Why Does My Dryer Sounds Like It Is Grinding? 5 Surprising Reasons!

Are you looking for why does my dryer sounds like it is grinding? A metal object in the dryer drum, worn rollers, disintegrating gliders, the belt slipped, and a damaged tensioner are the leading causes of grinding sound in your dryer when you spin your clothes. 

When a dryer has been in proper working order, it should not generate much sound. And unless you’re a professional, fixing a damaged dryer yourself is difficult. Nevertheless, while hiring a specialist, try to check by yourself what is the fundamental reason for this grinding sound from your dryer. 

why does my dryer sounds like it is grinding

After operating your dryer for a few weeks, Abrasive wear might have caused the revolting sounds from your dryer. Moreover, it’s a straightforward task. You just have to change those parts that have been damaged to reduce this grinding and whining sound from the dryer. Throughout this post, we’ve compiled a few suggestions for your dryer’s unpleasant grinding noise. Let’s begin!


Reasons Why My Dryer Sounds Like It Is Grinding?

Stop thinking more about why does my dryer sounds like it is grinding? In this article, we have explained it in detail about it. While drying clothing, it is common for sure dryers to create a trim noise level. But, if the dryer makes an annoying grinding noise, this is a sign that something is wrong. As a result, you need not be concerned because much of this equipment requires minor repairs and upkeep.

You must never overlook the device’s piercing scream. The equipment and the clothes within will be subjected to more harm due to the continual misunderstanding. 

Below are a few of the components of the dryer that produce a large amount of sound while your gadget isn’t working correctly:


#1. Metal items in the dryer drum

One possible cause of a grinding noise during the spinning of a dryer drum is that at least one metal object within the drum collides with the sides as it tumbles. You have to empty the clothing inside your dryer by opening the main access door to fix this issue. Look in your pockets for a key, penny, screw, or belt buckle that may come free from the dryer or have fallen out. The sound should go away once the object is removed. After that, start the afresh cycle on your dryer and check whether the sound is coming from it. It may be helpful to read about why your dryer is making a clicking noise.


#2. Broken rollers

The other most common cause of the grinding noise from the dryer is worn-out rollers. Rollers are a series of tiny, generally metal rings connected to the drum’s outer side that aid in its rotation within the cabinet. Because of the more extensive use of the dryer, the roller starts damaging. When these rollers start to wear out, the drum may make a grinding noise. The dryer should be quieter after replacing the faulty wheels using a fresh one. 

It’s a great idea to replace all the rollers at once because they’re generally marketed as just a set, ensuring that they are worn evenly. After changing these rollers, you can save your dryer from such noises in the future. 


#3. Gliders that are disintegrating

A couple of gliders were mounted on the drum’s outside edges to function as just a protectant, preventing the edge from coming into touch directly well with the steel casing while the wheel turns. Gliders are indeed a narrow barrier composed of plastic or nylon based on the type of the dryer. Components break down with time, and you may notice whining or grinding sounds from the dryer as a result. You should change them to silence the noise. Repair both all, especially if just one gets degraded because they’re usually offered as a couple; thus, they break uniformly.


#4. Loosened belt

A thick or long rubber belt encircles the drum’s core. The drum is supported by belting, which lets it spin and dry garments. If indeed, the belt falls out of place whereas the drum starts rotating, you may notice a grinding sound even as belting tries to keep its place. To change the belts, consult a washer service specialist. The sound must stop once it’s been changed. Click on these links to read related articles; know how to install a belt on a Maytag dryer and how to replace a belt on a GE dryer.


#5. Broken tensioner

The tensioner or idler pulley of a clothes dryer guarantees that perhaps the belt is aligned correctly upon that drum. The belt passes well over the brace of the element, which is connected to tension and roller. 

If indeed, the wheel breaks down, you’ll start hearing a grinding sound as it tries to revolve while maintaining the strain just on the belt. To assess the tensioner’s quality, consult a dryer repair professional. If it has to be replaced, you must also return the pulley. It may have been harmed as a result of the shortage of tension.


It’s A Wrap!

We hope that reading this article is just fun for you, and after reading this article, you all will come to know why does my dryer sounds like it is grinding? Above we have mentioned all the possible causes, as the solution to fix this issue. To understand well, read this post at the end. If you like this article, also share it with your friends. Thank you, friends, for being with us!

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