Why Does My Air Conditioner Smell? 5 Best Reasons!

Are you disturbed by the smell circulating in your room and asked, “Why does my air conditioner smell?” There are numerous explanations for this issue. For example, it could be due to undrained water, or there is a gas leak.

It might be a common scenario to enter your room and switch on the air conditioner. But once it started blowing off the air, it also released some stinky and uncomfortable smell.

Why does my air conditioner smell

Now, this article will help you identify and fix your problem. There are many more things that you should know about this topic.

So, without further ado, my friend, let’s start!


Why Does Your Air Conditioner Smell?

You can quickly determine the cause of the smell by identifying what it smells like. They may be caused by various.

But once you have identified the smell, you should call in a professional or clean it up yourself.

We have gathered some of the possible answers to your question, “Why does my air conditioner smell?”

And here they are:


Reason #1. Undrained water

Some people would describe the smell of the dirt and water as stinky feet. This odor is due to the leaking water that has not been appropriately emptied.

Thus, it has mixed with other substances and dirt of your air conditioner and produced a disturbing smell.

You might want to fix your conditioner’s drainage first and check if the smell is still there.

Why must the water drain properly?

If not, the water can cause damage to the wires and other components of your equipment.

It can also stain and ruin your walls if the water is leaking through them. And it produces a disturbing smell.

So, try cleaning it yourself. Or, for more severe circumstances, call in a professional cleaner.


Reason #2. Accumulation of dirt

Accumulation or clogged dirt is the most common reason why air conditioners release a disturbing smell. With this, you can typically smell a moldy odor. In which we can conclude that a fungus or mildew has grown into your air conditioner.

How can this happen? Well, your air conditioner is not only to cool your room.

They can also absorb moisture, especially during summer or in humid climates.

If you fail to drain the moisture, then this will cause the smell and growth of fungi. Make sure to get your filters and ducts cleaned thoroughly. Then, you can contact a technician for better results and air quality.


Reason #3. Gas or fluid leakage

You might be confused since fuel is not used for air conditioners unless it’s on a car. It could be a methyl mercaptan, which is a toxic gas leaking through your ducts. Or other fluids from the components of your aircon might have leaked or evaporated.

Some say that this substance or fluids could make you smell similar to that of a skunk or exhaust fumes, respectively.

Once you detect a skunk smell, address the problem immediately.

Note that methyl mercaptan could make you and your whole family at risk. Turn off and unplug your aircon. Then, we suggest that you contact your repair and maintenance company. They could detect the problem and fix the leak.

However, if the smell intensifies, you should evacuate to avoid accidents and protect your family.


Reason #4. Problems with electrical components

Your air conditioner has a lot of electrical components such as wires, fans, etc. There’s a high chance that some parts of your aircon are burning.

Some homeowners with this problem describe the smell as burning plastic or gunpowder. Here are the possible causes why they are burning:


Cause #1. Rusty components

Some electrical components have trouble working or rotating when they are rusty already. This situation usually happens when your equipment is too old or if it’s not maintained correctly.

It could burn because of the friction made by the components functioning side by side, and they have created a function. The rust could also contribute to the smell.


Cause #2. Loose components

If the electrical components are loose, it might cause burning. And it could affect the others. This condition is possible since the component will be a force to work even though it’s not attached fitly. So, it will cause pressure against the part. It might also overheat and cause burning.


Cause #3. Not used for a long time

This reason can be similar to that of the reasons mentioned above.

Since it’s not been used for a long time, there could be an accumulation of dirt.

And it could prevent the components, such as the fan, from rotating or functioning correctly. It will be forced to work and might overheat.

For example, the fan has a lot of dirt that prevents it from rotating. As a result, there will be friction between the blades and the motor. Despite the various reasons, contact an electrician so that they can look into your air conditioner. And don’t use it until fixed.


Reason #5. Dead animals

Small animals, such as lizards or rodents, can be stuck inside your air conditioner. How disgusting, do you agree? Most people describe their smell as rotten eggs.

How can they even get stuck in this equipment? Well, there are small openings in the front and back of your air conditioner. They might have fallen or gone inside for shelter.

However, due to the coldness inside the aircon, they could’ve died. And when these animals start to decompose, the smell begins to flow onto you.



And that answers your question, “Why does my air conditioner smell?”

We have provided different reasons, but you need to take immediate action as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

And also to eliminate the disturbing odor.

Let’s hope that the smell will disappear or be fixed soon.

Stay safe!

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