How To Clean Window Air Conditioner? 5 Easy Ways!

Did you have a cooling system on your window for a long time already and wanted to know how to clean window air conditioner? Regularly cleaning your window air conditioning unit is essential to keep the air sanitary inside your home.

In order to clean the window AC unit, remove and clean the filter, grills, case, condenser coils, and other inside parts of your air conditioner.

how to clean window air conditioner

Air conditioners have been an essential appliance inside our homes to improve the environment’s air quality, humidity, and comfort. That is because A/C units remove pollutants, allergens, and other microorganisms from the air.

Since AC units can create a healthier environment for you to live in, people have been using them to provide a refreshing atmosphere for their families. In addition, this cooling system gives our lives more ease from dealing with severe humidity and heat.

Moreover, it is necessary to take care of your unit often to extend its life span and give you a longer relaxing time. For example, cleaning the window air conditioner reduces the dust and dirt that build-up, allowing it to perform more efficiently. Leaving the AC unit clogged and dirty would disrupt the normal flow of air.


Methods To Clean Window Air Conditioner

It is always necessary to keep your environment clean and safe, especially for your family. To achieve this, cleaning the appliances such as your A/C unit is needed to release cool and fresh air circulating your home.

Being a general rule, cleaning your indoor cooling system should be observed every two weeks. As for a more dust-filled environment, clean your cooling system more regularly.

Cleaning a window air conditioner may seem tiresome, particularly for first-timers, but here are the five easiest ways on how to clean window air conditioner!


Way #1. Gathering your materials

Before you start cleaning your window AC, you will need to collect some materials.

These materials include a pail of warm water, mild soap or detergent, cleaning cloth, drip tray, spray bottle with hydrogen peroxide, a canister of condensed air, brush with soft bristles, compressed air, and a screwdriver.


Way #2. Disassembling the filter and unit

First, unplug the air conditioning unit to avoid getting any accidents. Then, you may use the spray bottle filled with hydrogen peroxide to spray onto the intake and outflow area of the AC system. Allow it to dry before proceeding to remove other parts of the cooling system.

Next, remove the filter and grill of your air conditioner. Then, use a soft-bristle brush to clean off the dust and other dirt that sticks on your filter. After brushing the dust off, wash it with warm water and soap, then dry it out.

Rinse the grill with warm water and soap, too, to remove any unwanted dust from it. You may also use a cleaning cloth to wipe the dirt off, but make sure to clean all the gaps and corners of the grill thoroughly.


Way #3. Taking off the case of the air conditioning unit

Use a screwdriver to take the casing of the AC unit. Once you have removed it, you may see some removable parts, such as the condensation drain and drain pan. Soak these in warm water and soap to clean them and avoid molds to start growing onto them.


Way #4. Cleaning the inside parts

Cleaning the parts inside your AC unit is tricky, but it is necessary to achieve clean air circulating your home. And to start it, take the brush you prepared and gently comb the aluminum fins to remove the dust and dirt.

The fins could be fragile since they bend easily and are sharp, so be careful when cleaning that part.

Next, clean the coils and using a spray bottle filled with condensed air. Ensure that you cleaned the coils rigorously to remove the dirt that might hinder your unit from working correctly. Once you have cleaned it, set it outdoors to dry it with air.

Lastly, clean all inside parts of your AC unit, empty the drip tray and clear the drain.

For the tray, spray a household cleaner, then scrub it all together to remove the dirt from the tray. Afterward, wipe it with a cloth and air-dry it for a few hours.

Check the drain if there is something that blocks it, then wipe it out using a cloth. Make sure that nothing can clog up the drain so that the water can exit the air conditioner.


Way #5. Reassembling the unit

Once you have cleaned and dried out all the inside parts of the air conditioner, put them back on your unit. Make sure that the details are completely dry to prevent some molds from growing inside them.

Next, spray the areas where the air passes in and out using a solution filled with hydrogen peroxide.

After giving it a final spray, you are now all set to use your cooling system. You will also have cleaner and cooler air to breathe after cleaning off the dirt from your air conditioning unit.


Final Words

Always remember that to live in a safe environment, you must also clean your surroundings. For example, cleaning the air conditioner will give you fresher air to breathe and extend the unit’s life span.

That could be a little complicated, but it is nothing compared to the importance of your health.

It is always great to have a cooling system inside your home, but it is essential to learn how to clean window air conditioner to keep your room safe and healthy.

Just remember to observe proper maintenance of your AC unit to maintain unpolluted air for you and your family.

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