Why Does My Air Conditioner Leak Water? 7 Surprising Causes!

Why does my air conditioner leak water? Your air conditioner usually leaks water because it experiences a mechanical problem in certain parts. Leaking conveys a message that your unit is somehow failing to work its purpose. There are several causes, and this article will discuss them later.

You cannot get rid of your air conditioner leaking. That can get worse if you do not maintain it well. Over usage also promotes damage to your unit as it experiences overheat.

why does my air conditioner leak water

However, how does the water form in an air conditioner? You can find outdoor and indoor units in advanced air conditioners. The inner air conditioner unit has an evaporator coil that refrigerates the heated air as it flows over it, resulting in a pleasant interior temperature.

Condensation begins to occur when heated air passes over through the coil. Consider droplets developing on a chilled cup of water. This action is precisely what your evaporator coil is doing. The moisture condenses in a drip tray, which proceeds to a condensate water pipe. Because this pipe exits your house, you must not have any problems with your air conditioner dripping inside. If you want to know more about this topic, keep on scrolling!


Why Does Your Air Conditioner Leak Water

During hot summer, people often ask this question: Why does my air conditioner leak water? There are several reasons why.

Leaking water from your air conditioner is normal. It is because of two main reasons – thermostat setting and outdoor temperature.

However, excessive water leakage gives you a message that there is something wrong. Thus, here are some causes of why your air conditioner leaks water:


Cause #1. Air leakage

One of the most prevalent causes of air conditioner leaking and spilling water is an air break or leakage. The air that enters the air conditioner should flow via the vent for maximum performance. Air leakage can occur for a variety of causes.

First, the air does not flow freely through the exhaust. If this action does not happen, the air present in an air conditioner is most likely leaking, resulting in poor functioning.

To determine if you have had an air leak, perform basic maintenance by inspecting the machinery. Then, you must take action to correct the problem and avoid further leaks if you discover an air leak.


Cause #2. The clogged filter of the air conditioner

One typical cause of an air conditioner leaking water is a clogged air conditioner filter.   If the air filter gets clogged, it slowers the air movement through the unit. This event causes the air to freeze.

Moreover, when you switch off the air conditioner or achieve the ideal temperature, the ice on the air filter evaporates. As a result, the water seeps out, and then the air conditioner begins to leak water.


Cause #3. The filthy filter of your air conditioner

When the air filter becomes blocked or filthy, it causes to impedes the airflow into the evaporator. It leads the temperature o drop or falls. The coil will freeze if it gets too cool. When you switch off the air conditioner, the inside unit pauses, pumping air into the room, which causes the room to heat and the ice to dissolve. Therefore, there will be water leakage.


Cause #4. The pump is not working

The condensation machine is a pump installed beneath the coil that cools. The job of the pump is to remove water so that leaks do not occur. Water leaking indicates that your air conditioner has damaged or malfunctioned the pump.

In addition, it is due to the collection of dust and debris, which is a strong indicator that your condensation pump is not functioning correctly.


Cause #5. Incorrect installation

The incorrect installation of the air conditioner might be a major source of water leakage. Ensure that the front section of the air conditioner is colder than the back half when you fit it.

The liquid would be adequately removed and would not spill as a result of this. In many situations, poor setup causes water spillage. To prevent this problem, position your air conditioner at an appropriate angle.


Cause #6. Inadequate care

Your air conditioner, like any other household device, requires regular and adequate maintenance. Make sure to wash the device as much as possible. If necessary, consider expert assistance. You can also inspect to see whether the evaporator coil is in good functioning order. If not addressed regularly, the issues of an air conditioner dripping water may become more frequent.


Cause #7. The coil of the air conditioner is frozen

The location of the evaporator coil is within the air conditioner. When you open your air conditioner and see the coil gathering within, it means the melting process is taking longer. Thus, it results overflowing over the drip tray.

A filthy air filter is a frequent source of a broken air conditioner. The filter must keep air from flowing over through the coil. And the heated stream cannot flow through a blocked filter, causing the temperature to drop. As a result, the buildup of ice occurs due to chilling.



There are several reasons why your air conditioner is leaking. Before contacting an air conditioner service, inspect and observe. Water leakage is normal. However, when it makes a puddle of water, it already indicates a problem.

I hope I answered your question: why does my air conditioner leak water?

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