Where To Buy A Denver Mattress: Buying Tips & More

Those who want to know where to buy a Denver mattress can check the company’s website. We’ll also talk more about their store locator below. Expect to learn everything you need when buying from this brand and if it is also worth the purchase. 

Speaking of purchasing a new bed, we have reviewed the best stores to buy a mattress. Please check that separate list to familiarize yourself with reputable mattress retailers and brands. 

where to buy a denver mattress


Where To Buy A Denver Mattress In The US

You can buy a Denver mattress from any of the brand’s authorized retailers using their store finder on the website. You only need to enter your zip code or city to find the nearest Denver Mattress location in your area. But if you want, you can navigate the website and order directly from Denver. 


How long does a Denver mattress take to ship?

If your mattress is in stock at your local Denver mattress store, it should be immediately ready for delivery or pickup. However, it will take between 2 to 3 weeks for your order to be completed if it’s not in stock. The company also mentioned that the ETA that will be provided in your online purchase is accurate.  

The delivery fee for a Denver mattress depends on the model, type of delivery, and the buyer’s location. Denver Mattress encourages their buyers to contact their Help Desk for other queries. You can also find the contact number of the mattress retailer in your location to know more about your order. 


How does Denver Mattress deliver?

You can select between drop-off only and delivery and setup when you order from Denver Mattress. The former is contactless since the personnel will place the mattress on your doorstep. But if you want the convenience of setup, the company also offers this service with the option for old mattress removal if you’re within 50 miles of a Denver Mattress store.  


Where Is Denver Mattress Company?

Denver Mattress products are made in the US, and their facility is located in Denver, Colorado. The company even prides itself in ensuring a healthy and environmentally-friendly manufacturing process. For example, Denver Mattress uses plant-based foams and recycled steel to reduce waste by upcycling unused materials. 

Besides being eco-friendly, you can assure that the Denver Mattress company makes healthy mattresses for its buyers. The brand uses CertiPUR-US certified foams for indoor air quality and freedom from harmful chemicals. You can also check the healthiest mattress material if you want the safest bed for your home. 


Is Furniture Row And Denver Mattress The Same Company?

Do not be confused about Furniture Row and Denver Mattress because the former becomes Denver Mattress Factory Direct as announced last 2014. Denver Mattress was a specialty store under Furniture Row, but the latter closed in July. According to the company’s sales manager, this doesn’t mean a buyout of Furniture Row, but they just decided to focus on mattresses. 


What brands are at Furniture Row?

Denver Mattress was not the only specialty store in Furniture Row. The other three are Bedroom Expressions, Oak Express, and Sofa Mart. Nonetheless, Denver Mattress has been with Furniture Row since 1999. 


Are Denver Mattresses Expensive?

Denver mattresses are relatively affordable, from $199 to $1,299, because they offer an array of products. Furthermore, they often have sales from special holidays if you want to save more when purchasing a new bed. Here are some secrets on the best time to buy a mattress to help you get one at a lower price. 


Does Furniture Row negotiate?

It’s unlikely for a Furniture Row store to negotiate their prices similar to other big mattress bands. However, you can apply for financing if you’re tight on a budget. You can also buy gift certificates or wait for sales and clearance discounts when purchasing a new mattress. 


What Are Denver Mattresses Made Of?

Denver Mattress prides itself on using healthy and eco-friendly mattress materials. They use CertiPUR-US-certified foams and even upcycle materials to lessen waste. Denver Mattress can use high-density foam, memory foam, and latex for the comfort layer, while the brand’s support systems include innerspring, individual coils, foam, and latex.

Overall, you can feel confident that your Denver mattress has no toxic flame retardants, heavy metals, formaldehyde, ozone depleters, and phthalates. It also passed the indoor air quality test because of low VOC emissions. If you’re new to this terminology and wondering if your bed emits a high level of VOC, read this guide about mattress off-gassing


Are Denver Mattresses worth it?

Denver mattresses are worth it because they are affordable, considering the materials and features you’ll get. You’ll have a bed that is eco-friendly and healthy made from materials that can help you stay supported and comfortable. Furthermore, the brand offers a 365-day better sleep guarantee policy, so you know that Denver Mattress is confident with its mattress quality. 



And that’s it! To recap where to buy a Denver Mattress, you can use their store locator on the company’s website. It’s also possible to order online and have it delivered with setup and old mattress removal. 

Overall, Denver Mattress is a brand worth trying because of affordable beds without sacrificing sustainability and safety. We hope this buying guide helped you, so feel free to let us know your experience with this brand. 

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