Where To Buy A Buckwheat Pillow

If you’re curious where to buy a buckwheat pillow, you can assume that the e-commerce platform Amazon will be useful. Therefore, this article will discuss more information about what buckwheat pillows to expect in the market. More so, you can use the knowledge to find the best buckwheat pillow for you. 

Buckwheat pillows offer many advantages compared to other pillows, but it’s crucial that you also know what sets them apart from each other. This way, you can choose from the market quickly. And if the traits aren’t the right fit for you, you can always choose from other pillow types to ensure a good night’s sleep. 

Where To Buy A Buckwheat Pillow


Where To Find A Buckwheat Pillow



You can find some popular buckwheat pillow brands on Amazon, such as Hullo and Sachi Organics. The former is reasonable for trying a buckwheat pillow first because it offers a fair price range. You can also choose from three sizes with adjustable loft. 

Hullo is durable in its cover and fill, offering a replacement for the latter as bulks. On the other hand, Sachi Organics uses a combination of buckwheat hulls and natural wool batting for its fill. You can also play with the ratios according to your preference. 

These brand examples have guidelines on trial and returns, as well as delivery. You can also check out other buckwheat pillow brands, considering it is gaining popularity like other pillows. Just be mindful of where you buy them to ensure that what you’re getting is authentic. 


What Is A Buckwheat Pillow?

Buckwheat pillows originated in Japan, where they use buckwheat seed hulls to fill the pillows. One can adjust the loft according to the support you want because you can add or remove hulls, However, remember that these seeds’ hard casings will still lead to a firm pillow compared to other types. 


What is buckwheat?

Buckwheat is a type of grain commonly found in Asia. Its seed grows inside a husk, and these husks are sought after because it makes a durable filling for pillows and even mattresses. Indeed, buckwheat is a valuable crop, not just for consumption but also for its hulls. 

One would wonder what makes buckwheat hulls unique as a fill. The secret is that being natural, they would be a hypoallergenic option compared to latex and feather pillows. They also keep cool because they don’t retain body heat. 

You can use a buckwheat pillow for a long time because the hulls are durable, and you can even buy them in bulk to replace your fill when needed. And when it comes to maintenance, you don’t have to wash the hulls, and you’ll only need to clean your pillow cover. 


Why Use A Buckwheat Pillow?

As previously discussed, a buckwheat pillow is unique in the market because of its comfort and durability. You can adjust the loft to your needs by adding or removing hulls, and you’ll always end with a firm pillow, thanks to the hulls. More so, they don’t retain heat so that you can stay cool throughout the night. 

And finally, the hulls themselves will last long without even the need to clean them. It’s easy to replace your fill because various brands offer the hulls in bulk. However, some sleepers might prefer something softer and lighter. 

Some people might not prefer the fact that buckwheat pillows are pretty firm. And compared to other pillows, those with buckwheat hulls tend to weigh more. However, you can constantly adjust the fill or use brands that blend hulls and other materials as fill. 


Are buckwheat pillows dust mite resistant?

The high demand for buckwheat hulls is proof that they make good fills for pillows. But besides the benefits discussed earlier, another worthy reason why buckwheat pillows have an edge against other pillow types is their resistance to dust mites or bugs. A typical buckwheat pillow’s materials do not make an enticing environment for insects and bugs to thrive or treat as a food source. 


Can you use buckwheat pillows for support and pressure relief?

Pillows like those from Tempurpedic are well-liked by sleepers because of the support and pressure relief they provide. But did you know that you can use a buckwheat pillow similarly? The firmness of this pillow provides excellent support in keeping your sleep posture consistent. 

It should work well for your head and neck to keep your spine neutral, regardless if you sleep on your side or back. Furthermore, because the loft of buckwheat pillows is good, you can alleviate pressure in your body areas without sinking into the pillow and ruining your spine alignment. 



Buckwheat pillows have made their way worldwide because of the benefits they offer. But do you know where to buy a buckwheat pillow? There are many brands to choose from on Amazon. 

It would be best to select what pillow will suit your needs as not all buckwheat pillows are the same. Still, most of them offer hulls in bulk to let you replenish your fill if necessary. More so, you can opt for pillows that mixed buckwheat hulls with other materials if you prefer a pillow that’s not as firm. 

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