Where To Buy A Boppy Pillow? 10 Best Uses Of This Pillow!

Boppy pillows are recommended for bottle feeding, propping, and sitting of babies, and if you may be wondering where to buy a boppy pillow.

You can buy a boppy pillow in any department stores near you, and you can also purchase it online, on Amazon, Target, Walmart, Buybuy baby, and other stores.

where to buy a boppy pillow

A boppy pillow is an excellent tool for your babies, especially when they are learning to sit because babies do not have enough strength to do it on their own.

Even they developed their muscles; they can still use a boppy to help them for their posture for them not to out of balance.

In this article, we will help you to know all about boppy pillows and some ways on how to use them.

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What Is A Boppy Pillow?

Boppy is best described as a nursing pillow that looks like the shape of a horseshoe and fits comfortably around the adult’s torso.

A boppy pillow is considered by many mothers as a necessary gear for their babies.

Boppy pillows are used for feeding babies from infant up to the time that they are propping and trying to sit and learn.

Curious about what is the difference between a nursing pillow and a boppy?

Boppy is a trademark used by a specific brand that produces different products, especially nursing pillows.

As a mother, you want what is best for your baby, so you might be thinking about where to buy a boppy pillow.

There are so many boppy pillows you can check and choose from online stores and platforms, mostly on Amazon.


10 Uses Of A Boppy Pillow

There are many ways you can use your boppy pillow such as the following:


#1. Breastfeeding

This is one of the primary functions of a Boppy nursing pillow, to support the mother and the baby to move and position their body.


#2. Bottle feeding

You can also use a nursing pillow when you want to bottle feed your baby.

Just put that soft and flexible pillow around your body and hold your baby the same way you were giving breastfeeding.


#3. Propping

A boppy pillow could use as a support for your child’s sitting position, and this would be a great big help for your baby to learn how to sit up.


#4. Tummy time

Place your baby slightly elevated off the ground using a nursing pillow for him/her to reach the toys easier.

In this position, it helps strengthen their muscles, so as much as possible, make tummy time daily.


#5. Holding support

Put the boppy pillow around your abdomen and carefully place your baby.

The pillow serves as a support to your arm while carrying your cute baby, safe and you stay comfortable.


#6. Toddler seat

If you want just to chill out and read a book, just place your toddler in a boppy pillow.

It is has a good fit and makes a compact seating that can hold your baby for such a time. But keep in mind that it depends on their mood.


#7. Playing

Babies do like to have playtime.

Just use a boppy pillow to lay them in a reclined position and give full attention to make them laugh and happy.


#8. Neck support

You can also use a nursing pillow for your back and neck support, relieving muscle pain when babysitting.

Neck pillows are lovely but using a nursing pillow would be a lot nicer because it does not only support the neck but also your back and shoulders due to its bigger size.


#9. Postpartum pillow

Giving childbirth is not very easy and leaves a scar, stretch marks, muscle pain.

Use a nursing pillow and place it between your legs or thighs in that way; it can help release the pelvic soreness.


#10. Pregnancy pillow

After you give birth, stretching and aching are expected, so you can use the boppy pillow to help get comfortable and at the same time supports your body.

It would be nice to place it underneath or between your legs to achieve a more comfortable position, specifically under the belly, while lying on your side.


How To Use A Boppy Pillow Safely?

Do you want to know how to use your boppy pillow? Here’s how!


Step #1. Use it only with direct supervision

Babies are playful and cheerful at the same time that you need full attention when the baby is sotting them.

Do not let your baby sit or lay on the boppy pillow alone if you have to do something for an extended period.

Nursing pillows are suffocation hazards, so don’t leave your child alone without anyone taking care of them.


Step #2. Don’t let your baby sleep in a boppy pillow

Nursing pillows are genuinely comfortable, but it doesn’t mean that you’ll let your baby sleep in them.

That is risky and dangerous because there are some circumstances that they could slip their head and could compromise their breathing position.



There you have it! Thinking about how and where to buy a boppy pillow is most important.

You have to be smart and picky when it comes to giving comfort and safety to your child.

Reading is learning; I hope that this article helps you pick what is the best boppy pillow for you and your baby. Happy shopping!