How To Remove Front Cover Of GE Air Conditioner? 4 Easy Steps For You!

Are you having a problem with how to remove front cover of GE air conditioner? It is as easy as opening a plastic container if you know how to. You can’t avoid opening an air conditioner when repairing it because the usual problems of an air conditioner are located inside it.

Therefore, you must know the parts and how to open the front cover of an air conditioner. If you want to know how to open the front cover of a GE air conditioner, Then this article can be a big help to you. Continue reading this article to discover the proper way of opening the front cover of your GE air conditioner in your home.


GE Air Conditioner

GE appliances is one of the popular appliance brands all over the world. It produces different kinds of appliances that we can use for our homes. One of those appliances mentioned is an air conditioner that we widely use in our houses to have an air-conditioned room.

In recent years, GE has downsized the production of its window air conditioners leaving only four types of it. This brand’s air conditioner offers features that other brands also offer however, there are features that we can not see on it, but the others have. That is a bit sad to hear but the quality of GE has proven itself in the past and the present. Without further ado, let’s jump into the next section of this article that will cover the steps on how to remove front cover of GE air conditioner.


Steps To Remove The Front Cover

This part of the article presents you with the answer to your problem of removing the front cover of the GE air conditioner. If you have a GE air conditioner and wonder how to open its front cover, then this section of this article will present you with an answer.

There are different kinds of air conditioners that GE produces. These steps will be general steps to open whatever model of GE air conditioner you have at home. These steps are easy to understand and easy to execute so, read further in this section to answer your question stated above.


Step #1. Study the manual of the air conditioner

Every appliance or device sold in the market comes with a manual. This manual is consists of pieces of paper that have all the information about the device. This manual will help you identify the parts of the air conditioner, including the area where the front cover is located.

As mentioned above, there are different models of air conditioners GE manufactures, and for this reason, studying the manual is very important. Studying the manual enables you to avoid breaking the front cover and other parts of the air conditioner you have in hand. Move on to the next step after you finish studying the manual of the air conditioner.


Step #2. Unplug the air conditioner

After studying the manual of your air conditioner, you can now proceed to the actual removal of the front cover of it. You have to unplug the air conditioner before you remove the front cover to avoid unprecedented electrical accidents.

It is not also advisable to disassemble your air conditioner while it is operating. That can result in malfunctioning your air conditioner unit. Turn off and unplug the air conditioner unit, and then you can proceed to the next step.


Step #3. Unlock the cover clips

Back to step 1, you have already identified where the front cover is located, and you will use that knowledge now in step 3. For the front cover to hold onto the main body of the air conditioner, there are cover clips situated to the front cover, and these clips are connected to the slots on the body.

To unlock the cover clips, hold the bottom part of the front cover and gently pull it outwards. It enables you to unlock the clips from the slots. Remember always to count the number of cover clips that your air conditioner has to make sure that you have unlocked it successfully.


Step #4. Push the front cover upwards

After unlocking the cover clips, the preceding step you have to make to remove the front cover is to clear the upper frame gutter. The upper part of the front cover is still intact even after you pull outward the bottom part. You have to push the front cover in an upward direction to lose the connection.

This is the only way to detach the top tabs of the front cover to the upper frame gutter. When you successfully detach the top tabs from the upper frame gutter, it means that you have already removed the front cover. There is a filter connected to the body, you can also remove it if you want. That way, you can now clean or do what you want to the main body of the aircon.

You have now fully removed the front cover of the air conditioner. This is the final step to the removal process of the front cover. As a reminder, always be careful in handling the removal of the front cover. Be gentle in pulling or pushing the front cover to avoid breaking it.


Final Words

At the end of this article, I hope that it answered your question, “how to remove front cover of GE air conditioner?”. May the information presented above has achieved its goal to help you in your endeavor in removing the front cover of your GE air conditioner. The time and effort you have given in reading this article are very much appreciated. It is a pleasure for me to help you. Thank you for reading.

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