Where Can I Buy Intex Air Mattress: Complete Guide

If you want to know where can I buy Intex air mattress, we’ve got the whole alphabet for you. This article lists some stores and retail partners of Intex from A to W. It’s always crucial that you get your air bed to their authorized retailers to ensure that you’ll have something of good quality. 

After finding the nearest store for your convenience, check this guide on making an air mattress comfortable. Remember that your air bed can always get cozier to make it as relaxing as a proper bed.  

where can i buy intex air mattress


When Can I Get An Intex Air Mattress?

According to Intex themselves, you can get their air mattress at various retailers all over the US. Try checking the store near you for your convenience and view the air bed in person. Otherwise, Intex has a user-friendly website where you can order their products. 

Intex air mattresses are available in Amazon, Ace Hardware, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Lowe’s Eastern Canada RDC, Marshalls, Target, Home Depot, and Walgreens, to name a few. You can also view the entire list on their website. And if you happen to buy the air bed from Intex, you can pay using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and prepaid credit and gift cards. 


Does Walmart Sell Intex Air Mattresses?

Walmart is among the retailers that sell Intex air mattresses. If you check their website, you’ll find Dura-Beam models, Pillow Rest Classic Fiber-Tech Airbeds, Inflatable Pull Out Sofa Bed, Downy airbeds, and air mattresses with built-in air pumps from Intex. Walmart also offers free delivery or free pick up, depending on the day and location. 


Does Ace Hardware Carry Air Mattresses?

You can find air mattresses in Ace Hardware, and they’re even among the retailers for Intex air beds. Online, there are not as many options as available compared to other sites. However, Ace Hardware also has products from Coleman and Making Waves. 


Are Intex Air Mattresses Made In The USA?

There is no information on Intex’ website regarding where they made their air mattresses. However, you should feel confident that the product you’re getting is legitimate if you buy it from Intex directly or if the retailer is under their authorized partners’ list. Intex warns customers of fraudulent sellers, but they should be easy to spot with their poorly-designed websites and suspiciously low offers. 

The Federal Trade Commission shares valuable information for protecting yourself from scams. And if you indeed experienced a bad business practice with the product you bought, you can always file a complaint. 


Are Intex Air Mattresses Any Good?

Intex air mattresses have mostly pleasant reviews from customers. Furthermore, the company has been around for many years. They even have patents for their air pumps, air-inflated mattresses, and air beds. 

To help you get the most of your purchase, familiarize yourself with the different inflatable air mattresses that Intex offers. They vary in features, so it should be easy to find the most fitting for your needs. These air beds can be used indoors, but there are also models designed for camping. 


Dura-Beam Standard Series

The Dura-Beam Standard air beds have a soft surface, airlock, and fiber-tech support. Big sizes have a 600-pound weight limit, and they come with a 90-day limited warranty.


Dura-Beam Plus Series

The Dura-Beam Plus air beds have similar features to the Standard series. However, they also have the QuickFill Plus internal pump, top and bottom edge support, carry bag, and a 180-day limited warranty. 

Dura-Beam Deluxe Series

If you’re still not pleased with the Plus series, the Dura-Beam Deluxe air beds have horizontal support beams in addition to the features found in the Plus series. Intex also offers a one-year warranty with this collection, and the mattresses are notably more luxurious thanks to the two-layer comfort top.



Intex has the PremAire collection for its top-of-the-line air mattresses. Compared to Dura-Beam, they have a two-ply laminate, bottom ring stability, edge support, and a digital comfort pump with the existing features of the Deluxe series.


How Long Does An Intex Air Mattress Last?

It’s difficult to mention an expected lifespan for an Intex air bed or any air mattress. You have to consider the exact model you have, how you use it, and how you maintain it. Nonetheless, air mattresses can last up to 15 years as long as they don’t develop holes, tears, and leaks. 

It’s rare for households to use their air mattress for their main bed, so it’s also less subjected to daily wear and tear. And if you always follow the instructions that come with your Intex air mattress, then it should last for several years or more. 


Why Does My Intex Air Mattress Keep Deflating?

If your Intex air mattress keeps deflating, you can learn how to find a leak in an air bed with tissue paper. But even if your air mattress has no punctures, note that it can still lose its structure if you use it past its weight capacity. Furthermore, the room might be too cold and cause the air inside the mattress to condense. 



Intex is among the brands known for their inflatable beds. But where can I buy Intex air mattress? You can check their website or browse their partner retailers to find the nearest one in your location.

Remember only to buy any branded products from trusted stores to ensure genuine and high-quality mattresses. We hope this article helped with your buying!


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