How To Turn On A Patio Heater? 3 Easy Steps!

Are you wondering about how to turn on a patio heater? You need to follow manually to ignite a patio heater; having a pilot ignition system is to spin the control knob and push the grip trigger a few times. You’ll also need to consider the gas control knob when lighting a patio heater without such a pilot ignition mechanism.

Patio heaters are famous for one purpose they enable you to relish your outdoor living spaces even during the colder months. We don’t want to go back inside when the night is cooling down. 

how to turn on a patio heater

However, lighting one fast and securely may appear to be a more complex process than it is. We’ll go through each of these processes in further detail in this post. So if you are interested in this article and want to learn step by step detailed guide to turn on your patio heater and some preventive measures, read the article at the end. Let’s have fun!


Precautions While Turning On The Patio Heater

Whenever turning up a patio heater, there are some preventative measures and beginner’s recommendations to keep in mind. Furthermore, keep in mind you have sufficient room surrounding your patio heater, and if it’s below shelter, there’s still plenty of areas for it to operate within its set size. 


#1. Check the gas leakage

The gas regulator is the very first element you should keep in mind. That’s the component that controls the gas supply in your patio heater, preventing gas from seeping out while you don’t use it. Make sure to turn off the regulator when you’ve finished using the heater. Read the label’s directions. Keep a close eye out for gas leakage at all times. If you detect a gas odor when you switch on the controller, there is likely a leakage in the gas distribution line. When gas flows through a pipeline without a leak, it makes a specific noise. If you discover any anomalies with your natural gas line, you should have it repaired as soon as possible.


#2. Check the burner and gas pipeline

The gas supply line must not be obstructed in any manner to ensure an equal gas flow. Remove the line from the gasoline canister at the heater’s base. Then puff on it to make sure it’s immaculate. On the other hand, the burner must be cleaned regularly to provide an equal burn when the radiator is switched on. Inspect for obstructions or dust on a routine basis.


#3. Make sure there is no flammable item nearby

Before you start your patio heater, you’ll have to take some measures. While the patio heater may appear to flash red and provide heat, it is powered by fire. It’s critical to ensure there aren’t any combustible things around that may burst into flames. Furthermore, the fire will keep burning because the patio heater must be connected to propane or gas. Before you start lighting it, double-check that the propane or gas tank is attached. Read about the installation of water heaters


Steps To Turn On The Patio Heaters

They’re fantastic since they let you enjoy your patio whenever the climate cools down. This implies you’ll be able to use the increased living space for a longer time. Since most patio heaters have automated ignition, they can fail eventually. If the mechanical ignition malfunctions, you’ll have to know how to turn on a patio heater. Let’s dig them one by one.


Step #1. The control knob

The first step is to set the control knob to the pilot’s setting. You’ll need to flip it at an angle of 45 degrees counterclockwise to do this. See your patio heater handbook for precise instructions if you have any problems.


Step #2. Turn on the patio heater

You’ll have to fire the patio heater after the knob has been adjusted to the pilot position. You may use whatever type of lighter you want, but the best approach to prevent scorching your fingertips is to use a wax lighter. A matching burning slot must be there, into which you may place the candle lighter. Lighting the wax lighter after it was in the hole, and the patio heater would start to heat up.


Step #3. Set the level of intensity

You may now adjust the patio heat level of intensity using the control knob. Depending on how much warmth you wish to release, you may set the knob to high or anywhere in the center. Once you set the heat level, start turning on your patio heater. All these steps help you in turning on tour patio heaters. Patio heaters are incredible machine that allows you to warm your garage in cool weather. For the proper working of your patio heaters, you need to take care of them and clean them on a routine basis. 


It’s A Wrap!

After reading this article, we hope you will learn how to turn on a patio heater. Your patio heater may make a significant difference if you’re preparing happy to experience your patio on a more incredible day. If you find it isn’t functioning, try manually turning it on. Thank you, friends, for being with us at the end!

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