How Much Fabric For Throw Pillow. Complete Guide

If you’re curious about how much fabric for throw pillow you’ll need, it can be between one to two yards. However, remember that throw pillows come in different sizes, so you must make adjustments with the fabric to get. You may also need to provide some fabric allowance if you intend to use it for adding details to the throw pillow. 

This article will teach you not just how to calculate your throw pillow fabric needs. You will also learn how to make a throw pillow with envelope closure easily. And to top it all off, you will find tips on how to choose a fabric for your throw pillow.

How Much Fabric For Throw Pillow


How Much Fabric Do You Need For A Throw Pillow

You can always use a fabric calculator for your throw pillow, but to give you a quick number, you’ll need one to two yards. The idea is that the fabric width will be the same as the pillow, but the length will be slightly bigger. However, it’s always a good idea to allocate more material for seam allowance and other details that you might want to add to your throw pillow.

If you have an existing throw pillow, you can measure it to find the dimensions you want to produce. Just remember to allocate half an inch of the seam allowance around the pillow. For example, a typical 14 by 14-inch throw pillow can use half a yard of fabric to produce two 15-inch pieces of square fabric. 


How much fabric for throw pillow cheat sheet

Before anything else, remember that these amounts are estimates. You can always adjust the size of the fabric you’ll need to avoid drawbacks when making a throw pillow. Perhaps it’s even more foolproof if you measure a pillow as discussed previously. 

A 30 by 30-inch throw pillow can use a yard of fabric, and half of it will be best for 14 by 14 and 16 by 16-inch throw pillows. A smaller throw pillow around 12 by 12 inches will use ⅓ yard of fabric, while an 18 by 18-inch throw pillow needs ⅝ yard of material. Finally, ¾ yard of fabric should produce a 20 by 20-inch throw pillow. 


How To Buy Fabric For Throw Pillow


Fabric amount

When shopping for fabric for throw pillows, you must familiarize yourself with the terminologies. For example, a yard of fabric is usually 56 inches wide, while half a yard is 18 inches long with varying widths. On the other hand, if you bought a fat quarter of fabric, you can expect it to be 18 inches in length by half the width. 

The bolt sizes will also vary by width, and it can range from 36, 45, 54, and 60 inches. The store will cut your fabric from the bolt according to your desired amount, which can be a yard or a portion of a yard. However, every store will vary with these measurements, so expect some adjustments and ask the dimensions beforehand.


Fabric type

The second consideration for buying fabric for throw pillows besides the amount is the type of material. You have many options ranging from home decor fabric for throw pillows in various textures and prints to even quilting fabric of different colors or durable upholstery fabrics. 

These choices will depend on the finish you want, pattern, color, design, texture, and even budget. You should quickly find the fabric that will suit best your needs and the expected pillow outcome. You can even consider comfort if you intend on using the throw pillow as well.


How To Make A Quick Throw Pillow By Hand For Beginners

Now that you know how much fabric for throw pillow you’ll need, you can quickly make a throw pillow yourself. Here is an easy beginner-friendly guide that is zipper-free. You can quickly change the covers because of the opening style, and you can even get by without a sewing machine!

Remember to fold one long side of the two back pieces twice and hem them before you start. Then, place your front fabric right side up with the back pieces right side down overlapping to serve as the opening. Check if the back pieces’ unhemmed edges are on the top and bottom of the front part. 

Sew all around the pillow liner with half an inch of allowance, but remember to backstitch every time you start and stop, strengthening the seams. Finally, trim the corners and flip your pillow. Since you have the overlapping fabric pieces at the back, you won’t need a dedicated opening for inserting your pillow form



Throw pillows might be your next DIY project. But before you start, are you aware of how much fabric for throw pillow you’ll need? A yard or two of the material should suffice, depending on the pillow size. You can always use a calculator or get the dimensions of a throw pillow you want to copy. 

Remember to allocate more fabric for the seams and potential details that you want to add to the throw pillow. Then, it should be easy to buy the fabric depending on the amount and material type. And once you have your fabric, you can quickly hand sew a throw pillow!

You’ll simply overlap two fabric pieces at the back to serve as your opening for the pillow form. Then, place the fabric front and sew it all around to create the throw pillow liner. Voila! You just create a throw pillow yourself.