How To Sew A Circle Pillow? In 2 Easy Steps!

Do you know how to sew a circle pillow? If not, don’t you worry because it will just take you at least thirty minutes to finish one.

Of course, the main prerequisite you have to acquire to accomplish this task is to sew properly.

how to sew a circle pillow

The good news is; you don’t have to be a professional sewer. Just know the basics of sewing, and you’ll be able to end up magnificently.

Also, don’t feel pressured about how things will go because there is always room for improvement. Remember the old saying, “Practice makes perfect.”

But hey, we will do our best to accomplish a very good result here. Put on the spirit of confidence, friend!


Easy Steps To Sew A Circle Pillow

You still might be bothered until now. Stop it immediately because now, we will discuss how to sew a circle pillow.

A circle is one of the most common shapes of a pillow. We often see circle pillows in the living room as throw pillows.

They give more diversity to the interior design of one’s house. They also have special places where that they can fit while other pillows can’t.

It’s sure nice for these pillows to be present in our home. However, if you’re one of the “practical” fellows, then sewing is for you.

Perhaps, you just want to learn something new. Or maybe, you just want to challenge yourself how good you are at sewing.

Whatever reason that pushed you to do this project, it won’t matter. What’s important is that you set your mind to your aim and you are positive to finish well.

This will be the point where you take that leap of faith, believing that you can do this!


Step #1. What will you need

We can’t just jump to the actual sewing.

First and foremost, you have to realize that you can’t sew if you don’t have the necessary things.

You may already be familiar with the materials and tools for sewing.

Bbut just to remind you, be ready with your needle, thread, scissors, measuring tape or ruler, and sewing machine – better if you have the last one.

These are the basics, but there are requirements which we have to deliberately consider.


Choosing a fabric

The first thing that pops in a normal human mind if they are asked where to get a fabric for an activity like this is the fabric store. Don’t get me wrong; you can always choose that one.

However, if you want to save money, then this will be a very beneficial tip for you; you can use your old clothes as the case for your circle pillow.

Also, you may include not just one kind in choosing a fabric, but you can use at most three.

Take note that later, we will use three parts of the fabric. If you prefer to make it uniform, that would be fine.

Just to inform you, you should use two pieces for the pillow’s front and back parts. Sew the other one between these two for volume purposes.

Try to imagine it and choose fabrics that would complement each other.


Choosing a good stuff

In choosing what you’ll use to stuff the pillow, you must first consider the pillow’s purpose.

You may probably consider it as a cushion or throw pillow. You can also place it on your bed – like those pillows you hug in your sleep.

If it is purely decorative, you can choose not to focus on stuff that is comfortably soft and squishy like the casual pillows.

It should be a little stiff and heavy so that it won’t be easily dragged away from its place.

In this case, you may use microbeads, which are also available in the laundry store. But of course, we want to consider budget-friendly things.

You’ll be surprised to discover that you will not take out a single coin from your pocket if you choose this friendly suggestion of mine; junk food wrappers!


Step #2. It’s time to sew

After considering the things mentioned above, get your hands ready as we do these easy steps to make a good-looking circle pillow.

Here’s what you’re going to do:

  • Cut your chosen fabric for the front and backside of the pillow in a circular form.
  • To make your circles perfect, use a circle cardboard layout and trace that with a visible mark.
  • The size of the pillow will be your choice.
  • Cut the remaining fabric for the volume-maker in a rectangular form.
  • The thickness will depend on you but make sure that you cut it so that it can occupy the circumference of the circle.
  • Pin the volume-maker fabric around the circle fabric. See to it that you pin it with the fabrics’ printed side facing inward.
  • Sew all over the edges.
  • Pin the other circle fabric to the volume-maker. After you properly pin the edges.
  • Sew it as you did earlier. But this time, leave an opening measuring at least 3 inches.
  • Turn it inside out. Stuff it with your preferred material. Hand sews the opening.

Well done! See, it’s that easy.


Final Words

At the end of this article, I hope you’ve enjoyed doing the steps on how to sew a circle pillow. Indeed, you can learn all things if you just have that confidence.

It’s an honor for me that you have reached this point. Your time and effort are much appreciated!