How To Decorate Around A Rattan Bed? 8 Best Ways!

Are you wondering how to decorate around a rattan bed?

Then, you’re just in the right place; we’ll teach you how.

how to decorate around a rattan bed

Well, rattan is a natural material made from a palm-like vineyard.

Usually, it is used to make baskets, furniture, and other decorations at home.

This hard-as-nails material can be woven or bent into a variety of patterns and shapes.

And yes, it’s beautiful to use for your patio furniture.

Thanks to its weather resistance feature.

Much more, rattan is not just for outside use.

The tropical material can give every room exquisite texture, be it lighting, furniture, or tabletop accessories.

Also, it works well in a variety of styles, such as Bohemian, coastal, and classic/

If you want to renew its appearance, it is easy to paint.

Without further ado, let’s start!


Ways To Decorate Around A Rattan Bed

Check these ideas to make an awesome design.

Incorporate the natural beauty of rattan in any corner of your home.

Here are the ways on how to decorate around a rattan bed:


Way #1. Enhance your living space with mobilized rattan

Rattan can be woven into a wide range of mobilizations, including chairs, accent tables, sofas, and folding screens.

Well, it is a lightweight material.

Not just that, but it’s also readily accessible and often cheaper than other furniture materials.

That’s why it is ideal for a budget-friendly home overhaul.

Much more, it has a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

Without a doubt, this material is ideal in areas where comfort is a top priority.

Add pelvic area rug or toss pillows to make your rattan furniture more comfortable.


Way #2. Incorporate in your sleeping area a natural element

Rattan benches and chairs have distinct textures.

Not just that, but they also have natural tones that complement almost any color choice in a bedroom.

For a finishing touch, put a lovely woven peacock chair at the end of your bed in an empty corner or a rattan seat.

Rattan furniture is easy to move and is very light. ‘

So there’s nothing to worry about if you decide to restructure it.


Way #3. Combine rattan with different styles

Rattan furniture is famous in boho and shabby-style homes.

But then, it also complements various other types of design.

It may give these places warmth, at the same time, a less tensed mood, so they do not become too cold.

My friends, you should combine the rattan with floral, plants, or botanical, and other natural materials, such as wood or jute.

Doing so is sure to give it a natural look.

Much more, you can combine the laid-back atmosphere with sleek furniture and chrome accessories.

In this way, you can manifest a more eclectic style.


Way #4. Brighten a room with light rattan fittings

To create an amazing focal point, substitute regular light fittings with a rattan.

Maybe, you can try sculptural slats.

Or maybe, you can look for a fixture with an open woven pattern.

In this way, you’re sure that it disseminates light across space.

Make a drum shade for a simple DIY pendant by cutting a punch into the base of an old woven bowl or basket.

Get a swag light kit, or you can use wireless puck lights so you can easily install cables.


Way #5. Add elegance with furnishings of caned rattan

The external bark of the rattan is used to make cane furnishings.

And with this, you’ll appreciate its openness pattern multidirectional.

Caning, most used on chairs, originates from ancient times.

But, it’s still widely used today to give a light and airy appearance to furniture.

Accent chairs, panes, and headboards with caned rattan accents give a classic look to your space.


Way #6. Add rattan basket storage

Rattan baskets can be used everywhere to provide additional storage space.

Woven baskets are available in various sizes and shapes that can be used in almost any setting.

Smaller rattan squares are available for storage that are not that accessible.

Like for instance, you can place them under indoor cabinets or decorative tables.

On the other hand, the larger versions are perfect for keeping additional jackets and other linens.


Way #7. Paint the rattan or stain it for a modern twist

Rattan, like wood, can be stained or painted in virtually any hue.

A fresh coat of paint can immediately refresh the rattan furniture.

Through this, you’re sure to give a whole new appearance.

And it’s cheaper than anything else, my friends.

Here’s what you should do:

Spray paint rattan furniture in vibrant, attractive color.

Or maybe, you can choose the classic white for a more traditional look.


Way #8. Invigorate the non-used parts

Rattan is sure to add aesthetic appeal to otherwise colorless regions.

The woven cloth can provide your furniture a tactile contrast.

Through this, you’re sure to make it stand out in rooms with lots of wood, white, or other neutral shades.

If I were you.

I would look for one with interesting shapes like these shaped rattan dining chairs for an additional impact.

The elegant curved shape of the chairs enhances their charm and makes them suitable for interior use.


It’s A Wrap!

Since rattan is lightweight and easy to maintain, it is a great choice for children’s bedrooms.

For sure, your children will love it if you place it in their playrooms.

Bed rooms or other family-friendly areas.

Thanks to its durability.

Maybe, you can try a rattan chair suspended from the ceiling.

It can be used almost anywhere to create a small reading corner.

Add a soft blanket and a few designed pillows to make your body more comfortable.

Well, you’ve already known how to decorate around a rattan bed.

Enjoy, my friends!

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