How Much Is A Serta Mattress: Buying Guide & Tips

If you want to know how much is a Serta mattress, the price range starts at $349 to $3,499. We will discuss each Serta mattress below to help you get more familiar with the models. Which of them is even worth it?

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how much is a serta mattress


How Much Does A Serta Mattress Cost?

Serta offers an array of mattresses, so you can expect that a Serta mattress can range from $349 up to $3,499 for a model’s starting price. Please note that these are the prices listed on their website as of this writing, and they might be subjected to change. Furthermore, Serta sometimes has sales from holidays in which some mattresses will cost even lower, such as $200 off, for example. 

To give you a quick rundown of Serta’s prices, the iComfort and iComfort start at $909, while the Perfect Sleeper is slightly pricier at $999. The more expensive Serta mattresses include the Serta Sleepscape that starts at $1,999 and $3,499 for the Serta Arctic. So with these prices mentioned, can someone on a tight budget still afford a Serta mattress? 


What is the cheapest Serta mattress?

Do not be overwhelmed by the prices of Serta mattresses because there are cheaper collections that are as affordable as under $1,000 up to under $500 only. Even if you have a limited budget for a new mattress, you can experience a Serta bed where the cheapest one starts at $349. The EZ Tote mattress is made with gel memory foam, and the biggest king-size is only $599. 

If you can stretch your budget a bit, why not buy the Serta Serene Sky at $499? Admittedly, it’s a tad pricier than the EZ Tote, but you’ll be getting an individually wrapped coil support system with gel foam. And finally, Serta also has a mattress that costs $549 for a twin, and it is the Perfect Sleeper Nestled Night for a cradling and pressure-relieving sleep experience. 

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Is it possible to negotiate the price of a Serta mattress?

You can’t negotiate the price of a Serta mattress, but the company often has promotions that can help you save more with your new bed purchase. You can even find the current best Serta mattress deals in the brand’s product catalog and score mattresses at the best price. And if you have your calendar nearby, we have found out the best time to buy a bed when stores and brands often have sales and freebies. 

Some other ways to make your purchase of a Serta mattress less overwhelming include checking Serta’s interest-free financing, special online exclusives, or by looking for national retailer promotions. Are you unfamiliar with reputable mattress retailers with the lowest price guarantee? Here are the best stores to buy a mattress


Do Serta offer financing?

You can select financing options with Serta since they work with Affirm. You can pay through Affirm and choose your preferred financing term, and they’ll only request a soft credit check. The good news is there are no hidden fees, and your credit score won’t even be affected by the credit inquiry. 


How Much Is A Full Size Serta Mattress?

A full-size Serta mattress costs $1,219 if you’re looking at the iComfort hybrid mattress. However, some models are not available in this size, and the cheapest ones are twin and twin-XL beds. The price may also increase on some Serta models that offer upgrades such as cooling and pressure relief. 


How much is a Serta king size mattress?

One of the most expensive Serta mattresses is the Serta Arctic model, and the king-size for it costs $4,199 to $4,699 if you want the Arctic Premier. You’ll get a three-layered cooling technology, gel foam, high-density foam, but there are also hybrid models with micro-coils and advanced innerspring systems. If you get the pricier Premier model, you’ll get cushioning and no-sinkage memory foam in the bed’s overall structure as well. 


How much is a Serta queen size mattress?

The most affordable Serta mattress is EZ Tote, and since the queen-size is the most common size for households, it’s worth considering this particular Serta model if you’re on a budget. A queen-size Serta EZ Tote is only $449, which is an excellent value for money. You also don’t need to worry about its durability because of the edge-to-edge support on the foam core and transitional foam on the support layer. 


Does Serta Make Good Mattresses?

If you’re wondering if it’s worth buying a Serta mattress, consider it among your top brands to choose from. Serta has been around for more than 90 years, and even hotels trust this manufacturer for their hospitality beds. Furthermore, you’ll see reviews from various independent blogs and buyers that praise Serta for their products.

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And that’s it! The answer to how much is a Serta mattress can be as affordable as $349 up to something as expensive as $3,499 for starting price. Serta offers an array of models, so it should be easy to find what fits your budget. 

We hope you learned a lot, but feel free to leave us a question if you still have any. 


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