’t shopped yet, here’s where to buy baby shower dress


Baby Shower Hairstyles For Guests

There is no specific list of hairstyles that guests must wear at the baby shower. But of course, the party is honoring the expecting mom, so you shouldn’t wear something over-the-top that would steal the spotlight from her. 

Guests can leave their hair down, put it in braids, bun, ponytail, or use an iron to curl or straighten their hair. Just choose a hairstyle that will be comfortable for the baby shower venue and look elegant for the event’s formality. 

And for additional etiquette for guests attending the baby shower, here’s what to wear to a baby shower to look appropriate but stylish for the event. 


Best Pregnancy Haircuts

Pregnant women can get a haircut to feel more comfortable during pregnancy. The good news is there are a lot of flattering haircuts you can wear while pregnant. 

You can also just wear these haircuts for the baby shower instead of styling your hair with hair products and iron. 

  • Asymmetrical bob
  • Long bob 
  • Layered medium-length hair
  • Medium-length shag 
  • Pixie cut
  • Straight lob


How Should I Wear My Hair For Birth?

Women should wear an easy and comfortable hairstyle for labor and delivery. You don’t want hair strands in your face and eyes, and it can be annoying when sweat makes your hair stick to your skin during birth. 


If you have a short hair…

If you have short hair and are about to go into labor, you can wear it in a milkmaid braid. It won’t take you more than 15 minutes, and the neat hairdo keeps annoying hair strands from the face. 

To do a milkmaid braid, start with the middle part with the hair section on each shoulder. Work a basic three-strand braid on one section and tie the end with elastic. 

Do the same on the other hair section and tie. Then, take the first braid across the top of your head, close to the hairline, and secure it with a bobby pin. 

Cross the other braid over it and secure it with a bobby pin to finish the crown. You can tuck any annoying strands at the front of your face into the milkmaid braid if there are any. 


If you have a medium-length hair…

Expecting moms about to go into labor can keep their medium-length hair away from the face by putting it in a simple high ponytail. There is no special technique to do this, but you can also divide the hair into two sections first to create a very high pony. 

Like you’re doing a half-up half-down hairdo, you’ll tie the top hair section in a hair elastic. Then, split the remaining hair in the middle and have them go under the tied hair and meet over it. 

Secure everything with an elastic, and you’ll have a neat and high ponytail that will stay in place. If you have a layered haircut, your ponytail might look naturally messy. 


If you have a long hair…

The rope braid is the best delivery hairstyle for moms with long, thick hair. It’s actually an easy hairstyle, and you can use the braids for a ponytail or crown braid if you want. 

Start with a deep side party and take a small section at the top of it. Divide the section into two and twist them towards the front of your face.

Cross them over each other opposite the direction of the twist or away from the way, then add small sections of hair into the braid. Twist the hair towards the front of your face and cross them in the opposite direction. 

Continue adding hair pieces and twisting in front and towards the back of your face to finish.  


Should I Get My Hair Done Before Or After Baby?

According to the American Pregnancy Association, pregnant women can treat their hair in the second trimester. However, the chemicals shouldn’t be left in the hair any longer than required, and the treatment itself should be somewhere ventilated. 

It’s also essential to test for potential allergic reactions before using any hair product like dyes, waving solutions, bleach, and perms. And suppose you’re uncomfortable using regular hair dyes during pregnancy. 

You can consider vegetable dyes, talk to your physician, or just dye your hair after having the baby. And as for the hair products like shampoo and conditioner, they are generally safe for pregnant women, but you can always pick natural products that are free from chemicals. 



And that’s it! You just learned 7 easy baby shower hairstyles that flatter every kind of mom. 

You can leave your hair down or style it sleek and straight or soft and wavy. Depending on your hair length, buns, braids, and ponytails can also look stylish for the baby shower. 

But overall, choose a hairstyle that makes you feel confident and comfortable. You can always browse photos to know what hairdo would flatter your hair type and face shape best. 

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