Where To Buy Bassinet Mattress? 3 Best Options

If you want to know where to buy bassinet mattress, we found the three best options. They include Colgate, aBaby, and Walmart! But of course, they differ in what they offer, so you should see the most ideal for your little one. 

But why do you need a bassinet mattress? Remember that a bassinet is different from a crib, and most parents start with a bassinet with their baby. Get the proper cradle bed for it with these three providers:

where to buy bassinet mattress


Where Can You Buy A Bassinet Mattress?



One of the most popular bassinet mattresses you can find is the Colgate bassinet mattress. It is a firm, rectangular pad measuring 15 by 30 by 2 inches, so it should easily fit most cradles safely. The Colgate cradle mattress uses a waterproof quilted cover, and parents would appreciate how durable and easy it is to clean. 

The material of this bassinet mattress makes it flippable as well. This way, you can use the other side and distribute the wear for longevity. And for your baby’s safety, the two-inch Colgate bassinet mattress is even GREENGUARD Gold and CertiPUR-US certified, so you don’t need to worry about chemicals and flammability. 



If you want a custom*made bassinet mattress, aBaby provides a one to three-inch bassinet mattress that you can modify according to your preferred dimensions. You only need to fill up their custom sheet to get your ideal width, length, thickness, shape, style, and color for the bassinet mattress. 

The company aBaby uses high-density foam covered in vinyl, waterproof and tear-proof cover. You should also feel at ease with the aBaby custom bassinet mattress because it uses fire retardant foam. And if you don’t need a custom-made product, aBaby also has a hypoallergenic two-inch bassinet mattress pad that uses a waterproof vinyl mattress protector.



Walmart offers an array of bassinet mattresses to choose from. For example, the Dream On Me cradle mattress is one and a half inches thick and uses a hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, and waterproof cover. This ensures that you won’t risk bacterial and mold growth on the pad. 

The Dream On Me bassinet mattress is tested and free from chemicals like lead and phthalate. It is also GREENGUARD Gold, and CertiPUR-US certified to ensure that it meets all the necessary standards for usage. The brand is even made in the US if you are particular about your baby products. 


Do You Need To Buy A Mattress For A Bassinet?

Bassinets require the right size mattress for your baby to use them safely and comfortably. Most bassinets have the mattress included upon purchase, but you can opt to replace it if it doesn’t meet your standards. Furthermore, remember that babies can get messy and if the bassinet mattress is not cleaned well, it can degrade over time. 

Therefore, always check the condition of the bassinet mattress and use a waterproof cover to make cleaning quicker and easier. If the bassinet mattress loses its structure, it’s a good time to get a new one to ensure your baby’s safety. And finally, buy a bassinet mattress that passes the standards and has the certifications to prove it. 


How Thick Does A Bassinet Mattress Need To Be?

A bassinet mattress should be one and a half inches thick. Do not use the crib mattress size as your guide when choosing a bassinet mattress because these two are not the same. Remember that a bassinet is smaller than a crib.  

If you’re also wondering what the size of a bassinet mattress is, there is no specific dimension to know because bassinets come in different shapes and sizes. It’s best to know the dimensions of the cradle and get a mattress that will fit snugly to its shape. There should be no gaps all around the bassinet once you put in the pad. 


Why Are Bassinet Mattresses So Thin?

Bassinet mattresses are only one and a half inches thick because it eliminates the risk of suffocation. The bed will still be safe for your baby if he ends up face down on it. However, you still want enough cushioning for your baby, so do not get a pad thinner than one and a half inches.

If needed, here is how to elevate a bassinet mattress


How Can I Make My Bassinet Mattress More Comfortable?

You might notice that both bassinet mattresses and crib mattresses are firmer than a regular bed. However, this firmness is necessary for your baby to lower the risk of SIDS. The firm sleeping surface will also ensure the proper support to your baby’s developing body. 

Nonetheless, do not be tempted to put other soft and loose items on the bassinet or crib. Instead, improve the comfort by using soft and fitted sheets. You can also check the indoor conditions and always be near your baby to comfort him. 



Getting the right cradle mattress is crucial for your baby’s comfort and safety. In this article, we’ve discussed where to buy bassinet mattresses, including Colgate, aBaby, and Walmart. They offer cradle mattresses that have passed the safety standards and are certified by various programs to ensure their harmlessness.

We hope this buying guide helped you. If you have other questions, please leave a comment!


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