Why Is My Window Air Conditioner Freezing Up? 3 Awesome Reasons!

Do you also question yourself, “why is my window air conditioner freezing up?” If you do then, keep reading to find answers to your question. It is an ironic situation seeing your window air conditioner freezing itself instead of cooling your room. I’m sure that you think that your aircon is an abnormal one.

However, there are several reasons why your window air conditioner ended up freezing itself instead of operating normally.  There might be some issues with your air conditioner.

why is my window air conditioner freezing up

To answer your question, continue to read this article that can help you figure out the possible answers to your problem. In addition, this article will talk about the reasons why a window air conditioner freezes up.

The information in this article will help you fix the issues with your window air conditioner. Continue reading to discover the problems with your window air conditioner.


Reasons Why Your Window Air Conditioner Freezing Up

An air conditioner uses a closed loop of coils loaded with refrigerant gas that expands to cool down before absorbing heat from the interior. Then it is pumped outside and squeezed, allowing the heat to escape. While the appliance is running, the refrigerant circulates continuously from expansion coils to condensing coils.

The freezing up the phenomenon of your window air conditioner doesn’t mean that you have to replace it immediately with a new one. This occurrence usually has several reasons to consider. First, they typically need only minute adjustments to your air conditioner’s system to fix the problem of freezing.

In this section, we will tackle the different answers to your question, “why is my window air conditioner freezing up?” and think of a solution for each one.


Reason #1. Low refrigerant level

The refrigerant is an essential component for air conditioners to operate. It acts as a heat absorbent of the heat inside the room and cycles inside the air conditioner. Low refrigerant can be a cause of the freezing up of your air conditioner.

This case results in minimal flow within the unit, and while it does continue to cool, it does so in an inefficient manner. As refrigerant acts as the heat absorbent, a low amount of it can’t absorb a sufficient amount of heat that stabilizes the cooling operation of the appliance.

Because there is less refrigerant in the system, it must expand significantly faster when it converts from liquid to gas, resulting in a lower temperature that can swiftly freeze any moisture. One of the causes of low refrigerant levels is leakage of refrigerant pipes. You only have to fix the leakage and recharge your air conditioner. If your air conditioner freezes up, you can check your refrigerant level or check if there are leakages inside your aircon.


Reason #2. Clogging up of drain system

Are you also curious why there is water that drips from your window aircon? The answer to that is the drain system of the appliance. As moisture condenses on the indoor evaporator coils because of the heat absorption process, there is water production inside the aircon.

The drain system acts as the basin for the condensed moisture on the coils. Therefore, the clogging up of the drain system can result in a build-up of moisture on the coils that can lead to freezing of the air conditioner.

One noticeable symptom of this issue is the decrease in the amount level of water dripping from your window air conditioner. If you run your window aircon at full blast and the amount of water that comes out is not in proportion to the level of operation, then you have to check your drain system.

Well, you can erase this reason if you always conduct maintenance checks on your window air conditioner. Then, you can proceed to the next cause that may be the issue of your air conditioner.


Reason #3. Poor airflow

Your window air conditioner depends on the flow of air past the coils to function effectively. If some obstacles have accumulated on the coils, then it might be a problem.

The accumulation of dust, debris, and other kinds of dirt, that hinder the efficiency of the absorbing of heat by the refrigerant, can cause the aircon to freeze up. A good cleaning is a solution to this kind of issue. When cleaning your aircon, you have to remove it from its location and open it.

This case doesn’t only happen on the coils but also on the air filter. Dust often accumulates on air filters that also hinders a good airflow in the aircon. Upon opening the air conditioner, you must follow the directions on the manual on how to clean the air filter correctly and the inside of the aircon where dust accumulates. You must refer to the manual to avoid accidents that will result in the breaking of the air conditioner.

As you can notice, the three presented causes of freezing up of a window air conditioner don’t require the owners to replace it immediately. Overall, the solution to these causes is the proper maintenance of your window air conditioner. You must consistently check the condition of your aircon. This proper maintenance can lead to a longer lifespan of your window air conditioner and can function efficiently and effectively.


Final Words

At the end of this article, I hope that your question, “why is my window air conditioner freezing up?” has been answered. May the information presented in this article have helped you in your query. The time and effort that you have given in reading this are very much appreciated.

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