What Is Memory Foam Mattress Good For: 4 Benefits

If you want to know what is memory foam mattress good for, it has four characteristics that make it beneficial over other foam beds. You should easily identify if a memory foam mattress fits all your needs and wants by the end of this read. We also encourage you to read how memory foam mattresses work.

Why? You will understand the four benefits of this material below much easier if you know the secret behind its unique characteristic called viscoelasticity. 

what is memory foam mattress good for


What Is Memory Foam Mattress Good For And Is It For You?


Personalized comfort

The most significant benefit of a memory foam mattress over other bed types is how it uniquely conforms to every user. Your sleeping position and body weight will dictate the response of the memory foam to give you the ideal sleeping posture. A memory foam mattress is good for personalized comfort because it will mold according to your body. 

This characteristic of memory foam is called viscoelasticity, and it allows you to sink according to your weight. Memory foam is also temperature-sensitive, which means your body heat softens it. As a result, you will get the ideal softness, and the material will still retain its original shape once you get out of the bed, hence, “elastic” in viscoelastic. 


Pain relief

The moldability of memory foam is what makes it good for people experiencing body pain. A poor sleeping posture or position puts too much pressure on some areas of the body. They are called the pressure points that receive the most stress and weight and eventually lead to discomfort and pain.

If you lie on memory foam, its contouring characteristics will cushion and distribute the pressure on these joints. This is why memory foam is among the best mattresses for side sleepers, as it can relieve pressure and pain on the shoulder and hip. If you also want to target specific body regions, you can opt for zoned memory foam beds. 


Reduced motion transfer

A memory foam bed is good for people who are sharing the bed. Unlike other mattress types where motion is emphasized, memory foam absorbs the movement and makes it less noticeable. Therefore, you or your partner can get up or turn in the bed without bothering the other person. 

If you wake up easily, getting a memory foam mattress with your partner would benefit you. Both of you can even consider getting an adjustable bed if you want personalized comfort on each side. Memory foam makes an ideal adjustable mattress because it’s durable enough to withstand and follow the movement of the adjustable base. 


People with allergies

If you want a hypoallergenic bed, memory foam will make a good option. This is because memory foam is a dense material, so it’s less likely for allergens to collect in your bed. Allergens like dust, dust mites, and mold will be hard to develop in a memory foam mattress. 

However, note that, unlike the natural latex foam, the synthetic composition of memory foam might also be incompatible with specific individuals. Therefore, always check the materials used by the manufacturer to ensure that the bed user will have no reactions with it. A helpful tip is to check if the memory foam mattress is CertiPUR-US-certified because it ensures that the foam has passed the standards for content and emissions. 


Is Memory Foam Good For Sleeping?

  1. Memory foam is good for sleeping because it keeps your body aligned as it molds according to your body heat and weight
  2. Memory foam is good for sleeping because the cushioning relieves pressure and promote a better sleep quality
  3. Memory foam is good for sleeping because it will keep you uninterrupted even if you’re sharing the bed as it reduces motion transfer
  4. Memory foam is good for sleeping because it’s less likely to develop allergens that can disrupt your comfort during night time

If you want to know more about which mattress is best for sleeping, you can read the factors to consider in our separate article. 


Is A Memory Foam Mattress Good For Your Back?

The right mattress for your back should provide the proper support and firmness for your body type and sleeping position. Therefore, memory foam is beneficial for the back and can even prevent back pain. With this material, you won’t sink too deeply, so your spine remains neutral, but it will still mold on your lower back to relieve pressure. 


Why Is Memory Foam Expensive?

Various manufacturers offer different memory foam beds, so not all of them will be expensive. However, some memory foam mattresses are pricey because the manufacturer used high-density foam.  High-density memory foam means the bed will contain more foam material than the cheaper low-density memory foam mattresses. 

Furthermore, expensive memory foam mattresses are made with quality in mind. The manufacturer adhered to standards and had the certifications to prove the durability and reliability of their beds. To learn more, here are the best types of memory foam mattresses.



And that’s it! To recap what is memory foam mattress good for, it has four main advantages. Memory foam will benefit people who want personalized comfort, pain relief, reduced motion transfer, and a low risk of allergens. These traits make memory foam beds good for sleep and even back pain. 

However, please invest in high-quality memory foam to ensure that you’ll reap these benefits. It’s better to buy something that will perform well than an underwhelming cheap material. 


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