How To Repair Pressure Washer Hose? 7 Easy Steps!

If your pressure hose gets damaged or has a tear while operating, you must be thinking about: how to repair pressure washer hose? This article will guide you through all the steps to fix your pressure washer hose.  

A pressure washer can get damaged due to high water pressure. It is made to work that way to get rid of stubborn stains. A pressure washer is an essential appliance of every household. It is used for cleaning your garage, driveway, fence, and exterior of the house.  

how to repair pressure washer hose

Using a pressure washer will save you a lot of time and elbow grease. You can quickly get rid of stubborn stains on the concrete flooring of your driveway by just pointing out the pressure washer on it. With time pressure washer hose can wear out and damage. The hose is an essential component of the pressure washer. It maintains the water pressure. When the pressure washer hose gets damaged, it can be frustrating and expensive. So, it is better to repair it than replace it. 


Steps To Replace Pressure Washer Hose 

The pressure washer hose will leak when it is damaged or has holes in the hose. The damage in the hose cause water to flow from there results in less pressure from the nozzle. A pressure washer hose is expensive and, using a damaged one can be dangerous. So, you will have to repair it before operating it again. You cannot repair a pressure washer hose by sealing it with duct tape. Neither any glue will be able to repair a damaged pressure washer hose.

Any damage to the pressure washer hose: should be fixed immediately. The high-pressure water coming out of holes can cause serious injury. Below are the steps on how to repair pressure washer hose:


Step #1. Switch off the appliance 

Switch off the pressure washer as soon as you find any damage or tear in the hose. Next, unplug the appliance. Never proceed to further step without being sure that your pressure washer is switched off completely.  


Step #2. Eliminate water from the hose 

After switching the pressure washer off, wait for five minutes to make sure there is no electric current left in it. Next, make sure there is no water in the hose. One should never work with a wet hose.  If you work with a wet hose immediately after turning off the appliance, there might be some electric current in it. The water in the hose and the electric current together can cause you serious injury like an electric shock.  

So, remove the water before working with the pressure washer hose. To eliminate the water from the pressure washer hose: continue pressing the hose wand. Ensure that you drain all the water in the hose. Working on a dry hose is more accessible and safe.    

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Step #3. Find the damaged part

Next, you will have to locate the area on the hose which is damaged. If you find the part with cuts or holes, wait for it to dry, you can also use the towel to dry it. When it is dry, mark the area. The mark on the damaged part will make it easier to cut it, or you might remove the wrong part of the hose.  


Step #4. Cut the damaged part 

You will need a cutting instrument to remove the damaged part of the hose. Buy a new cutting tool rather than using old and rusted. The sharp cutting tool will make a more precise cut. When you use the old cutting tool, it will make uneven cuts which can cause a problem in installing the connectors. Using a new cutting tool, make a square-shaped incision on the hose. Carefully remove the damaged part. Ensure that you make a neat and sharp cut. 


Step #5. Purchase a gas connection valve 

You will require a gate connection valve for your pressure washer hose. You can purchase the gate connector valve from any hardware store. However, make sure that you buy a gate connector valve according to the diameter of your pressure washer hose. Typically, the diameter of a pressure washer hose is around six-millimeter or one-fourth of an inch. Never purchase the wrong size of a gate connector valve because it will not do the job.


Step #6. Install gate connection valve on the hose 

After purchasing the gate connector, now it is time to install it. Disassemble the gate connector valve into two components: one male and the other is female. On one side of the pressure hose, push the male part of the valve into the hose. Make sure that the valve is parallel to the hose. The compression rings keep the valve in its position. Therefore, slip the compression ring on the male valve. Now attach the female part of the valve on the opposite side of the male valve. After one side of the hose is connected and secured. Repeat the same process on the other side. 


Step #7. Use a wrench to secure the valve 

Use a spanner to tighten the gate connector valve to the hose. After attaching the valve, you can now operate the pressure washer. Click on this links to know how to adjust unloader valve on pressure washer and adjust pressure washer unloader valve.


It’s A Wrap! 

These are simple steps on how to repair pressure washer hose. You can fix the damage in the hose on your own. At any point, you are confused or do not understand the step: we suggest you halt the procedure and contact a professional.   

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