Where Can I Get My Wedding Dress Altered

There are three places to answer where can I get my wedding dress altered. We’ll also discuss what to expect when getting wedding dress alterations in these different places. 

And to help you manage your budget for getting your gown altered, you can read our discussion on how much do wedding dress alterations cost. It’s always helpful to know the different wedding dress alterations; some are pricey or might be impossible to do for some dresses. 

where can i get my wedding dress altered


Exactly Where Can I Get My Wedding Dress Altered


David’s Bridal

A popular bridal shop for all the bride’s needs is David’s Bridal. However, do you know that they also offer wedding dress alterations? 

They boast their in-store alterations artisans for your wedding dress alteration, and you can book an appointment using their website. Some alterations they can do include changing a strapless to statement sleeves or a formal gown to separate. 

What’s fantastic is they can alter dresses purchased from their stores or even any dress you own. However, know that your dress needs to be evaluated based on the bridal gown alterations you want for it. 


In-house/bridal salons

Most wedding boutiques where you’ll purchase your gown offer bridal dress alterations on their designs. You might save more by availing of their in-house dress alteration services from their seamstresses. 

Furthermore, it’s convenient and ensures that your dress will be accepted for alterations. However, know that bridal salons charge differently, especially on how they price their alterations. 

Some bridal salons will charge a flat rate for alterations, while others will have a price for every service. A flat fee might give the best value for multiple alterations, but you’ll save on expenses more if you pay per alteration, especially if you only need one or two types.  


Local seamstresses and tailors

If the bridal salon where you bought it can’t get your wedding dress altered, they’re likely to recommend the seamstresses and tailors in your area. But to ensure the best price and quality, check the reviews for the local bridal gown alterations. 

You can also visit them to know if what they offer and the prices fit your needs and budget. You want someone experienced with alterations as you don’t want your dress to be ruined when the wedding day is just around the corner. 

Furthermore, you might need to book early, especially during wedding season when seamstresses are likely to be busy. Remember that your alterations involve several appointments for a few months before the wedding. 

Are you confident with your sewing skills? You can also read how to alter a wedding dress yourself


How Much Can A Wedding Dress Be Altered?

The wedding dress can be altered two sizes down or one size up. However, altering it three sizes down or two sizes up would be impossible without changing the design and style of the dress too much. 

This is why it’s essential to talk to your designer or the in-store seamstress when picking a dress that might be unavailable with your size. In addition, of course, it’s likely for any dress size to need some alterations to fit the bride’s body perfectly. 

However, when your dress is too big or small, it might not look good when altered too much. Taking a wedding dress in is more manageable than letting it out without running the gown’s structure, and the fabric is also easier. 


Types of bridal alteration


Basic wedding gown alterations

  • Dress hem 
  • Dress length
  • Dress sides for size change
  • Strap length


Detailed wedding gown alterations 

  • Dress sleeve type
  • Dress neckline
  • Bustle
  • Beadings
  • Lace trimmings


How much do wedding dress alterations cost?

The costs of alterations of wedding gowns for brides vary per seamstress or bridal boutique. Some have a flat fee starting at $50, while others can charge per service where you can get up to $1,000 for the alterations. 

To save on costs, consider deciding what alterations you need and what you believe is “nice to have.” Then, consult your seamstress for their recommendations based on your wedding dress design. 


When Should You Get Your Wedding Dress Altered?

The best time to start the alterations on your wedding dress is at least two months before the wedding. Brides may undergo two to three alterations, so you need to have enough time before the wedding. 

It might be possible to have the wedding dress alterations a month before the wedding, but it’ll depend on what needs to be done and the availability of the seamstress. Two weeks before the wedding is also required to have the brides do their final fitting for the dress. 


Can Wedding Gowns Be Altered?

Alterations are possible on most wedding dress silhouettes and wedding gowns. However, the alterations will depend on the time, material, and specific type of wedding dress you have. 

Resizing by altering the sides of the dress is the most common to get the best fit for the bride. Some other easy wedding dress alterations include changing the strap and dress lengths. 

For more detailed alterations like the neckline or sleeve type, it’ll depend on the material and structure of the dress. 



Was this guide helpful? You just learned where can I get my wedding dress altered, which can be to David’s Bridal, the in-store seamstress, or local tailors in your area. 

It’s best to get started on alterations two months before the wedding. However, be realistic with the possible alterations to your wedding dress design. 

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