Which Side Of The Bed Do You Sleep On? 2 Amazing Facts!

Experts can analyze your personality just by knowing which side of the bed do you sleep on.

We tend to be protective of whichever side we usually sleep on, which has a lot to say about ourselves.

Well, people have their different kind of comfort.

In this article, we’ll discuss the link between your character and the side of the bed you sleep on.

So, without further ado, let’s start!

Are you excited?

If yes, just read on!


What Side Of The Bed You Sleep On?

In this section, we will be comparing and contrasting the two types of side sleepers:

Namely, the life side sleeper or the lefties, and the right side sleeper or the righties.

So, which side of the bed do you sleep on?


Side #1. Left-side sleepers

Based on a study, those who are sleeping on the left side of their bed tend to be happier when they wake up.

They can also deal with the pressures and stresses of life better.

If you have positive energy, you will most likely have more enjoyment at work.

Plus, they tend to have more confidence, and this can be associated with left-side sleepers.

They are not only confident, but they are also calmer when under crisis.

According to the same study, lefties are also more likely to have more friends and like their job.

Some recent researches also suggest that left side sleepers are more left-brained.

Meaning to say, their logic is based on their deep thinking.

Furthermore, they are also giving more dedication to problem-solving as compared to right-side sleepers.

They also prefer drinking wine, drama films, and oldies music.


Side #2. Right side sleepers

On the other hand, those who sleep on the right tend to have a negative outlook.

They also wake up grumpier.

Righties are also said to be enjoying their own company.

They also tend to be earning more as compared to their partners.

Since right-side sleepers are said to have a lesser positive outlook, they are more likely grounded.

They tend to prepare themselves for the worse cases.

More so, they are also considered to be more right-brained.

Meaning to say, they are more creative than left side sleepers.

Right-side sleepers prefer to drink beer, watch action flicks, and listen to rock music.


Waking Up On The Wrong Side Of The Bed

If you sleep on a different side of the bed, there is a tendency that you will not be able to sleep well.

This can lead to feeling grumpy in the morning when you wake up.

When you are grumpy people, tend to associate it with waking up on the wrong side of the bed.

In other words, simply breaking the habit of sleeping on a particular side of the bed will compromise your optimum slumber.

As a result, this can make you irritable the next day, or you will be in a low mood.


Why Do We Choose Sides?

The side of the bed that you choose is more dependent on your bed position above all else.

If you are claustrophobic, you tend not to sleep next to the wall since you will feel closed in.

Those people who feel more secure when sleeping in an enclosed space will avoid sleeping near the door or window.

But most people sleep on a particular side only given that their partner likes to sleep on the other side.

According to another study, the choice of the bed is more associated with practicality instead of personality.

Some want to sleep on the side near the TV, while others need to be next to the door.

This is true, especially when they have children to look after.

Other reasons for choosing a particular side are to be closer to the radiator or far away from the window or outside noise.

A survey says that couples tend to argue about the side of the bed that they will sleep on.

One party tends to be unhappy with the outcome of the choice.

This usually happens when you are both righties.

The person is left with no choice but to sleep on the left side.

Most likely end up resentful and grumpier in the morning.

Choosing which side of the bed is just a part of developing a habit.

Its effect on our career success, mood, among others.

It might only be attributed to the fact that people sleep better when they are in their most comfortable position.

Although you and your partner like the same side, you can get used to it.

Remember that you can hardly sleep if you are in an unfamiliar position.

But you will get a satisfying slumber if you develop a routine.


It’s A Wrap!

Which side of the bed do you sleep on has a lot to say about your personality and outlook in life.

We have discussed above the difference between left and right sleepers.

You’ve noticed they are complete opposites making them a great match.

Choosing which side of the bed to sleep on can make a huge difference in the way you feel the next morning.

But this is only attributed to the fact that humans are creatures of habit.

Remember that, in reality, the quality of sleep is of utmost importance.

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