Why Does My Troy Bilt Pressure Washer Not Have Pressure? 5 Interesting Reasons!

Why does my Troy Bilt pressure washer not have pressure? Well, there is not a specific answer to this question. But the good thing is, you can several things to figure out the actual problem and believe me it is as easy as reading this article. 

The first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is that there must be an issue with the pump. Check the Troy-Bilt pressure washer pump by attaching a garden hose in place of a high-pressure hose.

If the water comes with pressure, it suggests that the high-pressure either hose, wand, or trigger gun is leaking water. But, if the pressure washer still shows a decline in water after connecting a garden hose. It means that the pump has said goodbye and you need to replace it. But, a sign of relief for you is that a malfunctioning pump does not reduce the pressure very often. There is so much more to learn, so it’s best to dig into this article further!


Why Does Your Troy Bilt Pressure Washer Not Have Pressure?

The Troy-Bilt pressure washer is showing pressure issues and you can’t figure out the actual problem? Scroll down to read the answer to Why does my Troy Bilt pressure washer not have pressure.  Check all these areas and fix the affected ones. 

#1. Water supply

The first thing to make sure of is the water supply lines. After all, the main work is of water in a pressure washer. So, what you must do is, check whether is water is coming out with a pressure of 20 psi and four GPM (gallon/minute). If yes, you have to check the amount of water going into the pressure washer. It requires 4L per minute to maintain a high-pressure water flow. 


Water temperature

Are you wondering why pressure is low even when the supplied water to the pressure washer is passing all the pressure tests? The reason could be the water temperature. The water with a temperature above degrees Fahrenheit does not allow the Troy-Bilt to produce enough pressure to wash the sideways and driveways. 


#2. Nasty nozzles

When you are done with the water supply check and there is not an issue. It’s time to check the nozzles. Nozzles are of various colors and are used to adjust the angle of the water stream. Each color code is given to a specific nozzle based on the water pressure produced. Maybe you are using a nozzle of wide-angle that reduces the water pressure. Try using a high-pressure nozzle that is usually red. If the issue is still unresolved, the nozzle holes may have become wider, thus reducing the pressure. Find out which pressure washer nozzle for car.


#3. Hostile hoses 

Hoses are the main component of any pressure washer. An inlet hose supplies water to the pump through the water supply line. A high-pressure outlet hose gets the water out of the washer with pressure. If you are noticing a reduction in pressure of the washer coming out of your Troy-Bilt, there may be something wrong with the hoses. They could be leaking due to some wear and tear. Also, a kinked or bent hose does not allow the water to flow freely. Thus, an interrupted water supply causes the pressure washer to produce less pressure than usual. Sometimes, the issue is in the O-rings on the high-pressure hoses, and replacing them solves the pressure problem. Know how to repair pressure washer hose.


Hose size

If everything is good and no leakage is visible in the hoses. Go for the size check. We have three width sizes of the hoses; ¼, 5/16, and 3/8 inches. Buy one with the appropriate size after consulting the user manual. And, the water will flow out with full pressure from your Troy-Bilt pressure washer.


#4. Drastic debris 

Debris is the thing that blocks everything whether it’s the lint filter or the inlet. It clogs the lint filter located at the end of the inlet hose and sometimes the water inlet on the pump. Clean the lint filter by brushing away it with the help of a toothbrush and wash with water. Also, pump some compressed air in the water inlet to clear away any debris caught inside causing a low water pressure. 


#5. Shattered spring or lost ball

Remove the pump from the pressure washer by opening three bolts and it will come off. Make sure that everything is okay with the check valves and then open up a bolt from the right side of the pump. The main root of the problem is hidden there. Took out the ball and a small spring with the help of a small magnet attached at the end of a pen and make sure that both of these things are there in perfect condition. If they are not, change or replace them, and voila! The water will come out with full pressure from your Troy-Bilt.


Checking Your Troy Bilt Pressure Washer

Now, check the following:


#1. Oil level in the pump

Reduced oil level in the pump causes the pressure washer to produce no or low pressure. Here’s a definitive guide to pressure washer pumps.


#2. Check the throttle 

Turn the pressure washer settings from slow to fast to get pressure with full flow. 


It’s A Wrap

You have found the answer to why does my Troy Bilt pressure washer not have pressure. We hope that you will fix any pressure-related issues as we tried to relieve you from the pressure of spending money on consulting a repair company or buying a new pressure washer.

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