Which Puffy Mattress Is Better For Chronic Neck And Back Pain With Arthritis

The answer to which Puffy mattress is better for chronic neck and back pain with arthritis is the Puffy Lux. We will discuss its features below and how they can help with these conditions. Furthermore, we’ll compare it with the two other Puffy mattresses.

If you’re also new to this brand, you can read this article that tackles what is the Puffy mattress in more detail. This extra information will educate you on what to expect when sleeping with this mattress. And if you want to see how Puffy compares to other brands, we have separate reviews such as Puffy mattress vs Tuft and Needle, to give an example. 

which puffy mattress is better for chronic neck and back pain with arthritis


What Is The Best Puffy Mattress For Chronic Neck And Back Pain With Arthritis?

The Puffy Lux mattress is the best Puffy mattress if you have chronic neck and back pain with arthritis. It has features that will soothe body pain and alleviate the discomfort from arthritis. But of course, it would be best that you also consult your doctor to know if there are underlying issues with these conditions. 


Why is it good for chronic pain?

The Puffy Lux mattress is a medium-plush hybrid bed. This means that it is compatible with relieving your neck and back pressure without sinking them too much. If you have chronic neck and back pain, you will benefit from sleeping on your back or side because these positions will keep your head and neck aligned with the body. 

Since the Puffy Lux also has some plushness, it will cushion your body’s pressure points to prevent worsening chronic body pain. Furthermore, this hybrid bed uses high-density foam with contour-adapt coils for its support system so that you won’t sink deeply into the bed. After all, one of the causes of neck and back pain is a misaligned spine or compensating back. 


Why is it good for arthritis?

The best mattress for people with arthritis is something medium-firm but still conforms to the body to relieve the discomfort from the inflamed joints. Since the Puffy Lux mattress is rated 5 to 7 on the firmness scale, it is a medium mattress to help with arthritis. And as mentioned, arthritis patients must use a bed that conforms to relieve the pain on the joints, and the Puffy Lux can provide this characteristic thanks to its one and half inches of cloud foam. 

You don’t want to lie on a mattress where any part of your body digs into the bed. Instead, you need something that follows your natural contours similar to the medium-plush conforming Puffy Lux. And best of all, it’s not too soft or rated under four that it might sag under the hips and add pressure on your neck and back joints. 


Puffy Lux vs Puffy

The Puffy mattress can also be suitable for people with chronic body pain and arthritis because it is compatible with all sleeping positions. It is also firmer than Puffy Lux, so you can opt for this mattress if you are a back or stomach sleeper. And finally, it feels as cool to sleep on as Puffy Lux, so the warmth or heat you can feel from inflamed joints should be relieved with the Puffy mattress.


Puffy Lux vs Puffy Royal

Puffy Lux is not the only hybrid bed from Puffy because they also have the Puffy Royal. It is Puffy’s premium model, and it might also alleviate the discomfort from neck and back pain with arthritis. The Puffy Royal also has the same cooling and contouring benefits as the Puffy Lux, and people who can’t move around the bed due to pain and inflammation will love the humidity-resistant foam of this mattress. 


What Is The Best Bed For Neck And Back Pain?

The best mattress for neck and back pain would be a medium-firm bed because it will keep your body level. However, you don’t want a very stiff surface because you’ll lose pressure relief on the shoulders, back, and hips. Consider learning how to select a mattress for back pain using several factors discussed in our separate article, and they should also be applicable for alleviating neck pain. 

Furthermore, it’s essential to mention the influence of your sleeping position. For example, avoid sleeping on your stomach because it twists the neck and puts the spine in an awkward position. And when you sleep on your back or side, add a pillow on your lower back or between the legs to further encourage a neutral spine. 


Is Puffy Mattress Worth The Money?

People with chronic neck and back pain with arthritis can consider purchasing the Puffy Lux mattress, and it will be a good value for money. This is because it has the features such as a medium-plush feel and cool surface to relieve the discomfort from these conditions. More so, you’re getting a lifetime warranty with Puffy so that you can feel secure with its quality and longevity. 

Here is where to buy a Puffy mattress if you’re interested. 



Was this article helpful? We answered which Puffy mattress is better for chronic neck and back pain with arthritis, and it is the Puffy Lux. It will keep you supported to prevent sinkage and provide enough softness to relieve the pressure on your joints. 

However, consult your health care provider to know more ways to treat and make chronic pain more manageable. 


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