Who Owns Carrier Air Conditioner? The Master Behind The Air Conditioner!

Are you wondering, “who owns carrier air conditioner?” Do not go anywhere, dear friend. This article will be answering that question. David Gitlin now heads carrier as their chairman and CEO or chief executive officer as of April 2021.

Currently, Carrier is a trailblazer in leading the world for healthy, safe, and sustainable cooling units like cold chain solutions and air conditioners. They are proud of their high caliber and diverse workforce in making quality air conditioners for your home and business.

who owns carrier air conditioner

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The Person That Owns Carrier Air Conditioners

If you are asking yourself, “who owns carrier air conditioner?” This section will be all about that question.

Carrier had made $17.5 billion net sales as of 2020. This number is proof of how they are popular and dedicated to cooling each home in the world.

They have also employed 56 000 individuals in continuing their legacy in making air conditioners with connections to over more than 80 brands in the world. Carrier has released more than a hundred products in their lineups to grab your cooling needs in your home.

With this, the company is now headed by David Gitlin as the company’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer or CEO. Together with David, Carrier is also led by Ajay Agrawal as the Services and Healthy Buildings Department head.

Likewise, Jennifer Anderson is in charge of the Strategy, Business Development, and Sustainability Department. Also, for the Refrigeration Department, David Appel is the man behind it. For Global Business Services and Transformation, Eva Azoulay is the woman for it.

The entire team is composed of twelve people. In addition, other people are also experts in their field. Bobby George for Digital Department, Patrick Goris for Finance Department, Rishi Grover for Operations, and Chris Kmets for Engineering.

For the Communications and Marketing Department, Mary Milmoe is the one in charge of it. Chris Nelson is the head of the HVAC department. Kevin O’Connor for the Legal Department, Jurgen Timperman for Fire and Security, and Nadia Villeneuve for the Human Resources.

Indeed, the company Carrier satisfies their customers with their world-class team and quality air conditioners for your home’s needs.


How To Select The Best Air Conditioner For Your Home?

Choosing air conditioners might be hard for you, especially if you have trouble understanding the terms that come with your AC. I have some things that might help you in choosing the appropriate air conditioner for your home.


Tip #1. Energy stars for your pocket

Suppose you had seen an air conditioner with a new energy start certification in it. In that case, the air conditioning unit might be ideal for you. These air conditioners have suitable heat-trapping materials and more straightforward instructions that can make your air conditioner free from leaks.


Tip #2. Sound test for your ears

Before going out of the appliance store with your favorite air conditioner, you should be aware that it makes noise when it is turned on. Find air conditioning units that have ratings that range from very good to excellent in their noise tests. If your air conditioner is loud enough to wake you up, it might not be a good choice for you to buy it.


Tip #3. Look for different models

As a buyer for home conditioners, you are given many choices in cooling your home. For example, there are window air conditioners that range from $180 to $350. These air conditioners can cool spaces from 100 to 300 square feet. On the other hand, there are portable air conditioners.

Portable air conditioners are choices for those who want to cool that can be moved from one place to another. However, portable air conditioners are expensive options compared to window cooling units. They are priced from $350 up to $700.

The last option for you is the split ductless air conditioners. These air conditioners are mounted to your wall without having ducts in cooling the space. Split-type air conditioners are the most expensive option amongst the three air conditioners.

Luckily, these air conditioners are great if you want to cool a room without the heft price tag of a central cooling unit. Also, split-type air conditioners need units situated outside of your house for the cooling to happen. Split-type air conditioners have price tags of at least a thousand dollars. So, take note.


Cooling Things Up!

Great! You already know who owns carrier air conditioner. The company itself is headed by a team that innovates on cooling solutions globally. Carrier has David Gitlin as its Chief Executive Officer or CEO and Chairman of the company.

Together with David are 11 other people who dedicate their profession to improving people’s lives for their cooling needs. Indeed, Carrier itself is owned by an individual that caters to the world’s demands for cooling.

If you want to read more about air conditioning in your home, go here. Thank you very much for reading! See you the next time!

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